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FUIB is one of the winners of the HR-Brand 2020 Award for employers
06 November 2020
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The award ceremony of the HR-Brand Ukraine 2020 Award took place in the format of an online conference on November 5, 2020. The awards were given to companies that implemented the best personnel programs in 2019-2020. This year, 40 projects from 33 Ukrainian and international companies were considered.

ENPS: Improve the Experience of Employees Together project was developed on the initiative of the team of the FUIB Personnel Department. ENPS (short for Employee Net Promoter Score) is a methodology that studies the level of employee loyalty. As a result of the project implementation, the eNPS indicator in FUIB increased by 12% (28-40); the index of employee satisfaction with the employer increased by 0.6 points (0.91-0.97); indicators of involvement, satisfaction and loyalty increased by 5% each; staff turnover decreased by 5%.

Since 2019, the Bank has introduced an Employee Experience Management System. Last year, 5 all-bank focuses were identified, in which more than 600 team initiatives were implemented – from improving workplace conveniences to motivation systems, from team building activities to career transfers within the bank and improving communication with employees.

There is a correlation between eNPS indicators and business results. In particular, according to the results of 2019, the profit per 1 employee increased by 5%, the annual profit was topped by 21%. FUIB received a record profit in the history of the bank – UAH 2.6 billion.

 "Why did we succeed? Firstly, our bank has a great CEO who inspired us and took an active part in the project. Secondly, we used a systematic approach to everything we did. And thirdly, our employees were really involved in all initiatives,” said Tetiana Kostyuchenko, FUIB's Deputy Chairman of the Board for Human Resources.

The Bank not only provides all social guarantees stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine, but also conducts training, provides health insurance, financially supports employees in case of inpatient treatment of COVID-19, implements initiatives to improve the corporate climate and interaction.

89% of employees took part in the annual survey in 2019, which also included eNPS questions. In addition, in 16 quantitative surveys, colleagues sent 12,000 questionnaires and 8,800 open comments.

The main component of the success of this project is the active position of the employees themselves. We see corporate culture changing. Yesterday's detractors have become today's drivers of change in FUIB," commented Svitlana Tykhonenko, Head of the Employer's Brand Development Department, eNPS Project Manager.

The eNPS project has been implemented in the bank since 2017 and aims to improve working conditions and atmosphere for more than 8,000 FUIB employees.

The independent annual HR-Brand Award celebrates the brightest and most effective practices in working with staff for the eleventh year in a row. This is the only project in Ukraine that allows any employer to tell about the most successful examples of caring for their employees and about innovative ways to create the most favorable and comfortable working conditions. The organizer of the project is the personnel portal.

ENPS (short for Employee Net Promoter Score) is an evaluation method that allows organizations to measure employee loyalty. Employees are asked one question: whether they are willing to recommend their employer to other people in the market. The percentage of employees who give the most positive answers (promoters), as well as those who give negative answers (detractors) is measured. The eNPS is the difference between the percentage of promoters and detractors. The higher this figure, the better is the situation with staff within the organization. Open answers to the question "why?" indicate what exactly the employees in the company like and do not like and allow to understand the reasons for the answers.



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