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Client-centered business model

Improving and simplifying cooperation with the bank

The client is the key value of FUIB. Each employee does everything possible to make the cooperation between the client and the bank easy and simple. For the convenience of clients, self-service zones with tablets and payment terminals where customers can carry out banking operations by themselves have been created in all branches of the FUIB network and there were 224 of them at the end of the year. Bank cash desks have the possibility to withdraw cash using contactless PayPass and PayWave technologies. Free Wi-Fi is provided in all branches. Additionally, for the comfort of clients who are entrepreneurs, the bank equips territorially remote cash desks and [email protected] points on their premises. In addition, the bank creates in the branches 24/7 zones with round-the-clock access to banking services: at the end of the year, these zones were organized in 115 branches. Also, in 89 branches, clients are met by a meeter and greeter who advises, helps to navigate in the branch, teaches how to use self-service terminals (SST) and Internet banking.

In 2020, the bank expanded its presence, including small towns, in different regions of Ukraine, by opening 21 new branches. 24,530 retail and 379 corporate clients are served there.

In 2020, the bank installed at retail outlets of 2,100 new corporate clients using the Trade Acquiring service, 2,600 POS-terminals, which is 51% more than a year earlier.

Following the NBU's requirement to facilitate access to the branches for population groups with impaired mobility, the bank installed ramps/lifts/employee call buttons in 71 branches. The branches are also equipped with braille plates, comfortable handrails and handles. By July 1, 2024, all FUIB branches will be equipped to serve people with disabilities.

The bank provides the possibility of obtaining consumer loans in small cities, helping to improve the welfare of the population. In 2020, at 750 points of express sales of the bank, it was possible to get financial advice, as well as to obtain loans issued for goods, cash loans and credit cards. In new 5 mini-branches, the client, in addition to receiving loans, can issue a debit card, make a deposit, withdraw funds from an ATM or replenish their card using a SST, as well as perform any operation in PUMB Online.

Also in 2020, in more than 2,200 partner stores, including online stores, in 274 settlements of Ukraine, FUIB provided an opportunity to obtain a consumer loan. Bank employees not only offered to obtain bank products, but also taught remote financial management. FUIB together with retailer partners made clients' purchases more accessible thanks to interesting joint promotions, as well as the possibility of obtaining installments when paying for goods with a credit card.

At the end of 2020, FUIB served more than 1.6 million active private clients. Over the year, the clients' base increased by 12.5%. The most popular product of the bank was the VSEMOZHU credit card. By the end of 2020, more than 350,000 clients have registered for it. According to The Best Banking Products of the Second Quarter of 2020 Prostobank Awards rating by Prostobank Consulting, the VSEMOZHU credit card received gold in its nomination. The jury marked the card for convenient and favorable conditions.

The number of users of digital channels (Internet and mobile banking, Viber-bot) has increased significantly. The remote self-service channel was actively used by 881,860 clients. Over the year, the number of active users has grown by 1.5 times. 90% of online banking users use a mobile application. The transactional activity of clients for the year increased from 5.6 to 8.4 transactions per month.

In the PUMB Online mobile application, the basic functions are implemented which allow clients to manage their finances independently from anywhere in the world 24/7 without contacting the call center or a branch. For 2020, a lot of new functionality was added to the mobile application: currency exchange at a favorable rate, history of payment for services and transactions, the ability to view the card number and CVV code, etc.

The PUMB Online mobile application and FUIB Internet banking were included in the top 10 in Ukraine in the rating of 50 Leading Ukrainian banks according to the Financial Club news agency.  Internet banking ranked 5th and mobile banking ranked 6th.

Banking in Telegram and Viber messengers allows the client to complete the credit product service cycle on their own. Also through banking in instant messengers it is possible to find out the current exchange rate and replenish the mobile phone account, as well as make out an electronic car insurance policy. This year, the “My offers” block was added with special offers and promotions of the bank.

To support retail clients during the pandemic, the bank has implemented loan repayment holidays. In 2020, clients formalized more than 50,000 restructurings in the amount of UAH 807 million, of which 96% are loan repayment holidays formalized in the period from April to August for cash loans and loans for the purchase of goods. Since August, if necessary, clients could arrange loan repayment holidays themselves for their credit cards. The opportunity was used by 1,700 clients.

During 2020, 32,145 pensioners chose FUIB to service their pension accounts, and acquired the Sotsialnyi package and VseKARTA for social payments. The issue and servicing of the social card is free. Pensioners can withdraw money from the card for free at any ATM throughout Ukraine. The bank has created special loan programs for pensioners. In addition, the bank provides 6% per annum on the balance of over UAH 1 thousand.

FUIB cooperates with more than 17,000 salary project companies, serving more than 541,000 of their employees. For salary clients, we offer free issuance and maintenance of salary cards, issuance of cards by a bank employee at the enterprise, training in financial literacy, etc.

Partnership with Private Deposit Guarantee Fund

In 2020, FUIB continued to actively cooperate with the Private Deposit Guarantee Fund. In 2020, FUIB paid compensation to 189 clients of insolvent banks for the total amount of UAH 28.9 million from the funds received from Private Deposit Guarantee Fund. 56 of them decided to continue their cooperation with FUIB and became its clients.

