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February 24 2022 divided the life of every Ukrainian into before and after. FUIB immediately changed its strategy to a daily discussion of risks and quick decision-making to support people and systems. Most employees found themselves in the war zone on the first day. Due to forced migration to safe regions, not everyone could work. Nevertheless, the team supported each other: those who were in relative safety worked and helped their colleagues move to the West of Ukraine. The bank paid everyone's wages.

Today, the priorities of FUIB bank are to preserve the business, customers, and team, assistance to Ukrainian defenders and wounded, business development, and improvement of customer experience.

Team support

Since the beginning of the war, the bank has invested over 209 million UAH in support of employees. Some colleagues work in dangerous regions and receive a salary increase. The bank provides financial assistance in case of loss or damage to housing, injury of employees, and death of their family members as a result of hostilities, in case of departure of families from the occupied territories. Mobilized colleagues continue to receive salaries in full.

140 employees from branches in the temporarily occupied territories were employed in other divisions of the bank; from active war zones. During the war, more than 100 employees were retrained and worked in other divisions of the bank.

Employees are promptly informed on work and vital issues through all channels of internal communications (telegram channel "Pumb in touch," corporate portal, weekly newsletter "Pulse of the bank," and the Yammer corporate social network). With the help of video messages from top bank managers, colleagues feel management's support and receive answers to their questions.

The bank has created a Fund for Assistance to Mobilized Employees of FUIB – fundraising by employees for necessary things for our defenders. Together we assisted 184 mobilized employees, men, and sons of our employees, for 4.3 million UAH. We purchased protective equipment, gear and equipment, tactical clothing, footwear, and first aid kits for them. In addition, the bank purchased Israeli body armor for colleagues for 1.3 million UAH. From December 2023, FUIB doubled the amount raised by employees to strengthen support for defenders.

The initiative group of the bank has created a Coordination Center for the resettlement of workers in Western Ukraine and providing necessary assistance. The Center team supported everyone by phone, via telegrams in the chatbot, and through the volunteer community. Volunteer employees from different regions together processed more than 1.450 requests. Assistance was provided to Ukrainian families in difficult situations, the military, and hospitals.

Our collectors, security experts, and branch employees are real heroes. They have developed new logistics routes to deliver cash and valuables. They have repeatedly helped in the evacuation of people from the war zone because they know the safe ways. Our armored vehicles and employees went on duty in the territorial defense. Cashiers under the bombings in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, and other cities collected cassettes with money. In addition, colleagues replenished ATMs and provided cash collection services to customers.

Currently, branch employees walk 2-3 hours to get to work in cities and towns where transport does not work because customers are waiting for them. Collectors spend on a business trip 2-3 days, since routes that previously took about 6 hours now take several days. Security and IT experts repel cyberattacks and keep the stability of all banking systems, protecting data and money. We have incredible people!

Business Retention

With the outbreak of the war, it became physically challenging for us to do business. In addition, there was a constant threat to the lives of employees and customers. There were daily shellings and cyberattacks. Business in the first month of the war practically stopped working, and the economy stopped. Well-established logistics were destroyed. Ukrainians were fleeing the war. A decrease in business activity and falling demand for banking services negatively affected profitability.

Part of the banking infrastructure was destroyed – it was in a war zone or under occupation. We were forced to close branches. There were problems in transporting cash to hot spots and replenishing ATMs.

Nevertheless, FUIB never lost operational continuity during the war. Payments are processed, as usual, 24/7.

As of December 31  2023, the bank suspended operations or closed 46 branches, including 1 regional center. 

However, as soon as the region becomes safe for the bank's customers and employees, FUIB immediately resumes the operation of its branches. Thus, in 2022, the bank reopened its branches in Chernihiv, Irpin, Kherson, Sloviansk, and Nikopol. In total, 8 branches resumed operations after the situation in the region was resolved. By the end of 2022, there were 206 branches in operation. In 2023, an additional 2 branches in Kharkiv and a branch in Bovshiv (temporarily closed due to the shelling of a thermal power plant) resumed operations. Currently, only the branches in the temporarily occupied regions and in the frontline area are suspended. 

