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Development of business environment

FUIB is a social partner of the cities where it operates. It creates jobs, advises and provides loans for businesses, creates comfortable conditions for servicing, develops financial literacy of the population.

In 2019 First Ukrainian International Bank was actively implementing projects aimed at the development of business environment

FUIB continued the project “Praise for the hands which smell of bread” together with the farmer's website Kurkul.com. During the 4 years of existence, the project has managed to become truly social. In the current project “From parents to children”, whole farm dynasties - two and even three generations of agrarians: parents, children and grandchildren - became main characters. The purpose of the new “family” season is to show both the business qualities of the heroes and their state of mind, experience and ways of solving many problems by joint efforts. In total, 6 interviews and 6 videos about farming dynasties from different parts of Ukraine have been published. The total number of project's views was almost 65 thousand.

Creating a successful business without the means of development is extremely difficult, and this is a major problem for all small farmers. In addition, they often lack information on all relevant banking products, conditions and peculiarities of cooperation with financial institutions. FUIB and Agravery.com have implemented a joint project called “Farmers' Financial Guide”, which told about all the financial nuances. As a result of the project, 6 materials on various banking products for the agricultural business were published. Based on specific examples, FUIB experts and the editorial staff of the media have analyzed what product is best suitable for what needs, what to look for, and most importantly, how to use bank financing. Bank is not only about money, it is a reliable leverage and support for business. The project had 16.5 thousand unique viewers.

In servicing micro and small businesses, the bank focused on simplifying business processes and facilitating clients' choice of bank products and services. Thus, in November, the following new tariff packages were introduced: vseMinimum, vseOptimum and vsePremium. They take into account all the needs of entrepreneurs regardless of their activity sphere. All of them provide even more comfortable conditions for servicing and doing business, include basic services and have optimal and competitive market prices.

With the help of automation of the credit process, the bank makes a decision and provides credit funds. For agricultural sector, FUIB has implemented rapid targeted products and partnership programs for the purchase of agricultural machinery. They have a simple procedure of formalization and a reduced loan price. In the framework of a memorandum with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the bank participates in the program of state compensation for agribusiness. It launched a unique lending program for the purchase of Ukrainian tractors and agricultural machinery.

In 2019, the bank introduced a chat bot for corporate clients, where they can receive 24/7 all the necessary information, saving their precious time. In addition, together with partner - Opendabot - the bank implemented the “Checking counterparties” service: Using it, individual entrepreneurs can monitor potential and existing business partners to make sure their business is secure. It is available free of charge to all users of PUMB Online for Entrepreneurs client-bank. In 2019, clients completed more than 500 audits.

Together with Liga: REPORT partners, the bank organized the sale for 1 hryvnia to its client who are entrepreneurs of licenses for use of the service which allows reporting to the tax office and other controlling bodies online. During the year, 317 licenses were acquired. As part of the Currency Auction service, a loyalty program was launched: clients are provided with an individual rate for buying/selling currency, which depends on the sum of all requests made by the client in the previous month. Increasing the turnover of buying and selling currency, entrepreneurs get a better rate than the previous one. Additionally, in 2019, the bank integrated advice on legal, accounting and foreign trade issues - which facilitates the life of the modern entrepreneur - into the personal account of the Internet banking.

FUIB also paid attention to the support of medium-sized Ukrainian business. It simplified procedures, improved service conditions, strengthened expert support for business.

At the end of 2019, the number of clients of small, medium and large corporate businesses serviced at FUIB amounted to 63.7 thousand. The increase in small business compared to the previous year amounted to 6.7 thousand clients or +13.5%. The increase in medium and large business and state-owned enterprises was 8 clients or +0.1%.

In 2019, FUIB remained a strategic partner of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) which is one of the best schools in Central and Eastern Europe. FUIB supports the “Talents from the Regions” educational program, which provides 20 scholarships to study at the two-year Master's program in economic analysis at KSE for students from the regions, and also covers the costs of their stay in Kyiv.

Moreover, for the fourth year in the row, FUIB supported the “My Career in Ukraine” project of the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility center and Career Hub. Its goal is to show the young generation the possible career development path and to inspire them to make deliberate choice of the future profession. Over 1,200 essays from 23 regions of Ukraine were submitted to the competition. Tenth-graders from all over the country could share their views on professional future. The competition included 5 regional meetings with 250 finalists from all over Ukraine in Lviv, Kyiv, Zaporizhyzhia, Odesa, Kharkiv. The winners in the regions met with business representatives, heads of enterprises, and managers of the FUIB Regional Centers. 50 finalists of the national stage of the competition became participants of the National Conference on Career Planning, which was held on May 30 2019 in Kyiv. And on May 31, tenth-graders spent the day with top managers of companies, government officials and successful Ukrainians.

Financial literacy

As the level of financial literacy of the population in Ukraine is still low among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, FUIB pays attention to educational communications in social networks, on television and in the press. Thus, the program “FUIB – your financial guide online” in the social networks includes training in the finance management, banking products, as well as financial instruments.

In branches of the bank, The People's Banker magazine is presented for the clients. It teaches how to use the bank quickly, simply and with the maximum benefit for a person and for their family. The magazine has more than 46,000 readers.


In Ukraine, in recent years there has been an increase in cases of external fraud with payment cards, especially fraud with the use of psychological techniques - social engineering. Therefore, the bank initiated the creation of a special project on the Ain.ua portal about various types of fraud. The purpose of the project is to protect and teach the Ukrainians how not to get on the hook to fraudsters. In the materials, you can get acquainted with popular fraudulent schemes and learn how to act correctly in various situations related to financial transactions. The project on Ain.ua had more than 25 thousand views and coverage of 48 thousand at the Ain.ua Facebook page.



For the third year in a row, FUIB participates in Savings Day in Ukraine, initiated by NABU. In October-November 2019, 160 educational meetings on financial literacy were held at FUIB branches, in secondary and higher educational institutions, at enterprises and organizations in various cities: In total, 76 FUIB volunteers held 160 meetings in 36 cities with 8,000 Ukrainians. The goal of these events is to increase the awareness of Ukrainians of various age and social groups about the activities of banks, the use of banking products and services. During meetings with schoolchildren, students, pensioners, employees of enterprises and organizations, FUIB experts revealed a number of practical issues: how to manage finances - save, accumulate and increase; how to choose a healthy and a reliable bank for deposits; how to take a loan, so that the loan is not burdensome for the family budget; how to use the services via the Internet; how to protect oneself from online fraud; what to do when the ATM did not give out cash, etc.

“FUIB Bank” gaming station works for children in Kidlandia city of professions in Kyiv's RC Blockbuster. Here you can work as a bank manager, cashier and cash-in-transit courier. Children learn why a bank is needed, what are its main advantages and products in a simple form, with the help of cartoon characters. Each child can open an account with the bank, earn local currency and accumulate funds – open a deposit. FUIB in Kidlandia is exciting and informative. The Bank invests in financial literacy and vocational guidance for children.

In 2019, in the branches, FUIB continued to install children's corners where children can relax while parents are being served. Children's corners appeared in more than 100 branches. For children, a special magazine on financial literacy named “Finance from A to Z” and a “Journey of a little Hroshyk” coloring book were created.