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Narodniy Bankir

Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

Lilia Rebrik
13 September 2019
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Lilia Rebrik

“Money is energy. It must bring you joy! ”

The well-known actress and presenter of the "Ukraine" TV channel Lilia Rebrik manages to lead an active professional life and pay enough attention, time and warmth to her family. And this is possible, in particular, due to the possibilities of high-quality modern banking. Payment of bills, online purchases, card payments is easy and fast, and the time saved is freed up for the main thing – loved ones.

Raising two smart daughters with her husband, Lilia from childhood accustoms them to the habits of counting and spending money consciously, assessing their capabilities in relation to desired purchases. After all, having moved to Kyiv from Chernivtsi, Lilia knows from her own experience how a mortgage can discipline you. She shared her personal and family financial rules with "Narodniy Bankir".

Журнал «Народний банкір» №11/2019

Family and financial affairs

–Lilia, what is happiness for you? How and how much do you invest in it?

First of all, this is my family! I want everyone to be close, alive and well. And happiness in everyday life is in little things, in thoughts, in dreams. Dreams must be realized, you shouldn't save on them. We live once and it is worth doing everything in your power so that life passes brightly and joyfully.

I am sure that we need to collect and save money for our dreams, for the realization of our desires. And the reward for your efforts will be a pleasure, enjoyment from the fact that dreams come true!

– You have a big friendly family. How do you plan your family budget with your husband?

We have a common budget, but we do not set strict laws or rules. If someone from the family needs something (including children), there is no question of artificially limiting spending. Of course, we are accumulating certain savings, but I really do not like the phrase “for a rainy day”. If we save money, then for a certain purpose. I am sure that a person will never earn more than he needs. So, there should always be a goal for which you earn.

As for everyday expenses, I am the most thrifty in our family. But at the same time, I share the opinion of my husband that money should be treated lightly and making them with joy. Money is energy, and it should bring you joy! If you can easily part with them, they come to you much easier.

- What do you think, when you need to start learning the basics of financial literacy with your child? What is important to pay attention to?

The most important thing is to be financially literate yourself. Children primarily take an example from their parents. They see how you feel about money, how much you spend.

The child must understand that it is impossible to buy everything and money can not be spent thoughtlessly. But this does not mean that we must abandon the necessary things. The main thing is to think, weigh and consciously choose what meets our needs.

– What questions do you raise when talking about money with your eldest daughter, Diana? What financial skills do you develop?

We teach how to count money and treat them with respect. After all, these are not sweets that can easily be shared with friends. Of course, we give her pocket money, and we are already sure that she can manage them wisely. To calculate how much change she has been given, to assess whether this or that thing is too expensive.

Diana likes to go to the store on her own, we give her such an opportunity. In addition, she already earns herself, acts in films. She knows how much one shift costs. When, for example, a daughter wanted to buy herself wireless headphones, she had the opportunity to estimate how many days she needed to film to collect this amount. Now she is collecting herself on a brand new mobile phone, realizing that she needs to work more than one day.

Out of the little things, an attitude towards big expenses is formed. Diana is already thinking about how much an apartment, car costs, estimates current expenses for food, clothes. It can adequately assess how much can be spent, for example, for a gift to friends on their birthday. I love the way she treats money!

Modern banking as a life assistant

– What financial products help you in real life?

To date – only a card. As they say, the money should be in order – on the card they are in order!

Twice in my life, I used a loan. Having moved from Chernivtsi, I tried to get on my feet and have my own housing in Kyiv, my cozy family corner. And there was no desire to pay the extra money to an outsider, renting an apartment. I believe that a loan organizes and forms the skills of a clear family budget planning. You know that in any situation you have to pay a certain amount on time. And you will definitely earn it because there are a reasonable need and reasonable sense in this. Given my personal experience, I believe that it is important to approach a loan consciously, and use it only if it is really necessary.

– What options of online banking and financial management through the Internet allow you to organize your work, family leisure?

Firstly, online payment for utilities. A modern person is actively working, does not have the opportunity to queue. Secondly, it is very convenient to transfer money from card to card and make purchases online. These features can significantly reduce the time and resources that were previously spent on these things. It is better to devote them directly to children, the family.

– You are often abroad. Which countries are most comfortable for you in terms of ease payment for purchases and cash transactions?

Fortunately, wherever we are, there have never been problems with card payments. Just before the trip, we call the bank and ask to open the possibility of payment abroad for a certain period. This is very convenient since you do not need to think about where to change the currency urgently.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №11/2019

– What are the criteria for choosing a bank?

Using banking products should make life easier for a person, therefore, we need a reliable bank that works without fail. The long and successful history of stable development in the market, the absence of problems in the bank’s work, the developed ATM network, and high-quality multifunctional online banking are important.

– How do you think, what the customer should pay attention to check the stability of the bank?

The Bank must be a partner of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals in order to return the money to you in any situation. It is important to check whether the bank makes a profit and what place it occupies in the ranking of reliable banks. It is also important that the information on the website about products, services, bank news is clear and accessible.

– Tell the story of your relationship with PUMB.

I am quite pleased with the usage of a bank card. I especially want to emphasize the convenience of the functioning of several cards in one account. The second card issued in their name can be used by family members if the need arises! I also appreciate the quality of the online service. Whenever there is a need to quickly receive consultations by phone, it is easy to get through, and the staff will easily explain the information on issues that arise. Ask again if you don’t understand the first time. A big advantage is that you can withdraw cash from ATMs of any other banks in Ukraine without extra fees.

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