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Client-centered business model

The clients are the key value of FUIB. Each employee does everything possible to make the cooperation between the client and the bank easy and simple. For the convenience of clients, self-service zones with tablets and payment terminals where customers can carry out banking operations by themselves have been created in all branches of the FUIB network and there were 208 of them at the end of the year. Bank cash desks now have the ability to withdraw cash from the card using contactless PayPass and PayWave technologies. Free Wi-Fi is provided in all branches. Additionally, for the comfort of clients who are entrepreneurs, the bank equips territorially remote cash desks and [email protected] points in their premises. In addition, the bank creates in the branches 24/7 zones with round-the-clock access to banking services: at the end of the year, these zones were organized in 101 branches. Also, FUIB introduced the position of meeters and greeters in 73 departments: they meet clients, teach them how to use SSTs and Internet banking, advise and help to orient in the branch. Following the NBU's requirement to facilitate access to the branches for population groups with impaired mobility, the bank installed ramps/lifts in 125 branches. Until January 1, 2023 all FUIB branches will be equipped with employee call buttons/ramps/lifting devices.

In 2019, the bank expanded its presence, including small towns, in various regions of Ukraine, by opening 27 new branches, including VIP center in the capital to serve clients of the premium segment.

The bank provides the possibility of obtaining consumer lending in small cities, helping to improve the welfare of the population. In 2019, at 750 points of express sales of the bank, it was possible to get financial advice, as well as to get loans issued for goods, cash loans and credit cards.

Also in 2019, in more than 2,000 partner stores, including online stores, in 248 settlements of Ukraine, FUIB provided an opportunity to obtain a consumer loan. Bank employees not only offered to obtain bank products, but also taught remote financial management - the use of Internet and mobile banking, and banking in instant messengers. FUIB together with retailer partners made clients' purchases more accessible thanks to interesting joint promotions, as well as the possibility of obtaining installments when paying for goods with a credit card.

At the end of 2019, FUIB served more than 1.4 million active private clients. Over the year, the clients' base increased by 11%. The most popular product of the bank was the credit card “vseMOZHU”. By the end of 2019, the number of its users was over 600,000. The number of users of digital channelshas increased significantly: Internet and mobile banking, Viber-bot. The remote self-service channel was actively used by 507,993 clients. For the year, the increase was +127%. 75% of active transactors used the mobile application.

In the PUMB Online mobile application, the basic functions are implemented which allow clients to manage their finances independently from anywhere in the world 24/7 without contacting the call center or a branch. PUMB Online mobile application and PUMB Internet Banking are recognized as one of the best in Ukraine by the PaySpace Magazine Awards 2019 annual award.

Banking in Telegram and Viber messengers allows the client to complete the credit product service cycle on their own. Also through banking in instant messengers it is possible to find out the current exchange rate and replenish the mobile phone account, as well as make out an electronic car insurance policy.

During 2019, 30,408 pensioners chose FUIB to service their pension accounts, and acquired Sotsialnyi and VseKARTA packages for social payments. When establishing an account in the bank, pensioners do not need to go to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, employees of the bank independently submit an application for transfer of the pension to FUIB. Pensioners can withdraw money from the card for free at any ATM throughout Ukraine. The bank has created special loan programs for pensioners. In addition, the bank grants 8% per annum on the balance of over one thousand hryvnia, which is the best offer for pensioners in the market. Also for recipients of payments from the Pension Fund of Ukraine is provided 3% cash back for purchases in pharmacies.

Partnership with Private Deposit Guarantee Fund

In 2019, FUIB continued to actively cooperate with the Private Deposit Guarantee Fund. In 2019, FUIB paid compensation to 1,331 clients of insolvent banks for the total amount of 77.3 million UAH from the funds received from Private Deposit Guarantee Fund. 320 of them decided to continue their cooperation with FUIB and became its clients.

In 2019, FUIB paid more than 128 million UAH contributions to Private Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Considering client processes as a set of steps for a customer journey, we build an ideal path of the client as a user of banking services. This approach gives us the understanding how to create a quality product that will be simple and understandable for our clients in the channels that are most convenient for them.

Data security

More than 10 years ago, FUIB implemented the Information Security Management System based on the ISO 27001/27002 standard. For 2019, all attacks were blocked without any loss to the bank and its clients.

To counteract the leakage of confidential information, FUIB has a role model of access based on the principle of minimum required privileges. This allows each bank employee to be provided with access to only the necessary information. FUIB has also been using Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems for many years to control information leakage across the organization's perimeter.

In order to counteract bank card fraud, a special line of direct communication with security specialists was created at FUIB's call center. The FUIB Security Department provides prompt support and effective assistance to clients: it blocks a card or an account, informs other banks about a fraud attempt, etc. For 2019, FUIB security experts saved more than 45 million UAH for clients.

Additionally, the Bank has developed a fraud protection program,verification of transactions for possible fraud. For safe use of Internet banking, the algorithm of detection of fraudulent transactions and limits for card transactions were introduced.

Client experience

FUIB studies customer satisfaction through various tools: external studies, Secret Buyer program, internal specialized surveys, complaints and suggestions. Thus, the bank has the most complete information on the feedbacks and behavior of clients when interacting with the bank.

In 2019, the Bank paid particular attention to work with complaints and suggestions from clients.During the year, it made changes to the process of considering citizens' appeals.

For the ninth year in a row, FUIB implements the Secret Buyer program, which helps to evaluate the quality of service at points of contact with customers: compliance with the standards of client service, the level of employee’s knowledge of the Bank's procedures and products; understand customer expectations and their relationship with existing services and conditions. In 2019, a number of atypical assessments were conducted to identify the behavior of employees in difficult situations, the results of which revealed areas of development of the bank and its team.

In addition to the traditional audits, FUIB conducts annual audits on the compliance of the departments' appearance: PTX/ATM workability, availability of waiting rooms, relevance of promotional materials, cleanliness of premises, compliance with corporate style by employees. In general, the checks showed that the level of service that customers receive regardless of the point of contact is high.

In 2019, the Bank strengthened its focus on studying customer satisfaction by expanding its staff, conducting more external and internal specialized surveys and research. Thanks to the collected and analyzed information, the bank is able to better understand its clients, their level of satisfaction, expectations and the problems they face. The tests have made it possible to significantly facilitate and simplify the customer journey at various stages of interaction with banking products.

FUIB aims to use a human-centric approach to develop new services and redesign existing ones. We view the bank's products as a fragment of a client's journey, in which a person solves his or her daily life issues, including with the help of FUIB. Such approach gives the understanding how to create a product that will be useful and understandable for clients in the channels that are most convenient for them. Thus, with the help of this approach, in 2019, the bank developed and released anew VseKARTA debit card, as well as designed a new convenient process for issuing debit cards to receive salary.

The prototypes of the new features in the Bank's Digital Services are undergoing special testing with the users before development, to immediately identify possible inconveniences for the client and prevent them even before the development. For such testing, the bank develops its own Client Laboratory, where it quickly and conveniently conducted more than 20 studies with users of its services in 2019.

The bank uses design thinking to improve internal processes. Thus, in 2019, to become an even more comfortable place of work, the bank worked on the design of principles and process of internal horizontal transitions for those employees of the bank who seek to develop in other FUIB divisions.

In 2019, FUIB investments into improvement of the client experience amounted to more than 8.1 million UAH.