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In 2023, First Ukrainian International Bank continued to develop a culture of volunteering among its employees.

In June 2023, the bank’s PUMB RUN Running Club was relaunched. The purpose of the club is to create a culture of healthy lifestyle and support Ukrainian defenders. Each run of a club member over 3 km means improved health and FUIB’s contribution to the Fund for Assistance of Mobilised Employees. The Fund raises money for the needs of colleagues who are defending our independence. The training sessions are counted using the Strava application. More runs – more help provided.

In 7 months of 2023, members of the PUMB RUN community went for more than 3 thousand runs. 127 colleagues took part in it. The total distance covered was over 23 thousand km. Throughout the year, webinars were held for runners, as well as competitions. FUIB’s own online race includes distances, winners, and commemorative medals. Each distance is also a transfer of funds to the Fund for Support of Mobilized Colleagues. In total, the club’s runners raised UAH 150 thousand, which was used to purchase 10 bulletproof vests for defenders.

In 2023, the bank’s employees donated UAH 1.9 million to the Fund for Support of Mobilized Colleagues. Protective equipment, gear and outfit, tactical clothing and footwear, and tactical first aid kits were purchased for 90 mobilised colleagues, husbands and sons of our female employees. Since December 2023, the bank has been doubling the amount raised by its employees to strengthen its support for the defenders. 

Our blood donation tradition is now 8 years old. 8 years of employee involvement in shaping the culture of blood donation in Ukraine. In August 2023, FUIB’s team held a Donor Day at the Kyiv Military Hospital to donate blood for the wounded. New groups of seriously wounded defenders arrive at the medical institution every day, and in summer, due to the holiday period, there is a shortage of blood. As part of the bank’s social initiative “We Are of the Same Blood”, 55 employees donated 24.7 litres of blood. This helped 165 defenders recover or even save their lives. The bank’s team was accompanied at all stages of the donation by volunteers from Blood Agents. After the donation, our colleagues treated the wounded to some necessary items and delicacies, as well as hemostatic T-shirts from Lifesavingmerch.

On December 6, 2023, FUIB’s Donor Day was held in the new and convenient OKipna office in Kyiv. On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the team thanked the unbreakable defenders, volunteers and civilians – they donated blood to Ukrainians affected by the hostilities. A mobile team from the Blood Centre of the Shalimov Institute of Surgery and Transplantation came to the bank’s head office. Blood Agents accompanied the donation process. 47 donors donated more than 21 litres of blood, giving 141 Ukrainians a chance at life.

In November 2022, the bank set up a Mutual Aid Cash Desk. Over the year of its existence, more than 1,500 members of the Cash Desk helped 52 employees who found themselves in difficult life circumstances. They received financial aid from colleagues in the amount of UAH 1.7 million.

From December 6 to 25, 2023, in the “Gifts for Health” store from Tabletochki and FUIB, you could buy gifts that bring children with cancer closer to victory over cancer: bone protection during chemotherapy, safe blood transfusion, etc. Employees, customers, partners, and friends of FUIB and Tabletochki raised a total of UAH 438,370. FUIB Bank doubled its contribution. The total amount raised was almost UAH 900 thousand. All the funds were used to help children fighting cancer. Currently, about 500 children are under the care of the Tabletochki Fund every month. Most of them are treated at Okhmatdyt (Kyiv) and Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre (Lviv).

The bank’s Management Board supports employee volunteer initiatives by financing organizational arrangements for their implementation: providing premises, transporting employees, purchasing auxiliary materials, etc.