We have set up regular branches where you can get the full range of services, as well as recharge your phones, connect to WiFi, and keep warm. Currently, there are 208 branches of the bank, of which 88 are on call. In total, 178 FUIB branches are connected to uninterruptible power supplies and stable communication channels.

Despite all the challenges, the FUIB team passes the most difficult period with dignity.

Our people have moved to safe regions. We maintained our services at a high level. We showed resistance to enemy cyberattacks.

FUIB is included in the list of systemically important banks of Ukraine. This means that his activity affects the stability of the entire banking system. FUIB meets the increased requirements of the NBU to guarantee a sufficient safety margin.

We are well-capitalized and have sufficient liquidity. As of 1 May 2024, FUIB's equity capital amounted to 15.2 billion UAH. The bank's assets amount is 161 billion UAH. FUIB's liquidity and capital adequacy are significantly higher than the National Bank's standards: the liquidity coverage ratio in foreign currency is 3.5 times higher than the norms, in all currencies by 2.3 times, and the stable financing ratio exceeds the norms by 1.85 times. The capital adequacy ratio of FUIB as of 01.05.2024 is 17%, with a standard value of at least 10%.

Customer and government support

At the beginning of a full-scale war, FUIB introduced loan repayment holidays to support its customers and reduced commissions for using its services. This harmed the bank's interest and commission income. We tried to switch to remote work, service, and communication channels as much as possible. Our remote channels work continuously.

Despite the war, the conditions for using FUIB debit cards, in particular, "vseKARTA," remained unchanged: free opening and maintenance of the card and transfers to cards of any Ukrainian banks in UAH via FUIB Online and paying for utilities and topping up mobile operator numbers in the application – no commission.

Bank customers do not need to endanger themselves, stand in lines, or look for the nearest branch of the bank – FUIB took care of it and automatically extended the validity of all FUIB cards until the end of August 2024.

FUIB continues to fulfill all its obligations. Including as a bank agent of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund. From the beginning of the war to March 2024, FUIB paid more than 1.3 billion UAH to Ukrainians - depositors of other bankrupt banks.  According to the NBU, as of 1 April 2024, FUIB was among the TOP-3 banks in Ukraine in terms of the size of the term deposit portfolio of individual clients in UAH. As a result of a balanced policy, the bank is trusted by its customers. Thus, 93% of the bank's clients extended their deposits in Q1 2024. In April 2024, FUIB's deposit portfolio in hryvnia increased to a record 20 billion UAH. 

In July 2023, FUIB updated its lending terms and conditions and offered Ukrainians a new loan program. From now on, no matter what customers choose (cash loan or credit card), FUIB's loan products have become even more affordable. The monthly fee for the cash loan vseYASNO is only 2.99%, and the interest rate outside the grace period for the credit card vseMOZHU Online is also only 2.99% per month.

The bank continues to lend to businesses during the war. Since the beginning of the war, the bank financed the business of 42 billion UAH.

We have also created a new tariff package for internally displaced businesses – "VSE BUDE UKRAINA", the terms of which take into account all the urgent needs of the relocated business and contribute to the speedy resumption of small and medium-sized businesses in a safe area.

We have introduced a product called "SMART OP!LATA", which makes it possible to make payments by scanning a QR code even during a power outage. It's quick and convenient - with just a mobile phone.
FUIB prioritizes the safety of people, funds, values, and data. At the beginning of the invasion, several powerful DDOS attacks were directed at the bank, which we withstood without stopping services. FUIB paid special attention to fraudulent schemes related to social engineering, fundraising for defenders, and renting housing to displaced persons. During 2022, we saved 150 million UAH on the accounts of 7.500 clients of FUIB thanks to the constant improvement of anti-fraud monitoring. In addition, the bank checked all its suppliers and refused to cooperate with counterparties associated with russia or belarus. In 2023, we saved 96 million UAH on the accounts of 7.16 thousand customers. The bank successfully counteracts constant DDOS attacks by russian hacker groups.

