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When implementing innovative technologies into business processes and customer service, FUIB supports “green” standards and makes its contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Not only are self-service online systems convenient for customers and profitable for business, but they are also beneficial to the environment. As by the end of 2016, Internet banking “FUIB online” substituted the work of 53 regular bank branches with the average personnel of 7 employees each. This is a significant economy of natural resources and energy that would be required for the organization and operation of the branches.

Every day FUIB employees make efforts to preserve the environment:

  • apply principles of the “Green Office”: economize energy resources, save paper, optimally use the equipment and procedures for electronic document management, collect waste paper;
  • participate in environmental initiatives.

In 2016, the bank replaced traditional illuminants with energy-saving ones. There were saved 19588.8 kWh of electricity during the year as the result of the use of new technologies in office buildings. For the year 2016, the bank transferred 15.9 tons of paper for recycling.