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Sustainable development

For more than 30 years, FUIB has been conducting business responsibly, investing part of the profits not only in the development of the bank and in staff training, improving the quality of products and services for clients, but also in developing the business environment and increasing the financial literacy of the population.

Contacts of CSR sector
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Key principles of sustainable development

Act systemically. The concept of sustainable development is integrated into business strategy and is taken into account when planning and implementing all our projects.

Work efficiently. We are using modern approaches to doing business, are constantly improving processes and methods of doing business, are efficiently using resources and are looking for new opportunities for business development.

Respect the interests of partners, customers and the society in general. We respect the interests of partners, customers and the society in general and build relationships with them on the basis of principles of decency, honesty, openness and mutual trust.

Provide decent and safe working conditions. We acknowledge employees as the most important asset and provide safe working conditions, decent level of wages and social benefits for them.

Respect human rights. We respect and observe human rights and freedoms and do not accept discrimination.

Improve the quality of life in the presence regions. We are a responsible corporate citizen and invest in the improvement of quality of life in the presence regions, and promote sustainable development of Ukraine.

Strive for prevention and reduction of environmental impact. We strive for continuous reduction of our environmental impact.

Strategy for sustainable development is the basis for the business growth

The objective of FUIB for the coming years is to strengthen the effectiveness of its business. To work to increase net profit and improve the quality of the loan portfolio. To support and develop retail and small businesses. To increase client base, building long-term confidential relationships with clients. To expand the bank network. To develop remote service channels. To reengineer processes: automate, accelerate, increase stability and optimize. To improve and introduce innovative products. To build the modern universal bank so that every Ukrainian knows about it.

Key directions of FUIB in the field of sustainable development: 

  • employees' training and development;
  • improvement of the quality of bank products and services;
  • development of business environment and local communities;
  • increase of financial literacy of the population;
  • risk management.

FUIB chose to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Economic Growth (No. 8), Quality Education (No. 4), Good Health and Well-being (No. 3), Gender Equality (No. 5), Creating Sustainable Infrastructure, Promoting Innovation (No. 9),Peace, justice and strong institutions (No. 16), Partnership for Sustainable Development (No. 17).

In 2021 and 2022, our investments in modernization amounted to UAH 496 and 473 million, respectively. In 2021, social investments aimed at improving employee safety and development, improving the quality of the bank's products and services, developing the business environment and increasing financial literacy of Ukrainians amounted to over UAH 84 million.

2022 was a year of testing for Ukraine and for FUIB. We survived in the war and became stronger. We found opportunities for further development and support of those who have the hardest time. The bank did not stop social investment, but rather tripled it, with funding reaching more than UAH 252 million. The main efforts were focused on supporting employees and clients, defenders, business and the state, helping the wounded and promoting blood donation.