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Corporate management

An effective Corporate governance system works at FUIB and it meets the requirements of Ukrainian legislation as well as the best international standards and practices.

The current Corporate governance model provides a high level of organization which is supported by the bank's impeccable reputation on the market. At the core of FUIB activity are effective functions of control and risk management as well as timely response to legislative changes.

The structure of Corporate governance bodies

  • Current Charter
  • Archive
The Corporate Governance Code
Public irrevocable request on the acquisition of shares from all shareholders of JSC "PUMB"

The Bank's activity is by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

FUIB NBU on 23 of December, 1991, and its banking license with unlimited validity period has been re-issued on 6 of October, 2011. The Bank is authorized to perform various banking operations within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine and its banking license.