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The client is the key value of  FUIB. Each employee does everything possible to make the cooperation between the client and the bank convenient, easy and simple.

For the convenience of clients, self-service zones with tablets and payment terminals where customers can carry out banking operations by themselves have been created in all branches of the FUIB network. Free Wi-Fi is available in all branches. Also for the comfort of clients who are entrepreneurs, the bank equips territorially remote cash desks and [email protected] points in their premises. In addition, the bank is creating 24/7 zones in the branches, where 24-hour access to banking services is provided. Also the bank introduced the position of Meeter and Greeter in 44 branches.

In 2017, the bank updated the Internet banking system “FUIB Online 2.0” and made it more convenient for the client.  New opportunities were added for clients: transfer from an account to a card and from a card to an account, repayment of loans with a card, resetting passwords and unlocking user's account on their own and others. At the end of the year, Internet banking of FUIB had 172 thousand active users.

FUIB studies customer satisfaction through various tools: external studies, Mystery shopping program, internal specialized surveys, complaints and suggestions. Thus, the bank has the most complete information on the feedbacks and behavior of clients when interacting with the bank. Information that was collected and analyzed helps to understand whether our standards are correct and whether they meet the needs of Ukrainian market and customers today.

In 2017, the bank began to collect monthly more than 30,000 loyalty ratings at different points of contact and at different stages of our clients' lives. To fully analyze the reasons for the ratings and develop the necessary actions to improve the client experience, the bank conducts more than a thousand in-depth interviews with its clients. Systematizing their ups and downs, we determine what is really important to clients, what first of all needs to be pay attention to.

Considering client processes as a set of steps for a customer journey, we build an ideal path of the client as a user of banking services. This approach allows us to understand how to create a quality product that will be simple and understandable for our clients in the channels that are most convenient for them.

The Bank measures the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for retail and corporate customers. Every day, “agents of happiness” communicate with dozens of customers, look for solutions that will allow becoming better not only us, but also other financial institutions.

FUIB is actively cooperating with the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine. In 2017, First Ukrainian paid compensations in the amount of  1.5 billion hryvnia, having provided services  39,850 clients of insolvent banks.  5,600 clients decided to continue cooperation with FUIB.

In 2017, 18,960 pensioners chose FUIB’s services, and acquired the Social package. When establishing an account in the bank, pensioners do not need to go to the Pension Fund of Ukraine as employees of the bank independently submit an application for transfer of the pension to FUIB. Pensioners can withdraw money from the card for free at any ATM throughout Ukraine. The bank has created special loan programs for pensioners.