Despite the losses due to the war, FUIB still pays all taxes on time. From February 24, 2022, the bank transferred more than 7.8 billion UAH to the state budget.

The bank is trusted by 127.2 thousand corporate and over 1.6 million individual customers.

In April 2024, FUIB joined the Charter on Financial Inclusion and Reintegration of Veterans, which was initiated by the National Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development under a joint Memorandum of Understanding. The Memorandum between the NBU and the EBRD envisages cooperation between the institutions to ensure financial sector cohesion in the implementation of standards for inclusive activities and services, support and re-socialisation of war veterans in Ukraine.  The standards set out in the Charter are intended to make banks more accessible to hundreds of thousands of veterans, both clients and employees. 

Assistance to Ukrainian defenders

FUIB supports Ukrainian defenders. FUIB has already allocated over 223 million UAH to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Troops, the State Emergency Service, the National Police, the National Guard, the Main Intelligence Directorate, and the Security Service of Ukraine. The transferred funds went to the purchase of bulletproof vests and helmets, radio stations and thermal imagers, tactical backpacks, clothes and shoes, drones and cars, medicines, and fuel. Thanks to our support, over 1.000 bulletproof vests, 500 periscopes, 410 drones, 30 vehicles, 12 thermal imagers, 36 radio stations, 24 stoves for heating and cooking, 40 gas cylinders, 45 sleeping bags, over 900 pieces of tactical clothing (trousers, jackets, balaclavas, shirts, etc.), over 300 pieces of tactical footwear, over 2.400 camouflage nets, 374 items of equipment to combat enemy drones and repair strike unmanned aerial vehicles, 21 items of equipment and parts for repairing air defence equipment, 5,235 items of equipment for demining, etc. We have processed over 350 applications from various military units and special forces. 150 PUMB members are defending Ukraine's independence.

45 of our collection armored vehicles, handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the beginning of the war, evacuated severely wounded soldiers from the front line, delivered ammunition to the front line, participated in the interception of saboteurs, and delivered food to the residents of the cities in the hottest spots. Armored personnel saved more than a dozen lives.

The bank promptly responds to the needs of defenders: if at first helmets and body, armor were needed, later thermal imagers and quadrocopters, warm military clothing and footwear, stoves for heating and cooking, warmers for arms and legs, currently, the Security and Defence Forces need high-precision weapons, pick-up trucks, equipment and parts for repair and maintenance of drones, electronic warfare, and air defense equipment. That is why the bank participated in the Serhiy Prytula Foundation's fundraiser for kamikaze drones, boats, and trucks, donating 2.5 million UAH for at least 100 drones, and in the fundraiser for electronic warfare for the National Guard, donating UAH 7 million for 40 units, as well as in Magyar's mega-fundraiser for the purchase of 20,000 kamikaze drones, donating UAH 3 million for 200 drones.

In addition, FUIB joined the collection of funds from students of the Kyiv School of Economics together with the KSE Foundation and DefDev for medevac helicopters for Ukraine's Defence Intelligence. The bank transferred 11 million UAH to organize the rapid evacuation of seriously wounded from the battlefield.

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine in 2023, FUIB and the Security Service of Ukraine announced a collection of Ukrainian "Morok" long-range drones so that the special forces of the SBU Special Operations Centre "A" could send "warm greetings" to the enemy at a distance of up to 800 km. The fundraising goal is to raise 60 million UAH to produce the first batch of 33 powerful long-range "birds" with greetings for the enemy for every year of our independence, and another batch in advance. The bank made its first contribution of 32 million UAH and invited all Ukrainians, businesses, and the international community to join in the congratulations. The donation was made at Everyone who donated was able to add a personal greeting to the enemy on the website, and the most ardent wishes were transferred to the "birds".

