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In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, First Ukrainian International Bank was forced to suspend volunteer projects that required the gathering of employees into groups – environmental clean-ups, donor day, etc.

The bank focused on online corporate projects. Thus, in 2020, the Running Club was created in the bank. Its goal is not only the physical development of employees, the formation of a culture of a healthy lifestyle, but also helping children who are facing a serious illness. All training sessions of the FUIB team members are recorded in the Strava application, summed up and paid for. Employees train in all parts of Ukraine. The bank pays money for one workout – a run for 3 km. The amount gradually accumulates. Even the pandemic did not interfere with the existence of the club – at the end of the year, our 145 runners had done 4,600 workouts. This is more than 42,000 kilometers of improved health and 100,000 hryvnias collected for the purchase of medicines for children with cancer. FUIB transferred these funds to the Tabletochki Foundation for the support of children with cancer.

On the occasion of St. Nicholas Day, the bank's employees were able to visit the magic Gifts for Health Shop of the Tabletochki Foundation and purchased the most important gifts for ill children: medicines, consumables, psychologist's consultations, etc. 164 volunteers raised more than UAH 22,500 in a few days. This is aid for the purchase of medicines for children with cancer in 19 cancer departments across Ukraine, which are helped by Tabletochki Foundation.

In 2020, FUIB began cooperation with Pro Bono Club Ukraine. 7 volunteers held 13 consultation meetings for 52 participants who are representatives of public organizations. They talked about cybersecurity, service design, PR, financial literacy, etc.

On December 1, on the All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds, our colleagues raised funds for the purchase of personal protective equipment for doctors working with Covid patients. More than 1500 members of the FUIB team took part in the #ShchedryiVivtorok [#GenerousTuesday] event. We collected over UAH 152,000 for 8 hospitals, purchased 235 liters of antiseptic, 1,234 respirators, 500 face shields and 500 pairs of gloves, 37 pulse oximeters, 16 tonometers and 14 electronic thermometers.

By the way, this was the second wave of assistance to doctors and hospitals. In the spring, the bank's team held “Support Medical Workers - Save Lives” charity event. In just a week, 3000 volunteers from FUIB raised more than UAH 560,000, for which they purchased more than 800 respirators, 1,200 protective overalls and 100 goggles. All these were sent to 11 reference hospitals in different cities.

The Board of the bank supports volunteer initiatives of employees by financing organizational measures for their implementation: providing premises, transporting employees, purchasing auxiliary materials, etc. Bank investment in support of volunteer projects in 2020 amounted to over 346 thousand UAH.