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Development of business environment

FUIB is a social partner of the cities where it operates. It creates jobs, advises and provides loans for businesses, creates comfortable conditions for servicing, develops financial literacy of the population.

In 2018, FUIB created 286 new work positions. Expanding its presence, our bank opens new branches and points of sales throughout Ukraine. FUIB guarantees employees comfortable and safe working conditions, a timely official salary..​

In the regions of operation of the bank, our experts traditionally provide the necessary advisory support for representatives of small and medium-sized business, budding entrepreneurs and carry out training. The usage of loan resources from FUIB allows Ukrainian enterprises to develop their business. Entrepreneurs carry out modernization of production and enter the European market, get new long-term contracts and expand their business.

In 2018 First Ukrainian International Bank was actively implementing projects aimed at the development of business environment. Thus, FUIB and agricultural portal Latifundist Media continued a joint project, telling about people who are proud of growing grain. “Praise for the hands which smell of bread” on the website Kurkul.com is a project that for the third consecutive year performs a social mission, and introduces people whose work contributes to the development of Ukraine. In 2018, the project was viewed by more than 46,000 representatives of the agricultural sector.

The bank also implemented WE MAKE FOOD − a new joint project with Latifundist Media – on how to break the vicious circle of raw materials. The bank is a partner; therefore it is ready to support the domestic producers with investments. The project presents 10 stories of Ukrainian enterprises of the closed cycle, which have learned how to create the final product. Using the example of the project heroes, one can learn about the cost part, investments, sales markets and marketing part of the business. This is a small practical guide for those households that really want to create their own business, but still are afraid of it. The project has collected more than 110,000 views.

FUIB introduced the Money Lovers Club – a common project with the MC Today online edition for entrepreneurs. This is a general education project for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. It features successful cases of our compatriots, who have gone the way from a small startup to global recognition, useful tips to increase sales, recruitment, access to foreign markets and much more, as well as a weekly email-list with unique content for all who joined the club. 640 entrepreneurs have become members of the club.

In servicing micro and small businesses, the bank focused on providing the best banking products and services online. So, at the beginning of 2018, PUMB Online for Entrepreneurs was presented to clients; it successfully combines access to mass banking products (payments, bank statements, transfer of funds to an individual’s card, electronic document flow) and additional services for entrepreneurs (consulting, filing of reports, etc.). New simple and intuitive Internet banking is easy to understand even for novice entrepreneurs. It has become available to all small business customers since September 1, 2018. Since then, more than 4,000 clients used it and made almost 20,000 payments. At the end of the year, the monthly growth rate of new users was 50% per month.

In online banking for entrepreneurs, additional online services were provided for micro and small business clients. Among them, was the “Currency trading” service, which allows one to buy currency online at the rate chosen by the client, and not by the bank. In the “Submission of Tax Reporting for Private Entrepreneurs” service, we have made with Internet banking known to partners from Liga:REPORT and now entrepreneurs can submit their reports online. Google My Business service allows clients to add their point of sale to Google maps in just a few minutes instead of 2 weeks. The “Consultations” service gives clients the opportunity to receive qualified assistance in matters of foreign economic activity, accounting and reporting, and legal questions.

FUIB also paid attention to the support of medium-sized Ukrainian business.
The bank simplified the procedures for making decisions on simple loan products, improved the terms of service, and strengthened expert business support. Thus, the form of financial analysis was simplified to provide clients with simple credit products, and the time for making a decision on the provision of credit funds was shortened. This year, for the first time, FUIB implemented solar energy projects in the middle segment, advised clients on how to recoup their investments in 3-4 years and make a profit. Thanks to the electronic digital signature, it has become even more comfortable for customers to be served by the bank. The document flow has become much simpler: now, most issues are resolved in corporate Internet banking, there is no need to visit branches. To save client's time, FUIB replaced paper-based cash check for cash withdrawal with an electronic one. Now, the cash withdrawal operation at the bank’s checkout is processed remotely via Internet banking in electronic form with use of the electronic check. Operational expert support in all financial and related matters can be received by a business in any convenient way. 

