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Labor relations

Employees are our bank's main asset, the key to sustainable development of the financial institution.

As of October 2017, almost 7,000 people were employed by the bank. The bank's employees include economists and financiers, people of intellectual and creative professions, people who work in offices, branches and sales outlets. Employees are our bank's main asset, the key to sustainable development of the financial institution.

FUIB adheres to the high standards in the provision of decent and safe working conditions for employees and development of their professional skills. The First Ukrainian carries out its activities, observing the principles of conscientious working practices and respect human rights.

A Collective Agreement which guarantees the protection of the rights and interests of each FUIB employee is in effect in the bank. Everyone has equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, place of residence, religion and political beliefs. The bank employs about 76% of women and 24% of men. Whereas managers in many Ukrainian companies are mostly men, in FUIB, female managers make up almost 66%. About 300 people with special needs work in our bank. And although the majority of employees of the bank are young people under 35, there are about 2,000 people aged over 35 at FUIB, and over 500 colleagues are over 50 years old.

In 2016, FUIB traditionally invested in the improvement of the level of workplace safety, preservation of employees' life and health. The bank conducted laboratory studies of workplaces for the presence of harmful factors, preliminary and periodic medical examinations of employees, financed the identification of buildings to determine the potential danger of the facility, the conducting of examination of the compliance of new opening branches with fire safety rules, the pre-trip medical examination of drivers of vehicles and much more.

In 2016, FUIB's investments in the labor protection and safety of employees amounted to about 1.3 million UAH. In 2017, only for the first half of 2017 the amount was 1.4 million UAH.

In 2016, the salaries of the employees of the bank were revised twice. In Spring, the salary increase affected 62,4%  employees; in Autumn this number was more than 82% of staff; at the same time, average increase equaled 15%. The salary revision were carried out taking due consideration of the personal effectiveness and efficiency of each employee, as well as the market level of salaries.

28 motivational programs are approved and operate at FUIB. The average number of participants in the motivation system of the bank for the 12 months of 2016 amounted to 2,717 or 62% of the total number of personnel. During 2016, in order to increase the effectiveness of the motivation systems, changes were made to 22 of them. In addition, 6 new motivation systems for employees of various divisions were introduced during the year.

Also, there are 9 career development programs for different categories of personnel in the First Ukrainian. These programs cover 57% employees of the bank. In 2016, 50% of the participants of the Career Development Programs received a career promotion during the year, their salary were revised. In total for the 12 months, 183 bank employees were transferred to managerial positions; this is 53% of the total number of appointments for managerial positions.

Development of the employees is one of the main strategic directions. The Bank trains its employees remotely, at trainings, seminars, master classes and workshops. Raising the level of knowledge and skills, our colleagues can implement more complex projects and tasks, thereby strengthening their competencies and developing the bank.

Everyone can change together with FUIB; you only need to want it. For beginners, the bank offers training that allows to adapt quickly and to fulfill your new responsibilities easily. For professionals, in order to discover their potential, it is possible to select training programs and inspiring projects together with the superior.

For the adherents of the latest technology, the bank implements the IT Drive project. Employees of the Information Technology Department initiate and implement the ideas aimed at improvement of the internal processes and the experience of customers in using the bank products.

Managers of the bank are trained in the “School of Management”, from mastering the basic skills of the manager to managing changes and projects. Now, the School consists of 5 main modules and inter-module activities.

Those employees who have something to share with others can be trained in the “Institute of Internal Coaching”. Develop and conduct trainings for the colleagues.

Leaders of the bank have united in the “Leaders Club”, where they draw new ideas and knowledge, communicate and exchange experience, jointly solve business problems, manifest themselves and receive recognition. 29 “Breakfasts of the leader” − useful food for an inquisitive mind − came out already.

Our leaders meet not only online, but also face to face. Thus, in February 2017, a 2-day conference “We FUIB Possibilities” was held. Managers of the branches determined which tools would help them to be more successful and effective. The applied recommendations developed by them were included in the “Guide of a successful manager”.

Driving business together” is a platform for the development of management culture, for solving strategic tasks. It allows different business areas and hierarchies to come together in order to solve business problems together, and offer support to each other. This gives an understanding that we all work for one goal and we can achieve more together.

The Happy Office project is designed to show that the bank is more than just a job. This is a place where you can have fun and be happy. To date, our 531 colleagues from Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv visited 8 exciting excursions. During 12 master classes 225 colleagues created their author's works. Within the framework of the Cultural Project, 400 admirers of beauty heard 10 lectures.

FUIB believes in the potential of Ukrainian youth. In 2016, the “B2B school” program aimed at developing specialists in small businesses was launched. This is a 3-month course for graduates of universities or young professionals, which includes trainings, master classes, webinars and practical classes, conducted under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Also, since 2014, the internship program of retail business “Grow with us” successfully operates in the bank. Only during 2016, 62 students were admitted to the position of specialists in customer service and financial advisors part time.

Investments of FUIB in development and training of employees in 2016 amounted to 5.6 million UAH. And in 2017, only for 8 months of this year it amounted to 7.5 million.