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Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

Sergei Zubov: "Stability in the market, loyalty to the customer, efficiency in decision-making are the three components of your bank."
10 January 2022
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Today "MIDA" Zaporizhzhia factory is one of the best shoe enterprises in Ukraine. Every season "MIDA" offers Ukrainians more than a thousand (!) models of surprisingly high quality, reliable and comfortable footwear for the whole family. How this business started and how many years of partnership has connected this company with FUIB bank, we asked Sergei Zubov, founder and general director of "MIDA" shoe factory in Zaporizhzhia.

Magazine "People's Banker" №18/2021

  1. Tell us about the formation of your business.

Young and energetic, we still had a limited life experience, but there was enthusiasm, there was a desire not only to make money but also to gain experience, meet new people and expand the circle of contacts. By that time, in the distant 90s, Sergei Zubov (the general director of the company and the main founder of "MIDA" factory) served in the marine fleet, Orest Sheremet (now the general director of LLC "Vasylivskyi Zavod MK") served as an ensign in the army, and Vladimir Giba (commercial and financial director of "MIDA"), after the military, graduated from the Zaporizhzhia Industrial Institute. So, each of us has already seen something in life and was able to do. Together we got down to a common cause – we opted for the production of footwear and its components.

  2. What events were the most significant on the way of your team?

The transition to a qualitatively new level of development of the company took place due to the fact that we moved to the former shoe factory. We repaired it, brought in the most modern technological equipment. Those specialists came to us who had not taken us seriously before, which, of course, had a positive effect on the quality of the finished product. International contracts appeared - we became an exporter. By the way, today "MIDA" factory exports footwear to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy,

the USA. Another essential factor that influenced the enterprise's development is the emergence of a retail network throughout the country because it is impossible to work without stable sales. In addition to Zaporizhzhia, shoes from "MIDA" factory began to be sold in the nearest regional centers, later in the Dnieper, Kyiv, and other regions.

  3. What are the top 3 features of your business and team that help you achieve leadership in Ukraine and conquer foreign markets?

There is such a popular expression: "If you gave your word – keep it." We adhere to this rule in our relations with partners. Two more principles on which the success of our company is based are stable product quality and, of course, well-coordinated work of the entire team.

Magazine "People's Banker" №18/2021

  4. What is your challenge and at the same time helps to develop your business?

Over the past few years, a lot has changed and continues to change not only in our country but throughout the world in all spheres of life. Constant turbulence forces us to be more prudent in making decisions, demand an approach to agreements with partners, and revise the enterprise's internal processes. Uncertainty stimulates flexibility and wisdom.

  5. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who is just starting a business today? What pitfalls can you get around?

Today “newbies” have much more opportunities than when we started. I mean, in particular, the availability of information. Anyone who will not be lazy will achieve an outstanding result. Add to this knowledge of non-standard views and approaches, the use of effective communications and the introduction of new technologies. You need to find your own flavor, and, I am sure, the achievement of this goal will become a reality.

Magazine "People's Banker" №18/2021

  6. How many years has FUIB bank serviced your company? Why did you choose it and continue to collaborate for many years?

In its daily activities, "MIDA" relies on forming and maintaining long-term relationships with both customers and partners. Therefore, we are not inclined to change business partners frequently. A vivid confirmation of this is our twenty-year cooperation with FUIB bank. This is the team that knows how to hear and meets halfway.

  7. What products and services of the bank help you in your professional activity?

Now the products and services in all banks, in my opinion, are practically similar. And the prices are plus-minus the same. But that is why we chose FUIB and what we value most in these relations is the bank's professional team. It is important for us to have quick feedback, timely answers to our questions.

  8. How do you usually plan your family budget?

All money is usually in business. Therefore, when we plan expenses, we look at the opportunities that we have at one time or another. We try to plan trips and vacations in advance, although the shaky situation in the world associated with covid makes its own adjustments to this point of budget planning.

  9. We know that Orest Sheremet has a daughter and a son, Vladimir Giba has two sons, you have two sons and a daughter. Share your parenting experience: what financial skills do you think you need to develop in them?

I use the golden rule, which my parents taught me, and I passed on to my children. It sounds like this: "Learn to make money yourself." But how much time and effort you need to apply to this, it is better to show by own example. Modern children are more knowledgeable about finances than we are in their years. Therefore, it is pleasant when the knowledge and experience of your child, received not from you, will be useful to you. (Smiles.) 

  10. How do you pay when traveling abroad?

With a payment card, it's more convenient and safer than cash. The whole world, especially over the last two years of the pandemic, has already become digital.

  11. What security rules do you follow when using banking services, how do you prevent fraud?

I do not leave any passwords in the memory of my gadgets – I keep them in mind. I go around questionable Internet resources, and I do not use them. Today there are many ways to distinguish them from the real ones. Finally, I avoid unsecured Wi-Fi networks whenever possible.

  12. Continue the opinion: "To save up for your own business or dream, you need..."

Yes, it's very hard without the first million. (Smiles.)  And I continue the thought: "Besides money, you need friends!!! And also is to work hard."


Blitz (отдельный блок)

  1. What advice can you give to those who are just choosing a financial institution? What criteria should you pay attention?

Choose a bank thoughtfully, ask for information about it. Consider its stability in the market, loyalty to customers, and efficiency in decision-making.

  2. Do you prefer cash or credit card? Why?

I prefer cards, but paper money is still needed in our everyday life, at least in a small amount. Therefore, it is more comfortable to use the card. Having money on the card, it is very convenient to carry out calculations – many additional difficulties immediately disappear. Agree, being able to make prompt non-cash payments for services or goods anywhere and at any time is about saving time and energy. The ability to control your funds down to a penny is also a great advantage of the card over cash.

  3. What service is most convenient for you – in a branch or in remote channels (mobile, web-banking) and why?

The choice is obvious – remote service is more convenient. The result is the same, and the time savings are incredible. Cooperation with the bank online helps speed up many work processes and free up time for leisure.

  4. Do the privileges, bonuses, cash backs offered by the financial institution affect your loyalty to the banks?

Indisputably. These are excellent business moves on the part of banks because any loyalty programs have a positive impact on the attitude of existing customers and at the same time attract new ones. 

  5. Do you use a credit card? What additional opportunities do they provide for you?

Yes. The possibilities increase with a credit card because sometimes you need a particular resource – it is convenient to have one in reserve. But one should not relax. It is better to use such an amount of funds that you can easily repay.

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