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Non-pattern deposit: How to work mindfully with deposits through meditation
10 January 2022
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Some, seeing the words “deposit” and “meditation” next to each other in one sentence, will be surprised, they say, what connection can there be between such different concepts: finance and spiritual practices. Again, however, don’t jump to conclusions.

A famous saying says, "When there is a silence within you, your body, mind, and energies will be very intense." However, silence alone will not be enough for the money to start working for you. Agree that money reserves, lying at home, somewhere in the depths of hiding places, not only will not grow but in general – in the context of inflation – may decrease. So for the preservation and accumulation of funds, it is better to invest them profitably. The best solution may be a hryvnia deposit because it has a significantly higher yield than similar deposits in foreign currencies. And it is convenient to manage a deposit and even open it in a mobile application – in a few clicks. Saving and accumulating funds is affordable and accessible today.

Magazine "People's Banker" №18/2021

However, in order to figure out which of the deposit programs, for example, in FUIB bank, is suitable for you, you should decide on the goal and make a balanced and conscious decision. And this can be achieved through meditation. It helps you achieve greater peace, concentration, and awareness. And also fight negative emotions and anxiety. Our test will help you understand which type of meditation is closer to you, given your nature and pace of life. And this, in turn, will allow you to decide on a deposit that meets your requirements. Just choose your option.

What do you think meditation is for?

A  To develop concentration and be able to increase the activity of life

B  To relax the mind and get rid of anxiety for a long time

C  Slow down, then speed up

Is your life relatively calm or stressful?

A  Rather intense, but I like this rhythm

B  Measured and mostly calm

C  Intense and sometimes insane!

Do you think you can sit in complete silence for more than 10 minutes?

A  In relative silence: have birds or the sound of the sea in the background

B  Easy, no problem

C  No, I like it when something is playing around, someone is talking or singing next to me

Which of these activities do you think is the closest to meditation?

A  Sit in lotus position and chant mantras

B  Routine observation of nature

C  Time spent with loved ones or doing what you love

What about your perseverance?

A  Sitting is ok, but I can't sit back

B  Overall, no problem

C  Oh no, I can't sit. I have to run somewhere all the time

What is the main thing in meditation?

A  Mindfulness

B  Peace and gratitude for everything that already is

C  Lack of estimation that some thoughts are better than others

Choose a hobby that suits you best

A  Creativity (drawing, music, etc.)

B  Collecting or keeping a diary

C  Sports

Now count which letter you have the most answers with.

Test results

When the vast majority of answers match the letter:


Your character. You are probably a dynamic and creative person who strives for awareness in actions and loves to have your own assets work to their fullest.

Meditation tips. Given the rather intense rhythm of life, mantra meditation is most likely suitable for you, which usually uses repetitive sounds to calm your thoughts. It can be a word, phrase, or sound. It doesn't matter if you chant the mantra loudly or softly. After repeating it, even for 10 minutes, you will be more attentive and relaxed.

Deposit tips*. Considering that you want to increase your own savings consciously and are not particularly interested in their early withdrawal, "Accumulative" deposit from FUIB bank is suitable for you. In addition to the high-interest rate from 7% to 8.5% per annum in hryvnia (depending on the period of placement of funds and compliance with the conditions of the FUIB loyalty program), you can also replenish this deposit whenever you want without any restrictions on the amount. This will increase your savings, including by monthly capitalization (adding to the deposit amount) of the interest accrued by the bank. Usually, a deal is concluded for a period of 3 months to six months, but if you wish, it can be extended automatically.

The minimum deposit amount is 5,000 UAH.


Your character. There is no doubt that you are a balanced person, have patience, and have a philosophical attitude towards the passage of time. Your gratitude to the world and people does not require instant feedback.

Meditation tips. If one of the goals of your measured life is enlightenment, Vipasana will be a real discovery for you. In essence, this is mind training, work through self-observation. The classical tradition first teaches you to focus on your breath, calm your mind, and dive deeper into your own sensations.

Deposit tips*. Thanks to the ability to wait, you always get more than others. So you may like "Profitable" deposit from FUIB bank, which is drawn up for up to 18 months. Thanks to him, you will receive monthly from 6.5 to 10% per annum in hryvnia, depending on the term of the placement of funds.

The minimum deposit amount is 500 UAH.


Your character. You are probably a very expressive person with out-of-the-box thinking, capable of desperate actions. At the same time, you love family, holidays, and crowded companies.

Meditation tips. Given the temperament of your character, you will enjoy moving meditation. It can be practiced while gardening, walking in the forest or park, doing qigong gymnastics, or other flowing movements. The main thing is to focus on your actions and let your mind wander or rest.

Deposit tips*. "Free" deposit from FUIB bank will be a good solution for active people who cannot tolerate any restrictions. It will allow you to manage your savings freely. Having drawn up a deposit for six months, you can add or withdraw a certain amount at any time. So money is always available and still works for you. Every month, the balance on the deposit accumulates up to 6% per annum in hryvnia.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 UAH.

*The information is current as of November 24, 2021. All interest rates are quoted before tax as required by applicable law.

You can easily familiarize yourself with the conditions for deposits, as well as calculate your income on a particular deposit, thanks to the online calculator on the bank's website: 

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