The collection was supported by the project's ambassadors: the co-owner of the international franchise network of beauty bars G. bar, volunteer and lifestyle influencer Sabina Musina; actress and TV presenter of the "Dim" TV channel Lilia Rebryk; KAZKA lead singer Oleksandra Zaritska; dance master of senses, director Yevhen Kot; and master of sports, trainer, femininity influencer Natalia Tatarintseva; blogger-charmander Anton Murafa; public figure and blogger Anton Skuratov; TV presenter Serhiy Ivanov; Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier and Ukrainian dancer Nazar Grabar; lecturer, TV presenter and ethnographer Leonid Martynchyk. In total, almost 50,000 Ukrainians joined the "warm greetings". 60 million was raised in three weeks. The long-range "Morok" drones are our response to the enemy's production of "Shaheds" and an opportunity to change the course of the war with Russia. The drones will be handed over to the SBU's Special Forces, in particular, the "White Wolf" unit.

Among the partners of FUIB in supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine are well-known charitable foundations, such as the KSE Foundation and Sergey Prytula, as well as small volunteer organizations, and together we are doing one big important thing.

The constant need of Ukrainian soldiers is hemostatic agents of tactical medicine and blood components in hot spots. So, FUIB initiated a social project, "We are of the same blood," to support Ukrainian small businesses and art, promote donor initiatives, and help the wounded. This is a large-scale partnership project, which has 35 partners, including public organizations, illustrators, brands, shops, exhibition organizers, and even a football club. Half of the cost of each order of patriotic merch created by Ukrainian manufacturers is transferred by FUIB to DonorUA and “Blood Agents” and “Hospitallers“ public organizations.

The collected funds are used to meet the needs of donor blood, deliver blood components to hot spots, and purchase tactical medicine for Ukrainian soldiers and paramedic equipment. Since May, "Hospitaliers" joined the project. Funds are now being collected for equipment for paramedics.

Ukrainians support the project not only by ordering patriotic clothes, accessories, and changeable chevron stickers but also by donating blood at donor centers. In gratitude, each donor receives a 25% discount on merch using the DonorUA system.

Over 1.5 years of its existence, the initiative "We Are of the Same Blood" raised over 7.6 million UAH. The funds were used for 73 blood deliveries to hot spots; 2 low-temperature freezers for storing blood plasma; more than 6000 tactical medicine products (hemostatic bandages, occlusive stickers, hemostatic tourniquets, compression bandages, hemostatic bandages, knot tourniquets, nasopharyngeal tubes, intraosseous accesses); 4 patient monitors and 1 wireless ultrasound scanner for emergency paramedics. Altogether, this is more than 100,000 lives saved. More than 1800 Ukrainians became donors, which means hope for recovery for 5,400 people. More than 14,500 Ukrainians took part in the project. Ukrainian business and art were supported for 16 million UAH. 

Project pages on social networks and The website

In April 2024, at the initiative of FUIB, the "We Are of the Same Blood" project launched a new clothing collection "Zhyty nazustrich" (, which has two product lines: adaptive clothing with motivational prints for wounded soldiers; hoodies, shirts, T-shirts with laconic embroidery and lines from poetry by Serhiy Zhadan for every Ukrainian. Many wounded soldiers need adaptive clothing - with stickers and buttons, additional cuts and sewn according to special patterns - so that they can dress without difficulty. For each order from the new collection, one adaptive item is delivered to war-wounded defenders through the "Kolo" Charitable Foundation and their volunteer curators to evacuation trains and hospitals. Also, on the website of the "We Are of the Same Blood" project, anyone can pay for one or more items of clothing for the wounded. Each item has been tested at the National Military Medical Clinical Centre "Main Military Clinical Hospital". 

