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The clients are the key value of FUIB. Each employee does everything possible to make the cooperation between the client and the bank comfortable, easy and simple. For the convenience of clients, self-service zones with tablets and payment terminals where customers can carry out banking operations by themselves have been created in all branches of the FUIB network and there were 181 of them at the end of 2018 year. Free Wi-Fi is provided in all branches. Also for the comfort of clients who are entrepreneurs, the bank equips territorially remote cash desks and [email protected] points in their premises. In addition, the bank creates in the branches 24/7 zones with round-the-clock access to banking services: at the end of the year, these zones were organized in 73 branches. Also, FUIB introduced the position of meeters and greeters in 57 departments: they meet clients, teach them how to use the use of SSTs and Internet banking, advise them and help to orient in the branch.

In 2018, the bank expanded its presence, including in small towns, in various regions of Ukraine, by opening 17 new branches. For the first time in 2018, in the branches, FUIB began to install children's corners where children can relax while parents are being served. Children's corners appeared in 4 branches, and in 2019, this initiative will be expanded to more than 80 branches. For children, a special magazine on financial literacy named “Finance from A to Z” was created.

The bank provides the possibility of obtaining consumer lending in small cities, helping to improve the welfare of the population. In 2018, at 750 points of express sales of the bank, it was possible to get financial advice, as well as to get loans issued for goods, cash loans and credit cards..

Also in 2018, in 2,476 partner stores − including online stores − in 224 settlements of Ukraine, FUIB provided an opportunity to obtain a consumer loan. Bank employees not only offered to obtain bank products, but also taught remote financial management − the use of Internet banking, and banking in instant messengers. FUIB together with retailer partners made clients' purchases more accessible thanks to interesting joint promotions, as well as the possibility of obtaining installments when paying for goods with a credit card.

At the end of 2018, FUIB served more than 1 million active private clients. Over the year, the clients' base increased by 18%. VSEMOZHU credit card has become one of the most popular bank products. Clients' activity in Internet banking increased significantly − by 83%. The remote self-service channel was actively used by 316,200 clients.

In 2018, FUIB released a new PUMB Online mobile application. It implements the basic functions that allow customers to manage their finances independently 24/7 from anywhere in the world, without contacting the call center or a branch. Now, functionality available in the mobile application covers most of the clients' needs. Changes in the new application are implemented every month. Only during the three months after the release of the new mobile application, more than 270 thousand clients downloaded it

Also last year, FUIB introduced full-fledged banking in the Telegram and Viber messengers for the first time in Ukraine. It allows the client to formalize an application for a loan or an FUIB credit card with the help of just the instant messenger alone, and to carry out the full service cycle of this product afterwards. Also through banking in instant messengers you can find out the current exchange rate and replenish your mobile phone. In addition, with the help of banking in Viber, FUIB clients can get an electronic insurance policy for cars issued. As of the end of the year, more than 200 thousand clients used chat bots' services.

The bank studies client satisfaction through various tools: external studies, Secret Buyer program, internal specialized surveys, complaints and suggestions. Thus, the bank has the most complete information on the feedbacks and behavior of clients when interacting with the bank. Information that was collected and analyzed helps to understand whether bank's standards are correct and whether they meet the needs of Ukrainian market and customers today.

In 2018, the Bank continued to actively work with complaints and suggestions from clients. Significant changes were made to the work: the complaints process was accelerated by expanding the powers of the employees, compensation procedures when dealing with conflict situations were introduced, an automatic assessment of the results of solving the problem was launched; thereby, procedures and processes that still need to be improved were identified..

During the year, more than 2,000 secret buyers helped us understand how FUIB meets the expectations of its clients in different situations and working conditions. By improving the inspections, we have identified new areas for the development of the bank in the customer service. In 2018, secret buyers first visited the FUIB sales points in small towns and settlements in Ukraine to evaluate how bank managers advise and process bank loan products. The results of inspections showed that bank clients can get a high level of service in every corner of Ukraine.

The bank monthly collects loyalty ratings at different points of contact and at different stages of our clients' lives. To fully analyze the reasons for the ratings and develop the necessary actions to improve the client experience, the bank conducts more than a thousand in-depth interviews with its clients. Systematizing their ups and downs, we determine what is really important to clients, what first of all needs to be pay attention to. By the end of 2018, we started collecting up to 100,000 evaluations every month. The lion's share in this amount is a new measurement of client satisfaction after being served at the department. For many FUIB clients, high quality of service in the branch remains a key factor in choosing the bank.

Considering client processes as a set of steps for a customer journey, we build an ideal path of the client as a user of banking services. This approach gives us the understanding how to create a quality product that will be simple and understandable for our clients in the channels that are most convenient for them.

Today, the bank continues to measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for retail and corporate customers. Every day, “agents of happiness” communicate with dozens of clients, look for solutions that will allow becoming better not only us, but also other financial institutions. Here are few examples of what was done in 2018 to improve customer experience:

  • A more convenient way to finalize documents has been created for clients − a cloud-based electronic digital signature. 
  • The new “PUMB Online for Entrepreneurs” has been launched; it is simple financial management for small businesses.
  • We are opening new branches in the regions where meeters and greeters meet the clients, where professional managers and cashiers work and where the clients can independently solve their financial issues in the self-service zones.
  • Clients of the retail business received a new “PUMB Online” mobile application.
  • FUIB was one of the first among banks to offer its clients access to innovative payment services Google Pay and Apple Pay. 
  • The bank simplifies the terms of credit and debit cards: customers no longer pay for services that are not relevant to them, products become simpler, and conditions for their use exclude hidden payments.

In 2018, FUIB continued to actively cooperate with the Private Deposit Guarantee Fund. During the year, First Ukrainian paid compensations in the amount of around 71.9 million hryvnia, having provided services 963 clients of insolvent banks. In 2018, 302 clients of insolvent banks decided to continue cooperation with FUIB..

In 2018, 20,456 pensioners chose FUIB services, and acquired the Social package. When establishing an account in the bank, pensioners do not need to go to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, as employees of the bank independently submit an application for transfer of the pension to FUIB. Pensioners can withdraw money from the card for free at any ATM throughout Ukraine. The bank has created special loan programs for pensioners. In addition, the bank grants 8% per annum on the balance of over one thousand hryvnia.