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Development of business environment

FUIB is a social partner of the cities where it operates. It creates jobs, advises and provides loans for businesses, creates comfortable conditions for servicing, develops financial literacy of the population.

In 2017, FUIB provided new jobs to 1,587 Ukrainians. Expanding its presence, our bank opens new branches and points of sales throughout Ukraine. FUIB guarantees employees comfortable and safe working conditions, a timely official salary.

In the regions of operation of the bank, our experts traditionally provide the necessary advisory support for representatives of small and medium-sized business, budding entrepreneurs and carry out training. The usage of loan resources from FUIB allows Ukrainian enterprises to develop their business. Entrepreneurs carry out modernization of production and enter the European market, get new long-term contracts and expand their business. In 2017, the bank increased the speed of the decision making on financing the business, the time reduced to 5-7 days.

First Ukrainian International Bank is actively implementing projects aimed at the development of business environment. Thus, FUIB and agricultural portal Latifundist Media continued a joint project, telling about people who are proud of growing grain. Ukrainians learned from stories and videos about the life of agrarians, how they come to agriculture and the boundless love for their craft within the framework of the 2nd season of the project “Praise for hands, which smell of bread” on Kurkul.com website. This time the participants of the project were not only the clients of the bank, but also other brilliant representatives of the agrarian industry from different regions of Ukraine. The project was viewed by 75,000 Ukrainian agrarians and farmers.

In addition, FUIB implemented content project in support of small business – "Growing business together with FUIB". The project supposed the release of a number of useful articles about Ukrainian business representatives, analytical materials, translated articles from foreign sources, and a guide book on professional literature. Project for small business was viewed by more than 50,000 people.

For small business customers, remote service is more preferable and more convenient. For them, FUIB developed the digital bank– Digital FUIB. In 2017, 487 customers joined Digital FUIB. Each client has their own office created on the Digital FUIB platform, where they can receive services by phone, Skype, in a chat, and on the website. They receive timely consultation on matters of competent business operations, operations with currency, on accounting, legal and financial issues. The clients can solve all questions of their business in one "window" – over a personal manager. 

In 2017, the number of clients from small and medium-sized business who receive services from FUIB grew by more than 6.3 thousand, growth in small business amounted to +16,3%, i the medium-sized +10,4%. During the year, the number of large corporate businesses that receive services at FUIB increased by 111 clients; the increase was 3,3%. The number of state-owned companies serviced by FUIB has increased by 15 companies, the increase is +13%. 

As the level of financial literacy of the population in Ukraine is still low, FUIB pays great attention to educational communications in social networks. The Bank is implementing the program “FUIB – your financial guide online”, which includes aspects of financial management, familiarizes Ukrainians with banking products, financial instruments, etc.

The multimedia project “The People's Banker”  learns how to use the bank quickly, simply and with the maximum benefit for a person and for their family. All the episodes of the TV project can be found  on the YouTube channel. Also, the rubric “The People's Banker” is published in the newspaper “Segodnya” and on the website Segodnya.ua. In branches of the bank a magazine of the same name is presented for the clients. The permanent audience of the multimedia project “The People's Banker” has 4 million viewers, 350 thousand readers and 100 thousand users of social networks. 

In 2017, FUIB acted as a partner of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), providing KSE with financial assistance worth 272,304 UAH.  KSE specializes in training world-class economists. The assistance for the Kyiv School of Economics is primarily an investment in the future generation of economists and financiers whose education will meet world standards, which means that this is an investment in the future of Ukraine.

In September 2017, FUIB transferred the building of Parkhomivskyi Art Museum to the museum workers of the Kharkiv region. The building was bought by the bank from auction during the liquidation procedure of its former owner. Parkhomivskyi Art Museum, named after P. F. Luniov, is a valuable asset of Ukrainian culture; here, it is possible to get acquainted with the originals of the works of the most famous masters of graphics, sculpture and painting – Picasso, Malevich, Vereshchagin, Shishkin, Levitan, Kandinsky, Yizhakevych, Kasiyan and others. Among other things, the Bank helped the museum in the village of Parkhomivka in the Kharkiv region to create a virtual tour. Thanks to online excursion, you can walk through all the halls of the museum and admire the unique collection of original works of world-famous authors.

In 2017, on the website Yakaboo.ua, FUIB started sales of the book guide "Ukraine for You: The Best Routes According to Insiders", created by the bank and the periodical L'Officiel. All the proceeds will go to buy a printer which prints books for blind people. To buy a modern printer, 16 thousand euro were collected. In 2018, the printer was delivered to Braille Studio/ print studio printing in Braille-type.

In 2017, FUIB actively participated in projects devoted to professional orientation of schoolchildren. Thus, the bank took part in the implementation of the educational project of the Center for Development of CSR − Your Future in the Banking Sector. Within the framework of the project, a detailed map of professions in the banking sector was developed, a web-portal for free access to information by youth and teachers throughout the country was created, as well as special materials for organizing classes on the topic of career development at schools and universities was prepared. In 2017, pilot lessons were also held in schools. In 2018, the project was presented to teachers and to the general public.

Moreover, FUIB supported the project of the center Development of Corporate Social Responsibility and Career Hub My Career in Ukraine. 400 tenth-graders from various regions of Ukraine took part in the competition My Future Profession: Planning and Development by writing an essay on their future specialty. As the prize, the winners of the contest, the authors of the 50 best essays, spent a day with top managers of state and commercial organizations and companies, among which was the FUIB's Chairman of the board Serhiy Chernenko.

For the first time this year, FUIB took part in the Day of Savings in Ukraine, initiated by NABU. From 26 October to 31 October, Open House Days took place in FUIB branches in 5 cities: Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Mariupol and Odesa. Pensioners, schoolchildren, teachers, clients and not clients of the bank visited the bank. The bank's staff held lectures on financial literacy, as well as excursions around the bank. Adult guests learned about the products and services of the bank, the rules of safe use of them, what to look at when choosing a bank, product or service, how they can independently manage the finances in remote channels. The children get acquainted with the work of the Bank's employees, visited the depository, saw the cash transit vehicles and cases, and learned about the bank's professions and career opportunities.