In October 2022, the FUIB team met with its business clients at the Evening of Fortitude, where they reported on their financial condition, achievements, new products and services, plans, and goals for the future. During the event, a Charity Auction was held, where 12 rare lots were presented – symbols of the struggle and invincibility of Ukraine. 1.4 million UAH of the collected funds were distributed between the "We Will Win" foundation and public organizations "Blood Agents" and DonorUA.

The "We Will Win" foundation used the funds received to equip pickups with mobile stations for electronic warfare against the air forces (missiles, drones). Donor.UA made 8 blood deliveries to hot spots. In addition, "Blood Agents" bought 215 sets of tactical medicine for the defenders: hemostatic bandages and Israeli bandages.

In November 2022, FUIB held a traditional Donor Day as part of the social project "We are of one blood". 50 employees donated 22 liters of blood for the wounded. 150 defenders got a chance for life. The medical team of the Amosov Institute and the public organization "Blood Agents", a partner of the bank in the social project "We are of one blood", came to the bank for an on-site donation. Two members of the Board donated blood to the team. Blood is very necessary in war. Massive bleeding is the most common and frequent cause of death in war zones. To stop the bleeding and give a blood transfusion is to save a life.

In August 2023, FUIB's team held a Donor Day at a Kyiv military hospital to donate blood for the injured. New batches of severely wounded defenders arrive at the medical institution every day, and in summer, due to the holiday period, there is a shortage of blood.  As part of the bank's social initiative "We are of the same blood", 55 employees donated 24.7 l of blood. This will help 165 defenders recover or even save their lives. Volunteers from Blood Agents accompanied the bank's team at all stages of the donation. After the donation, our colleagues treated the wounded with necessary items and goodies, as well as hemostatic T-shirts from Lifesavingmerch.

December 6, 2023, FUIB's Donor Day was held in the new and convenient OKipna office in Kyiv. On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the team thanked the invincible defenders, volunteers, and civilians - they donated blood to Ukrainians affected by the hostilities. A visiting team from the Blood Centre of the Shalimov Institute of Surgery and Transplantation came to the bank's head office. "Blood Agents" accompanied the donation process. 47 donors donated more than 21 liters of blood, giving 141 Ukrainians a chance at life. Our blood donation tradition is already 8 years old. 8 years of involvement of FUIB employees in the culture of blood donation.

In June 2023, the bank's PUMP RUN running club was relaunched. The purpose of the club is to create a culture of healthy lifestyle and support Ukrainian defenders. Each run of a club member of 3 km or more means improved health and FUIB's contribution to the Fund for Assistance to Mobilised Employees. The Fund collects money for the needs of colleagues who are defending our independence. The training sessions are counted using the Strava application. More runs - more help provided. 
In 7 months of 2023, members of the PUMB RUN community went for more than 3 thousand runs. 127 colleagues took part in this. The total distance covered was over 23 thousand km. Throughout the year, webinars were held for runners, as well as competitions. FUIB's own online race includes distances, winners, and commemorative medals. Each distance is also a transfer of funds to the Fund to support mobilized colleagues. In total, the club's runners raised 150 thousand UAH, which was used to purchase 10 bulletproof vests for defenders. Being a part of the FUIB running community means improving your health, getting rid of negative thoughts, finding new friends, and helping our soldiers. 

Our customers are constantly helping to bring FUIB closer to victory. Since the beginning of the war, FUIB has organized the possibility of a quick transfer of any amount without a commission in support of our army through all bank channels. Ukrainians transferred more than 588 million UAH through FUIB for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and for humanitarian support.


FUIB, together with its clients, friends, and partners, raised 6 million for surgical equipment for the front-line operating room. Emergency medical care has provided in one of the hospitals closest to the combat zone of the front section of the "South" operational command. Doctors save up to 900 lives a month. 

As a primary dealer, our bank launched a service for the sale of military government bonds, the issuance of which was initiated by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to support the budget of Ukraine through investment. The total amount of investments of more than 2072 bank clients, individuals, and legal entities, in military bonds was over 1604 million UAH, over 50.4 million USD, and over 10.45 million EUR.

