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FUIB has an effective risk management system that meets the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine. The bank manages not only the risks inherent in banking, but also social and environmental risks by adhering to the three lines of defense. The first line of defense is the business and support units of the bank. Risk management and compliance divisions are on the second line. On the third line, the Internal Audit Department assesses the effectiveness of security risk management systems, of the first and second defense levels, and the effectiveness of the internal control system.

3 lines of defense provide:

  • Identification of risks. The Bank's structural units that carry out banking operations and provide their support, involved in the process of identification, assessment and monitoring of risks, comply with the requirements of internal regulatory documents on risk management, and also take into account the level of risk when making transactions.
  • Risk management. Risk management and the Compliance Control Department develop risk management mechanisms, methodology, assess and monitor the level of risks, prepare risk reports, carry out an aggregated risk assessment, assess the ratio of risk to the established risk appetite.
  • Internal audit.  It conducts an independent assessment of the effectiveness of the risk management system, corporate management and internal control system, identifies violations and makes proposals for improving the risk management system.

Policy of risks management