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​ When implementing innovative technologies into business processes and customer service, FUIB supports “green” standards and makes its contribution to the preservation of the environment.

The self-service systems in the bank are not only convenient for customers and profitable for business, but they are also beneficial to the environment. FUIB provides clients with the possibility to be served remotely in Internet and mobile banking, in messengers and in self-service terminals. This is a significant economy of natural resources and energy that would be required for the operation organization of the branches. Online banking was actively used by more than 881,800 FUIB's clients. The amount increased by 1.5 times over the year.

Every day FUIB employees make efforts to preserve the environment:

  • apply principles of the “Green Office”: save energy resources, paper, optimally use the equipment and procedures for electronic document management, collect waste paper;
  • participate in environmental initiatives.

In 2020, FUIB continued its work on energy preservation. The following was carried out in the main office: replacement of traditional illuminants with energy-saving ones (LED); insulation of premises and sealing of windows, doors and roof; heat regulation equipment was installed in the existing heating appliances. LED panels use 2.5 times less electricity, do not contain harmful substances and have a long service life of up to 30,000 hours. When new branches were opened, ventilation equipment with recuperation was installed, which returns up to 70% of the heat from the exhaust air, which saves energy. The total electricity consumption in comparison with the previous year decreased by 414,134 kWh.

For the year 2020, the bank transferred 148 tons of paper for recycling. FUIB handed over 0.4 tons of hazardous waste and over 1.6 tons of plastic bank cards for utilization.

In 2020, the collection of used batteries has begun at the head office of the bank. A total of 10 kg were collected. The transfer of batteries for recycling will be carried out in 2021.

The bank invested UAH 450,000 in the removal of household waste and disposal of hazardous waste.