FUIB is a partner of the NBU charity campaign "Brave Hryvnia". From August 1 to October 31 2022, the collection of coins in denominations of 10, 50 kopecks, and 1, 2, 5, and 10 hryvnias continued throughout Ukraine for their mobilization to the front. You could also bring non-payment coins of 1, 2, 5, and 25 kopecks to FUIB branches. A small amount of coins can be placed in a charity box, and a large amount of coins can be transferred without commission through the bank's cash desk. For three months of the "Brave Hryvnia" campaign, Ukrainians together collected almost 5 million UAH. In addition, almost 1 million UAH were transferred in coins through the FUIB branch and transferred to the particular account of the NBU to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In 2023, from September 4 to December 8, coins were also collected throughout Ukraine to be mobilized for the frontline. Over the three months of the campaign, Ukrainians raised a total of 4.3 million UAH in coins. More than half a million hryvnias were transferred in coins through FUIB branches and transferred to the NBU special account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In April 2024, FUIB became the title partner of the preparation and participation of the Ukrainian team of 35 military personnel and war veterans in the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025. The international competition will bring together 550 participants from 25 countries. In 2025, Ukraine will take part in the Invictus Games for the fifth time. Given the high level of organization and great demand among Ukrainian soldiers, the Invictus Games Foundation has increased the quota for the Ukrainian team from 25 to 35 participants. The Ukrainian team will consist of 35 military men and women and veterans who have been wounded, injured, or ill during or as a result of their service in the conflict zone in the Russian-Ukrainian war since 2014. In 2024, the selection of the Ukrainian national team for the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 will take place. The all-Ukrainian competition will take place on 31 May - 2 June 2024 in Kyiv in the classical sports disciplines of the Invictus Games.

FUIB became a partner of the KSE Foundation in arranging 2 shelters to protect more than a thousand students of academic lyceums in Bucha district of Kyiv region: Chervonoslobidskyi and Buzivskyi. The bank invested 1 million UAH in safe education.

FUIB donated 7 million UAH to help Kherson residents affected by the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station: 5 million UAH went to help residents, and 2 million UAH to rescue animals. We cooperate with the Odesa and Odesa residents, Zakhyst, Hospitallers, and UAnimals foundations to provide humanitarian support. We have purchased and donated cars, pumps, food, medicines, hygiene products, water, etc.

On June 22, 2023, FUIB abandoned Russian-language interfaces and at the same time launched a tolerant campaign for unconditional support in the transition to the Ukrainian language, including a financial one, "Bezumovna Pidtrymka". The team has created an entire ecosystem of Bezumovna Pidtrymka: 

1.  Own TV channel with a financial dictionary, helpful tips, exciting tasks, and a motivational program. 
2. The language show "Bezumovno, in Ukrainian!" on YouTube, where blogger Anton Murafa invites famous people to visit, telling their stories of transition to Ukrainian, difficulties, and funny experiences, and sharing content for learning the language for fun.
3. The bank's branches are equipped with Ukrainian language consultants and even a "comfort manager", blogger Anton Murafa, to draw attention to the social problem of switching to Ukrainian and to involve not only the bank's customers in the language project.
4. Participation in a special edition of "Solovyine Show" dedicated to financial vocabulary.

Over 11 million people participated in the program in the first two months of its launch. More than 25,000 Ukrainians used the chatbot alone and left excellent feedback. The show's episodes on YouTube have received over 7 million views. So we decided to continue the project.

That is why the second season of the "Bezumovna Pidtrymka" program started on September 12 . What did it offer that was new? To make the program interesting for both registered and new participants, we have improved the approach, added new activities, and enriched the content. Different topics are planned for each week of the program, although this time the emphasis is not only on improving the language, but also on getting to know Ukrainian culture: music, cuisine, and literature. The bot now has seven tests a week, not three, to provide new knowledge and challenges every day.

