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Bank in your pocket
16 October 2013
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The development of mobile technology has long been one of the main communication channels of the modern business world. Today, due to the expansion of the capabilities of mobile phones and smartphones, the Ukrainians are able to conduct financial transactions without visiting a banking institution. Experts of domestic banks told the magazine "Banker" about the realias and prospects of the development of mobile banking.

Volodymyr Huhuyev, Head of Internet technology department of FUIB.

Internet via mobile phone has become a norm for the modern Ukrainians. Mail, news, navigation, social network is at your service at any time. Constant access to a bank account fits well into this trend. Banks that had considered this trend and have started to develop new solutions in time, now offer mobile banking to its customers. Our bank is one of the first on Ukrainian market with a special banking application for iPhone.

Mobile Banking is a new service. It is still not widely used in Ukraine. Today, two years after we offered our customers the possibility to perform banking transactions directly from the phone, 25% of FUIB online users constantly work with the service over their mobile devices, and on weekends the number of these clients increases to 40%.

The main advantages of this service for users are the true mobility and speed of service. Additional benefits to customers are the new opportunities that previously were not possible, such as location-based services to find the nearest branch or ATM.

The availability of modern mobile banking allows the banks to improve the ease of banking services use to the customers, and significantly to increase the volume of transactions without the expansion of the branch network.

The service is very user-friendly and will become popular. Additional incentives for its development are both, the popularity of smartphones and the increasing number of mobile internet users. I think that this year several new banks will also offer mobile solutions.

And in the next few years, a multi-function mobile banking will be as a prerequisite, as online banking is becoming today.

Source: Magazine "Banker" No. 2 from July 29, 2013.


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