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Internet banking

Dear customers!

JOINT STOCK COMPANY "FIRST UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK" (hereinafter – the Bank) expresses its respect to you and asks you to take into account the following information.

According to the requirements of the Regulation on the implementation of financial monitoring by banks, approved by the Resolution of the NBU Board as of 19.05.2020 No. 65, the Bank must ensure the relevance of the received and available documents, data and information about the customer.

The customer information is updated in the following forms: planned or in the case of a certain event.

1. Planned. Depends on the level of the customer risk has been assigned when establishing a business relationship or in the course of service.

Updating customer data (received and available documents, data, and information about him):

  • at least once a year if the risk of a business relationship with a customer is high;
  • at least once every three years if the risk of a business relationship with a customer is medium;
  • at least once every five years – in other cases in the absence of suspicion.

2. In the case of an event.

Data updating is also carried out in the case of:

  • identifying the facts of significant changes in the customer's activities (including in the event of a change in the UBO, head, location of a legal entity, trust, other similar legal entity, individual entrepreneur);
  • expiration (termination) of validity, loss of relevance or invalidation of the submitted documents;
  • termination/exchange of the customer's identification document (customer's representative);
  • establishing the fact that the customer belongs to the PEP.

In order to fulfill the requirements for updating information about the customer in the case of an event, in the CBSA, as well as in other standard agreements that the Bank concludes with customers without joining CBSA, the customer is obliged to provide the Bank with information on significant changes in its activities.