Curators of the themed weeks have been invited to join the project. Poet and brilliant novelist Serhiy Zhadan, music critic and founder of Bezodnya Music Maksym Nagornyak, folklorist and promoter of Ukrainian traditional culture Yaryna Sizyk, chef and MasterChef star judge Olha Martynovska offer original tasks for the program participants, share interesting facts about language, literature, traditions, and culture within the week's topics. By earning points for completing the tasks, everyone could later exchange them for a reward of their choice: a gift or a donation to "DonorUA". In the end, more than 6,000 participants chose to support blood donation in Ukraine, so FUIB transferred 150,000 UAH  to the NGO, which was used to make 3 blood deliveries to hot spots, each of which saved more than 1,500 people.

Almost 500 more participants exchanged points for a discount on charity merchandise "We are of the same blood", 50% of which the bank sends to NGOs "DonorUA", "Blood Agents" and "Hospitaliers", which purchase medical equipment for defenders and paramedics, and deliver donated blood to hot spots.

In addition, FUIB's team continued to work on the podcast "Bezumovno in Ukrainian". The guests of the first season - comedians and volunteers Vasyl Baidak and Mark Kutsevalov; singer and YouTube project host Dasha Astafieva; producer and musician Ruslan Kuznetsov; and Marketing Director Ksenia Sikorska - were joined by musician, TV presenter, and military man Kolya Serga; singer and songwriter Nadia Dorofeeva; and singer and blogger Dasha Mayorova. Each of the guests shared their own imperfect experience of switching to Ukrainian. In total, the YouTube episodes of the show "Bezumovno in Ukrainian" have received 13 million views. After the program ends, they remain freely available, so you can watch them at any time.

"Bezumovna Pidtrymka" has fulfilled its mission of supporting everyone who wants to delve into the study of the Ukrainian language, culture, and traditions. We have shown society that gentle Ukrainisation is possible.

In 2023 FUIB provided financial assistance of 3 million UAH to replace the coat of arms of the USSR on the shield of the Motherland monument with the State Emblem. The trident appeared on the shield of the Motherland monument on the occasion of Ukraine's Independence Day. The project involves the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, which has already selected a contractor to carry out the work and has undertaken to oversee the construction.

From December 6 to December 25 2023, in the "Gifts for Health" store from "Tabletochki" and FUIB, you could buy gifts that bring children with cancer closer to the victory over cancer: bone protection during chemotherapy, safe blood transfusion, and others. Employees, clients, partners, and friends of FUIB and "Tabletochki" raised a total of 438,370 UAH. FUIB Bank doubled its contribution. The total amount raised was almost 900 thousand UAH. All the funds were used to help children fight cancer. Currently, about 500 children are under the care of the Tabletochki Foundation every month. Most of them are treated at Okhmatdyt (Kyiv) and WUSCMC (Western Ukrainian Specialised Children's Medical Centre, Lviv).

Employee training and development

FUIB spent the training of first aid of teams in the branch network. 25 training groups and 407 branch employees completed the training program in 10 cities of Ukraine: Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Kremenchuk, Lviv, Rivne. As part of the course, professional instructors from the "North" control and rescue service and the "Solomiansky Kotyky" Charitable Foundation taught our colleagues the theory and helped them practice their skills under the NATO protocol – M.A.R.C.H.

Support program "FUIB, we will survive!" includes a telegram channel of the same name Wewillsurvive_fuib, and webinars and pieces of training from external experts. The telegram channel publishes valuable information and advice from psychologists, as well as analytical information (news and forecasts from Ukrainian and foreign experts, economists, political scientists, etc.). Currently, 1212 colleagues have already joined the channel. To date, 40 webinars have been held with a total of 6324 participants; they talked about topical issues of psychological support and held webinars where they acquired skills regarding remote and crisis management, emotional literacy, digital marketing, etc.

