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General meeting of shareholders

It is the supreme Board and takes decisions concerning the major issues of the bank activity.

The exclusive competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders includes the resolution of issues regarding:
  • determination of the main directions of the Bank's activities;
  • introduction of amendments to the Bank's Charter;
  • issue of shares, their splitting, consolidation or cancellation;
  • increase or decrease in the authorized capital of the Bank;
  • election and termination of powers of the Chairman and members of the Bank's Supervisory Board;
  • approval of the Regulations on General Meeting of Shareholders, Regulations on the Supervisory Board, as well as amendments to them;
  • approval of the Bank's annual report, making decisions on the distribution of the Bank's profits and losses;
  • solution of other issues belonging to the exclusive competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with the legislation and/or the Charter.

Current issue of the Regulation about the General meeting of shareholders:

    Regulation on General Shareholders Meeting (placed 12.01.2022, entered into force 11.01.2022) (ua)

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