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Narodniy Bankir

Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

Narodniy Bankir
  • 08 April, Thursday
    Mobile banking: a bank that works 24/7 anywhere

    A few years ago, most of us could not imagine solving financial issues, such as paying for utilities or opening a deposit, without visiting a banking institution. Today the bank in the mobile phone has become an integral part of our life.

    07 April, Wednesday
    Your bank is the availability and ease of payments

    UPark Festival, despite its young age (just over 4 years old), managed to win the hearts of Ukrainians. This is already a part of event tourism, and people come to Kyiv not only from all over Ukraine but also from other countries.

    07 April, Wednesday
    Travel insurance

    In many countries, due to the pandemic, it is not possible to travel yet. However, the list of those who will gladly accept tourists with certain requirements (tests, certificates of previous illness for COVID-19) or without them is expanding daily. Ukrainians who have missed new experiences are increasingly looking for tour packages or independent travel routes.

    07 April, Wednesday
    The key to a great trip is quality preparation

    An opportunity to be alone with oneself, a reboot for the brain, and, finally, new impressions... According to Oksana Isidorova, travel gives us all this. Oksana has long been fond of tourism and is ready to share with her readers her best practices so that any trip will bring only positive emotions and pleasant memories.

    07 April, Wednesday
    How to make your smartphone world safe

    The phone is a whole world in which the necessary functions are grouped – from the camera and email to banking and document storage. Using the Internet on a smartphone, you can quickly purchase any goods: food, medicine, clothing, household items; pay for utilities or other services; order food.