"Let’s Speak Ukrainian" program continues to support our colleagues who consciously decided to switch to communication in Ukrainian. In the telegram channel of the same name Speak ukrainian useful information, Ukrainian lessons, tips, and interesting things are published. The channel currently has more than 1,000 subscribers and is highly appreciated by colleagues. In 2022 and 2023, the program continued a series of online meetings called "Live Conversation" with people who have experience of switching to Ukrainian. In addition, in 2023, the program offered a writing skills development course in cooperation with Nespilka. Members of the association of Ukrainian writers helped the bank's employees improve their knowledge and skills in the Ukrainian language, including in written communication.

The "Let’s Speak Ukrainian" program won the "HR Brand 2022" Award in the "Professional Jury Recognition" nomination.

Since October 2022, the cooperation of the Psychological Support Service for bank employees from the Wellbeing company is in progress.  As of today, our employees have received 752 consultations, and 365 employees joined the meetings of  Psychological Growth Groups "Strong together", where they discussed their problems with other participants and had the opportunity to get answers from a specialist, to manifest and express themselves through helping others.

In December 2022, FUIB joined the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska "Self-Help plus" - a group stress management course for adults who have suffered from extremely adverse circumstances, developed by the WHO. The self-regulation skills that employees will learn in this course will help them use self-help approaches to manage stress. In the first quarter of 2023, the bank's trainers held 5 group training and 2 additional webinars, and 632 of our colleagues have already been trained in practical stress management techniques. The course has now been converted into a recording format, so that any employee can view the course at their convenience and return to it as needed.

The program "Prevention of Conflict Situations and Stress Management Webinars", which includes 7 webinars, was developed and implemented for the branch network. The program was attended by 1047 employees of regional branches.

In summer of 2023, for the first time, an educational event was held for the children of our employees - "Children's Day at Parents' Workplace". About 130 children aged 6 to 15 years old visited the renovated modern office of the bank, took part in an interesting quest, and learned a lot of useful information about money and banks from invited experts - bank employees.

The knowledge exchange program “Friend to friend for a friend” continued its life, which used to be called Knowledge Sharing. FUIB employees were involved as speakers, sharing helpful information and skills in working with programs and applications. To date, 35 webinars have been held with a total of 8484 participants, such hot topics as life with LEAN in war conditions; artificial intelligence and data science; security of corporate devices in the face of modern threats; cyber hygiene and cyber warfare, Power BI; how resilience and adaptability affect performance, etc.

In August 2023, we launched face-to-face training on Excel, and to date, we have already held 14 trainings.

A series of webinars, "Leadership during the war and Recovery," has been introduced for leaders. 30 webinars were held with such speakers as Valery Pekar, Eric Naiman, Marina Taran, Natalia Baikalova, Natalia Kadya, Lyuba Kuznetsova, Leila Aliyeva, Vytautas Buchunas, Olena Nikolska, Olga Maslova and others. We talked about the war for independence, the economy of Ukraine after the war, reactions, and actions in a crisis border situation, empathic leadership in times of crisis, emotional exhaustion, burnout, trust and the role of the leader in its generation, productivity, communication, storytelling, etc.

From November 2022 to March 2023, FUIB, together with DGM, Israel, also implemented the Leaders Development Sessions program, in which the bank's executives listened to experts from various business segments from Israel and learned how Israel overcame similar difficulties during the war.

The School of Management continued its work – in which managers are trained on the following topics: basic management skills, mature leadership, teamwork, deep motivation, high-quality feedback, and management of change.

The program for newcomers "Welcome to the FUIB team" has been renewed, In 2023, 38 webinars were held, attended by 417 new employees of the bank.

In 2023, the "Product Owner School" was launched for 2 groups, with a total of 26 training modules.

Since mid-July 2023, colleagues working in 2 Kyiv offices have been able to attend offline English courses. More than 50 colleagues actively improve their English speaking skills at FUIB Speaking Club online meetings at different levels.