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Tenth-graders from Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava and Luhansk regions talked with successful Ukrainians at the regional conference “My Career in Ukraine”
03 April 2019
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On March 29, the Center for CSR Development, Career Hub and FUIB, held the second meeting with 50 finalists of the essay competition for tenth-graders  –“My future profession: planning and development”.

The competition was held within the framework of the project “My Career in Ukraine”, the goal of which is to show the young generation a possible career development path and to inspire adolescents to consciously choose their future profession. Odnoklasnyk magazine and portal ZNOUA are information partners.

The second of the five regional meetings was held in the premises of the Kharkiv educational space “Karazin Student Hall”. Tenth-graders from Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava and Luhansk regions participated in it. In their essays, the finalists of this region most often mentioned such professions as: journalist, doctor, psychologist, lawyer, architect, scientist and economist. However, in the girls' essays included such professions as future football coach, police officer, animated cartoon artist, design engineer, and physicist. Among the guys were future priest, a builder of energy-efficient homes, a rehabilitation specialist, a composer, an agrarian, and a veterinarian who wants to protect homeless animals.

During the discussion “Life-hacks from the tops: how to build a successful career”, the participants of the regional meeting received advice from the following guests: Vadym Khachatryan, manager of Aidan IT-company and Synergy science park, Tetiana Poltavska, manager of FUIB's Northeastern regional center, Konstantyn Dorofeyev, director and founder of “Transport Company Region” and “BTK Region”, Oleh Khardin, founder of PREMIER SOCKS hosiery company. Company executives recommended that young people form a broad outlook, stay flexible and constantly learn to be in demand in the labor market, set clear goals and work hard to achieve them. 

Tetiana Poltavska, manager of FUIB's Northeastern RC, addressed the teenagers as follows: “To become successful in Ukraine, you must have a great desire to work and learn. It is important to be true experts in your field. Professionals are valued in our country and we lack them today. No need to be the best in everything. Choose the direction in which you want to develop, and focus on it. Do not limit yourself to the training program, look for additional information. It is important in anything you do to learn how to finish what has been started and not to be afraid of difficulties. If you fall, get up and move on. Never give up!”

After the event, the teenagers visited the Kharkiv branch of FUIB, where they learned why banks are needed, what products and services they provide, how to manage finances, and, of course, how a yesterday's student can become to a branch manager.



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