At the end of 2018, the number of clients of small, medium and large corporate businesses serviced at FUIB amounted to 59.9 thousand. The increase in small business compared to the previous year amounted to 11,649 clients or +21%. The increase in medium and large business and state-owned enterprises was 837 clients or +15%.

As the level of financial literacy of the population in Ukraine is still low, FUIB pays attention to educational communications in social networks, on television and in the press. Thus, the program “FUIB – your financial guide online” in the social networks includes training in the finance management, banking products, as well as financial instruments.

The multimedia project “The People's Banker” teaches how to use the bank quickly, simply and with the maximum benefit for a person and for their family. All the episodes of the TV project can be found on the YouTube channel. Also, the rubric “The People's Banker” is published in the newspaper “Segodnya” and on the websites Segodnya.ua and mrpl.city. In branches of the bank, a magazine with the same name is presented for the clients. The Audience of the multimedia project “The People's Banker” has 7 million TV-viewers, 400 thousand readers and 4 million users of social networks.

For the second consecutive year, FUIB took part in the Day of Savings in Ukraine, initiated by NABU. In October-November 2018, 55 educational meetings on financial literacy were held at FUIB branches, in secondary and higher educational institutions, at enterprises and organizations in various cities: Cherkasy, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Mariupol, Lviv, Rivne, Odesa, Poltava, etc. Their goal is to increase the awareness of Ukrainians of various age and social groups about the activities of banks, the use of banking products and services.

In 2018, FUIB became a strategic partner of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) which is one of the best schools in Central and Eastern Europe. FUIB supported the “Talents from the Regions” educational program, which provides 20 scholarships to study at the two-year Master's program in economic analysis at KSE for students from the regions, and also covers the costs of their stay in Kyiv.

Moreover, for the second year in the row FUIB supported the “My Career in Ukraine” project of Centre for CSR Development Ukraine and the Career Hub. Its goal is to show the young generation the possible career development path and to inspire them to make deliberate choice of the future profession. The competition was held from January 15 to March 2, 2018 and collected more than 1,400 essays from 23 regions of Ukraine. Tenth-graders from all over the country could express their views on a professional future. The competition included 5 regional meetings with 250 finalists from all over Ukraine in Lviv, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Odesa, and Kharkiv. The winners in the regions met with business representatives, heads of enterprises, and managers of the FUIB Regional Centers. 50 finalists of the national stage of the competition became participants of the National Conference on Career Planning, which was held on May 31 in Kyiv. And on June 1, tenth-graders spent the day with top managers of companies, government officials and successful Ukrainians.

FUIB presented a modern Braille printer to the Braille Studio volunteer project. The BrailleBox V5 printer was purchased with funds raised as part of a charity project initiated by FUIB and the publication of L`Officiel Ukraine. This is the first professional printer of this level in Ukraine. Although the printer is located in the capital, it will satisfy the needs of visually impaired people throughout Ukraine.

FUIB became a partner of the educational project Map of Professions of the Center for Development of CSR. On 14 February 2018, the Centre for CSR Development Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the participation of the MES and partner companies, including FUIB, held a press conference “Love to the profession is born at school” at the Ukrinform Press Center. Participants presented the project Map of Professions and its components: the program of classes, booklets and the website careerhub.in.ua. The main goal of the project is to help students to get acquainted with the diversity of the world of professions, important skills and possible career paths in various fields.

On June 2, 2018, the grand opening of the “FUIB Bank” gaming station took place in the city of professions Kidlandia in Kyiv's RC Blockbuster. The main surprise of the opening was an updated game scenario, useful information about the world of finance and professions, and new opportunities in Kidlandia – working as a bank manager, cashier and cash collector. Children learn why a bank is needed, what are its main advantages and products in a simple form, with the help of cartoon characters. Each child can open an account with the bank, earn local currency and accumulate funds – open a deposit. Two types of game payment cards were specially developed for boys and girls.