In 2020, FUIB paid more than UAH 149.8 million contributions to Private Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Data security

More than 10 years ago, FUIB implemented the Information Security Management System based on the ISO 27001/27002 standard. To counteract the leakage of confidential information, FUIB has a role model of access based on the principle of minimum required privileges. This allows each bank employee to be provided with access to only the necessary information. FUIB has also been using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems for many years to control information leakage across the organization's perimeter.

The year 2020 was a major challenge for the bank. In the context of the global quarantine, the activity of hackers has increased. Closed borders did not prevent attempts to attack the bank's online services by sending phishing emails. The bank blocked monthly hundreds of automated attacks on the bank's IT infrastructure. For 2020, all incidents were resolved without losses for the bank and the clients. Also, new controls have been implemented to detect attempts of attacks on bank systems, and the security of the network infrastructure has been increased.

During the pandemic, FUIB successfully implemented the ability to work remotely for some of its employees, while not creating new risks to the security of confidential information and the security of systems. Also, the bank introduced remote access to the video surveillance system.

In 2020, FUIB introduced a new anti-fraud cross-channel monitoring system and transaction control, which made it possible to reduce the monthly losses of FUIB clients from fraudulent transactions by 77%. In 2020, UAH 126 million of clients' funds were saved, the number of affected clients was reduced by 5 times, 97% of attacks were stopped without damage to the client.

In order to counteract fraud with bank cards, a special line of direct communication with security specialists operates in FUIB call center. FUIB’s Security Department provides prompt support and effective assistance to clients: it blocks a card or an account, informs other banks about a fraud attempt, etc.

FUIB security experts are actively involved in anti-fraud and anti-cybercrime measures, which are held by the Ukrainian Interbank Association of Members of EMA Payment Systems. This is a partnership for the sake of secure cashless payments in Ukraine.

Financial institution's activities in the context of COVID-19

During the pandemic, the bank transferred online all possible service processes in order not to put clients at risk. The validity periods of cards were extended so that clients did not need to visit bank branches. 

FUIB has implemented measures to counter the spread of disease in the bank's premises, to protect employees and clients from disease. The bank bought non-contact thermometers, personal protective equipment (respirators, protective masks, gloves and goggles), disinfectants, sanitizers, disinfecting lamps and recirculators. All premises of the bank are equipped with special bins for collection of personal protective equipment for disposal.

In the offices, distribution lines are marked on the floor to maintain a distance between clients of at least 1.5 m. No more than one client per 10 sq. m is allowed to be serviced in the operating room area. At the entrance to the bank premises, there are places for sanitizing hands with an antiseptic.

Temperature screening of employees is carried out every day, in the premises we have regular wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants and ventilation. Mask requirements have been introduced in the bank.

Client experience

FUIB studies customer satisfaction through various tools: external studies, Secret Buyer program, internal specialized surveys, complaints and suggestions. Thus, the bank has the most complete information on the feedbacks and behavior of clients when interacting with the bank.

In the difficult year 2020, the Bank paid particular attention to work with complaints and suggestions from clients. During the year, it developed and partially implemented a new process for considering citizens' appeals. FUIB built the single center of customer requests with maximum automation of processes, quick solution of clients' problems, and prompt receipt of feedback by the client. 

For the tenth year in a row, FUIB has been implementing the Secret Buyer program, which helps to assess the quality of service at the points of contact with clients. In 2020, a number of atypical assessments were conducted to identify the behavior of employees in difficult situations, the results of which revealed areas of development of the bank and its team. Particular attention was paid to service processes and the role of employees in them. The bank provided active information support to clients during the pandemic.

In 2020, FUIB intensified customer experience research and assessment. In connection with the pandemic, in-depth interviewing and testing were conducted online using Zoom, so they were able to take into account the opinions and experiences of clients even from the smallest settlements in the most remote corners of Ukraine. The carried out tests and evaluation, as well as the study of the client's pains, help to significantly facilitate and simplify the client's customer journey at various stages of interaction with banking products and services, finding those processes and procedures that need to be changed and improved. Thus, the bank quickly found its bearings and, due to quarantine, extended the validity of the cards, and also entered into an agreement with Oschadbank to expand the network of points where it is convenient for the client to withdraw funds. In addition, the bank has accelerated the transfer of many service processes online so that clients do not have to go to a branch. FUIB managed to develop the most favorable conditions for loan products, which were very important to clients due to lockdown.

In 2020, FUIB continued to work systematically to integrate a person-centered approach into projects that significantly affect the overall client experience. The bank uses design thinking to design solutions for the bank's strategically important initiatives. In particular, during the year, the focus was on finding solutions to improve the experience of visiting bank branches, taking into account the client's opinion. FUIB strives to use the best world practices of service design for the development of a person-centered approach in the organization, and for the implementation of specific solutions. Thus, in 2020, the bank, in cooperation with Koos, a large European service design agency, developed a concept for a new service for retail clients.

During 2020, design thinking tools were integrated into the work of cross-functional teams to develop online banking functionality for individuals and for corporate clients. Prototypes of new functions were tested with users before development. This allowed us to identify possible inconveniences for the client as quickly as possible and to fix them even before the development began. The testing was carried out in our own client laboratory, which now works online because of the pandemic. In 2020, the bank quickly and conveniently conducted more than 20 such tests with users. The bank also applies design thinking to improve the employee experience. For example, an HR chat bot was designed using this toolkit.

In 2020, FUIB investments into improvement of the client experience amounted to 10.3 million UAH.