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Supervisory Board

protects the rights of FUIB shareholders, supervises and regulates the activities of the Management Board.

As part of its exclusive competence Supervisory Board:
  • approves and monitors the implementation of the Bank's strategy, business plan, plans for the resumption of the Bank's activities, financing the Bank in crisis situations, ensures the continuous operation of the Bank;
  • ensures the organization of effective corporate governance;
  • appoints and terminates the powers of the Chairman and members of the Management Board of the Bank, appoints and dismisses the chief risk manager, chief compliance manager, head of the internal audit department;
  • exercises control over the activities of the Management Board of the Bank, risk management divisions, supervision over compliance with the norms (compliance) of internal audit;
  • identifies an audit firm to conduct an external audit;
  • approves and monitors the implementation of the strategy and operational plan for managing the Bank's problem assets;
  • ensures the functioning and control over the effectiveness of a comprehensive and adequate system of internal control of the Bank, including the system of risk management, internal audit;
  • approves and monitors compliance with the procedure for performing transactions with persons related to the Bank;
  • performs other functions delegated by the General Meeting of Shareholders, referred by the Charter or the legislation of Ukraine to the exclusive competence of the Supervisory Board.

Current issue of the Regulations about Supervisory Board of the Bank:

   Regulation on Supervisory Board (published 12.01.2022, entered into force 11.01.2022) (ua)

The current version of the Regulations on the remuneration of the Bank's Supervisory Board:

   Regulation on remuneration of members of the Supervisory Board by 25.11.2021 (ua)

   Report on remuneration of members of the Supervisory Board 2021 (ua)

   Report on remuneration of members of the Supervisory Board 2020 (ua)

Committee on Audit Issues:

   Regularion on Committee

Committee on Risk Management:

    Regularion on Committee

Remuneration and Appointments Committee:

    Regularion on Committee

Supervisory Board is not directly involved in the daily FUIB managing, but plays an important part in the implementation of monitoring and control of its business activities. It represents the interests of the shareholders of the bank in the period between sessions of the General shareholders meeting and supervises the activities of the Board.

Members of the Supervisory Board are elected by the General meeting of the shareholders.

A shareholder has the right to an unlimited number of his representatives in the Supervisory Board.