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FUIB – responsible employer. During 2019, FUIB provided new jobs to 2,756 Ukrainians. As the end of 2019, 7485 people were employed by the bank. The bank's employees include economists and financiers, people of intellectual and creative professions, people who work in offices, branches and sales outlets. Employees are our bank's main asset, the key to sustainable development of the financial institution.

FUIB adheres to the high standards in the provision of decent and safe working conditions for employees and development of their professional skills. The First Ukrainian carries out its activities, observing the principles of conscientious working practices and respect human rights.

A Collective Agreement which guarantees the protection of the rights and interests of each FUIB employee is in effect in the bank. Everyone has equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, place of residence, religion and political beliefs.

At the end of 2019, 5,498 women and 2,120 men worked in the bank. FUIB employs 445 (56%) female managers, and 343 (44%) male managers. The top management of the bank includes 35 men (62%) and 21 women (38%). The Board of the Bank consists of 9 people, 2 of them are women (22%).

Our bank employs 326 people with disability, 905 employees are on maternity leaves. Currently 2,896 young people under 35 and 3,313 people aged over 35 work at FUIB. In 2019, the bank hired 821 young specialists who did not have any work experience at the time of employment.

The Bank has an employee insurance program, in accordance with which, in 2019 2,990 employees (27%) were insured under the voluntary medical insurance program, and 400 colleagues were provided with accident insurance.

In 2019, FUIB has traditionally invested in creating safe, healthy and comfortable working conditions. For employees, filtrated drinking water is purchased, and filters for water purification are installed in the dining rooms. Medical supplies are purchased and distributed for all structural subdivisions of the bank for prevention of colds and for provision of first medical aid, the transport of the bank is equipped with first aid kits.

Drivers and cash-in-transit drivers underwent daily pre-trip medical examination, and cars had daily technical maintenance before departure. The necessary categories of employees are provided with personal protective equipment, they are instructed and trained.

In 2019, FUIB investments in employees' occupational health and safety amounted to more than 7.1 million UAH.

In 2019, the salaries of the 5 865 employees of the bank were revised. The salary revision was carried out taking due consideration of the personal effectiveness and efficiency of each employee, as well as the market level of salaries. The salary in the bank increased by an average of 15% during the year.

In 2019, FUIB used over 40 motivation systems which foresee payment of operational bonuses to employees of various verticals based on the results of work.

There are career development programs for different categories of personnel in the First Ukrainian. In 2019, 2,359 people were promoted.

FUIB employees are provided with all types of leave in accordance with the current labor legislation. For the period of any leave, the employee's position and salary are retained.

Development of the personnel is one of the main of bank's strategic directions. In 2019, the specialists of FUIB's training units continued to use a variety of tools for education of their colleagues – trainings and seminars, courses and tests, microteaching with comics, infographics, flow charts, business games and online platforms.

About 600 employees attended 500 external seminars, trainings and conferences. Last year, the distance learning platform through which 7,500 colleagues were trained was actively used.

In 2019, for the first time in the bank, the retail business started using video tutorials and posting them on Workplace. In video tutorials, coaches tell you how to work in programs, share basic lifehacks, and announce new functionality.

533 heads of various bank divisions improved their managerial competencies in 49 trainings of the School of Management Development Program for executives, which in 2019 consisted of 7 modules. Executives deepened their knowledge in basic management functions, effective change and project management, motivation of themselves and their subordinates, feedback provision, and burnout prevention. Additionally, several internal conferences and 4 open trainings were held for bank executives of different levels with the involvement of well-known Ukrainian and international speakers.

In 2019, the Knowledge Sharing Program, in which internal experts share their knowledge, was launched. The program allows to respond promptly to the needs of the bank's employees in knowledge, gives in-house experts the opportunity to realize themselves as coaches, to receive recognition and appreciation of colleagues. Workshops on working in Excel, payment reception organization, and training in service design were held.

The Institute of Internal Training” continued to operate effectively in the bank. In 2019, it had 34 in-house trainers for retail and corporate businesses who were actively providing training in different regions of Ukraine.

Within the framework of the Happy Office project, the Cultural Project lectures were held: in 9 lectures it was talked about fashion photography and the art of understanding cinema. In 2019, there were 10 excursions, which were attended by 576 bank employees. Yoga classes were also held at all regional centers. There were intellectual battles for teams of employees in Kyiv. In total there were 5 games in which 8-10 teams competed.

Investments of FUIB in development and training of employees in 2019 amounted to over 29 million UAH. In 2019, 5,600 employees attended 1,300 training events and studied in 550 training programs; this is more than 75% of all staff. More than 800 in-house trainings were held; they were attended by about 5,000 bank employees.

FUIB as employer creates environment for evolving and opportunities for employees of different directions and levels of positions. FUIB's Career Website  is a platform for communication with job seekers for various vacancies. FUIB takes care of its employees, regularly reviews salaries, and offers internal and external training.The bank holds a contest for the “Best Employee of the Year”, the winners of which go every year on an exciting trip abroad. In 2019, colleagues visited Lisbon. The Best Employee of the Year program has been expanded from 25 winners to 70. Additionally, for the 18 best employees from different business verticals, a trip to Bukovel was organized within the Star Bonus program.

Inspirational and team building projects “Client is my inspiration” and “FUIB football tournament” are being implemented for employees. In 2019, 16 teams took part in the tournament. 160 participants played in 40 matches. Employees' children participate in inter-corporate competitions “We are the champions”.

FUIB examines the experience of employees at the bank. ENPS indicator - staff loyalty level - increased by 12% compared to 2018. Through regular surveys, the bank received feedback from its employees. It worked on improving internal training, upgrading working conditions, and reducing workload. FUIB's investments in motivational and team-building programs and projects for employees amounted to over 12.7 million UAH.