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Performance Indicators
  • 2018
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Stress Test Results for 2018

In accordance with the first results of the decision of the NBU Board dated 16.08.2018. №564-рш / БТ "On the results of the estimation of the stability of JSC" PUMB "there is no need for the capital of JSC" PUMB "in the basic macroeconomic scenario, and in the unfavorable macroeconomic scenario amounted to UAH 2 231 million.

During 2018, FUIB conducted planned measures to improve the quality of the loan portfolio, which resulted in the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 780-rs / Bt dated 22.11.2018 "On the implementation of PUMB measures to cover the needs (shortfalls) in equity by the results of its assessment of sustainability "- confirmed the sufficiency of FUIB's capital for an unfavorable macroeconomic scenario with a reserve of +660 million UAH.

Today, FUIB Bank has not only enough capital to pass an unfavorable macroeconomic scenario, but also has a substantial margin of safety. Normative H2 - Sufficiency (adequacy) of regulatory capital as of 21.12.2018. is equal to 16.47% at the normative value - not less than 10%."

Stress Test Results for 2019

In 2019, the National Bank conducted a three-stage assessment of the sustainability of JSC "PUMB", including the application of stress testing. Determined by the results of stress testing, baseline and adverse macroeconomic scenario, the required level of standards H2 and H3. JSC "PUMB" corresponds to the limits set by the NBU.

Thus, according to the results of the sustainability assessment as of 01.01.2019, JSC "PUMB" does not require a capitalization/restructuring program.

The bank has a substantial margin of safety. The current norm of H2, JSC "PUMB"  exceeds the minimum value of 10 percent by more than 2 times.

Stress test results for 2021

In 2021, the National Bank assessed the sustainability of JSC "PUMB" in three stages, including stress testing. As a result, the required level of N2 and N3 ratios of JSC "PUMB," determined based on the results of stress testing for the baseline and unfavorable macroeconomic scenario, corresponds to the boundary values set by the NBU.

Thus, based on the sustainability assessment results as of 01.01.2021, JSC "PUMB" does not need to draw up a capitalization/restructuring program.

The bank has a significant margin of stability. The current standards N2 and N3 of JSC "PUMB" significantly exceed the established regulatory requirements of the NBU – 1.6 times.