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FUIB – responsible employer. During 2020, FUIB provided new jobs to 1,976 Ukrainians. At the end of 2020, 8,500 people were employed by the bank. The bank's employees include economists and financiers, people of intellectual and creative professions, people who work in offices, branches and sales outlets. Employees are our bank's main asset, the key to sustainable development of the financial institution.

FUIB adheres to the high standards in the provision of decent and safe working conditions for employees and development of their professional skills. The First Ukrainian carries out its activities, observing the principles of conscientious working practices and respect human rights.

Equal rights and opportunities

A Collective Agreement which guarantees the protection of the rights and interests of each FUIB employee is in effect in the bank. Everyone has equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, place of residence, religion and political beliefs.

At the end of 2020, 6,464 women and 2,036 men worked in the bank. FUIB employs 747 (72%) female managers, and 295 (28%) male managers. The Board of the Bank consists of 10 people, 3 of them are women (30%). The number of women in the top management of the bank increased by 10% over the year.

Our bank employs 326 people with disability, 907 employees are on maternity leaves. There are 4,696 young people under 35 in the Bank, 3,016 people over 35 work in FUIB, 788 colleagues are over 50 years old.

The bank has an employee insurance program, according to which 4,230 employees were insured under the voluntary medical insurance program in 2020 (49%, increase almost twice a year), 414 colleagues were provided with accident insurance.

Labor protection

In 2020, FUIB has traditionally invested in creating safe, healthy and comfortable working conditions. For employees, filtrated drinking water is purchased, and filters for water purification are installed in the dining rooms. Medical supplies are purchased and distributed for all structural subdivisions of the bank for prevention of colds and for provision of first medical aid, the transport of the bank is equipped with first aid kits.

The labor protection service in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new approaches to work, since most of the employees have been transferred to remote work, and new requirements have emerged for observing sanitary and epidemic measures during quarantine. The bank provided employees with personal protective equipment.

In order to train employees to act in case of emergencies in the buildings of bank branches, tests of automatic system alarm systems, warning systems, evacuation routes were carried out, as well as training of employees on evacuation in the event of a fire. Also, briefings and knowledge testing of responsible employees for the performance of work with increased hazard, fire safety, and labor protection were carried out. The safe departure of vehicles was carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements; drivers and cash-in-transit drivers underwent a pre-trip medical examination.  

In 2020, no industrial accidents were registered. 81 injuries which were not connected with work have been investigated and processed.

In 2020, FUIB investments in employees' occupational health and safety amounted to more than 25.5 million UAH.

Motivating and supporting staff

In 2020, the salaries of the 2 867 employees of the bank were revised. The salary revision was carried out within the framework of career development maps, at transferring to another division, and due to increase in the minimum wage.

In 2020, FUIB used over 50 motivation systems (an increase of 10 programs per year), which foresee payment of operational bonuses to employees of various verticals based on the results of work.

There are career development programs for different categories of personnel in the First Ukrainian. In 2020, 1,124 people were promoted.

FUIB employees are provided with all types of leave in accordance with the current labor legislation. For the period of any leave, the employee's position and salary are retained.

FUIB as employer creates environment for evolving and opportunities for employees of different directions and levels of positions. FUIB's Career Website  is a platform for communication with job seekers for various vacancies. FUIB entered the 50 Best Employers of Ukraine-2020 rating according to Forbes Ukraine magazine, taking 13th place in the list.

The bank holds an annual contest for the “Best Employee of the Year”, the winners of which go on an exciting trip abroad. Due to the pandemic, the trip did not take place this year, whereas in 2019, colleagues visited Lisbon. Client is My Inspiration project has also been implemented for employees. The team-building FUIB Football Tournament was also postponed to the post-quarantine period.

In 2020, a new Step beyond the Horizon project was launched, which allows each FUIB employee to freely and comfortably try themselves in new roles in other divisions of the bank. 202 employees tried this opportunity.

FUIB is pleased to provide an opportunity for development for young people without work experience. The bank offers paid training and permanent employment. 389 young professionals without work experience joined the FUIB team during 2020.

For the first time, the HR chat bot was launched in the bank, colleagues received 37,000 consultations it in six months. In addition, the employees have been offered legal support of the bank's experts in resolving their own issues.

FUIB employees receive prompt information about all the news and innovations in the bank through the channels convenient for them - the portal, Workplace or Telegram. Interesting text and video content is created.

FUIB examines the experience of employees at the bank. ENPS indicator - staff loyalty level - increased by 1% compared to 2019. The result of staff loyalty from the previous year was retained, which was difficult in a crisis year. This was possible thanks to the informational, financial and emotional support of the employees.

As support for the team in difficult times, in December, all FUIB employees received additional salary for the holidays.  In addition, the bank invested more than UAH 11.7 million to pay material aid to employees - for diagnostics, inpatient/outpatient treatment for COVID-19; additional payment to the average salary for employees who were idle due to the closure of points of sale during the lockdown; other types of assistance, such as serious illness, death of loved ones, etc. 1,854 colleagues received financial aid. FUIB's investment in material support of employees during a pandemic in 2020 amounted to more than UAH 11.7 million.

Developing and training staff

​2020 was the year of transformation of all educational programs of FUIB, and of the transition of training to the online format. We mastered various platforms and programs for online education, and adapted trainings into the format of webinars and video conferences. The training departments provided employees with diverse support for adaptation and effective establishment of remote work - they created resources on the portal and in the bank's social network, filled them with auxiliary information and tools for working in new conditions.

More than 600 FUIB employees took part in 360 external seminars, trainings and conferences. The bank's staff and internal trainers conducted 688 internal trainings, which were attended by 5,030 employees.

About 500 heads of various divisions of the bank improved their managerial competencies at the trainings of the School of Management Development Program for executives. Executives deepened their knowledge in basic management functions, effective change and project management, motivation of themselves and their subordinates, and feedback provision. Additionally, executives of various levels attended the conference with the involvement of prominent Ukrainian and international speakers.

In 2020, FUIB paid special attention to the process of adaptation of new employees. 8 webinars on adaptation were developed and conducted, in which more than 450 executives took part and auxiliary materials were prepared - programs, instructions and diaries of adaptation.

In 2020, the Knowledge Sharing Program, in which internal experts share their knowledge, was continued. At the master classes, colleagues shared their experience in financial awareness, creating chat bots, the role of CRM/CVM in the development of the organization, building an effective team, managing their own energy and time.

As part of the Happy Office project, employees practiced their knowledge of English in the Speaking club. Information dedicated to everyday life was published on the bank's social network and on the portal, which helped colleagues to have fun during the quarantine: video tours into countries and museums around the world, interesting links and tips on how to spend free time. Marathons of good mood were held, in which employees posted videos and photos of how they had fun during the quarantine. Also, webinars were held and helpful tips were published on self-recovery methods and dealing with stress during the lockdown period.

7,500 colleagues - which is 100% of the working staff - have passed distance training. This is the highest result over the previous periods thanks to the transition to online mode. Investments of FUIB in development and training of employees in 2020 amounted to UAH 12.3 million.



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