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Development of business environment

FUIB is a social partner of the cities where it operates. It creates jobs, advises and provides loans for businesses, creates comfortable conditions for servicing, develops financial literacy of the population.

Only in 2017, FUIB provided new jobs to 1,014 Ukrainians in the regions. Expanding its presence, our bank opens new branches and points of sales throughout Ukraine. FUIB guarantees employees comfortable and safe working conditions, a timely official salary.

In the regions of operation of the bank, our experts traditionally provide the necessary advisory support for representatives of small and medium-sized business, budding entrepreneurs and carry out training. The usage of loan resources from FUIB allows Ukrainian enterprises to develop their business. Entrepreneurs carry out modernization of production and enter the European market, get new long-term contracts and expand their business.

First Ukrainian International Bank is actively implementing projects aimed at the development of business environment. Thus, in autumn 2016, FUIB and agricultural portal Latifundist Media launched a joint project, telling about people who are proud of growing grain. Ukrainians learned about the fieldworkers who have achieved success with laborious work within the framework of the project “Praise for hands, which smell of bread” on Kurkul.com website. In 2017 the 2nd season of the project was released. This time, not only the clients of FUIB became its characters, but also those who wanted to share the life-work at the pages of the well-known agricultural website. Ukrainian farmers tell about the romance of the agrarian sector, their ups and downs in agriculture, lyrical memories of what the start of their business was and what inspires them.

In addition, FUIB implemented a joint project with Digi Media called “Ukrainian Dream” which involved the corporate clients of the bank and representatives of small businesses. In their interviews on the pages of Bigmir.net, Liga.net, Gloss.ua which are the largest information portals of Ukraine, the bank's clients shared their success stories, told about what helped their business stay afloat during the crisis, and also how the bank's solutions help Ukrainian business.

Twice a year, in autumn and in spring, FUIB invites key clients and partners of the bank to meet with interesting speakers, and organizes a platform for open discussion of currently important issues in economics, business, and technology.

Small and medium businesses are the basis for the development of the Ukrainian economy. FUIB takes responsibility for supporting entrepreneurs. The Bank creates a special ecosystem for the client, where the experts will help to make the accounting and tax reports, proofread contracts, understand the nuances of imports and exports. On the online platform Digital FUIB www.digital.pumb.ua every entrepreneur has his own private office, where he does everything that is done in an ordinary bank branch. A personal manager communicates with the client in the online branch.

In 2016, the number of clients from small and medium-sized business who receive services from FUIB grew by more than 7.7 thousand, growth in small business amounted to +25%, i the medium-sized +16%. During the year, the number of large corporate businesses that receive services at FUIB increased by 311 clients; the increase was 10%.

FUIB pays great attention to educational communications in social networks. The Bank is implementing the program “FUIB – your financial guide online”, which includes aspects of financial management, familiarizes Ukrainians with banking products, financial instruments, etc.

In addition, the bank increases the financial literacy of Ukrainians with the help of the multimedia project “The People's Banker”. This is a weekly telecast on the TV-channel “Ukraine”. It is devoted to how to use the bank quickly, simply and with the maximum benefit for a person and for their family. All the episodes of the TV project can be found on the YouTube channel. Also, the rubric “The People's Banker” is published in the newspaper “Segodnya” and on the website Segodnya.ua. In branches of the bank a magazine of the same name is presented for the clients. The permanent audience of the multimedia project “The People's Banker” has 4 million viewers, 350 thousand readers and 100 thousand users of social networks.