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Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

How the bank helps small businesses
08 April 2019
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How the bank helps small businesses

Looking for work elsewhere, by advertisements, on websites or through acquaintances, is not the only way for employment and worthy earnings. Take a closer look at yourself! You probably have the ability to do something, or even a real talent, you have a passion or hobby. So why don’t you try to convert your abilities and preferences into your own business? Just a little determination, perseverance and patience – and you are the owner of your business! A financial support can be provided by a reliable bank.

Small business in Europe ...

According to Eurostat, the leader of small and medium-sized businesses in terms of key indicators (number of employed, total turnover, etc.) is Germany. True, according to the total number of SMB companies, Italy is more than 1.5 times ahead (3,700,000 versus 2,400,000). The total share of value added, which creates small and medium-sized businesses in the EU, for several years is 57%. This demonstrates the high efficiency of such a business and its real impact on the economies of these countries.

Banks are willing to advise and lend to small businesses now, moreover, they constantly simplify lending conditions.

… and in Ukraine

Do not be surprised: we have most of the companies also belong to small and medium businesses. According to the latest data from the State Statistics Service, in terms of the volume of goods/services produced, trade takes the first place: 50.8% of medium-sized and 18.8% of small enterprises (about 70% in general!). In the main sectors, the share of small businesses is quite high: in industry – 7.3%, in agriculture – 38.3%, in the field of transport –14.6%.

The figures show: to open one's own business, albeit a small one, and make it successful – in our country it’s quite feasibly and real!

​Moreover, financial institutions are well aware of the advantages of such cooperation: now banks (75% of the total) are increasingly lending precisely to small businesses – this is beneficial to both banks and small companies.

Narodniy Bankir

Today, technologies have reached such a level that you are able to order opening a bank account online in just a few minutes. Also, reliable banks usually offer the service of a personal adviser for an entrepreneur. Your personal manager will provide a competent comment or advice on financial matters at any time, even at night.

Opening a business? Easy!

In recent years, the time required for making a decision on granting a loan has been halved or even tripled. Today, this period reaches 7 days, and only a minimum set of documents is required. It is not surprising that the share of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine increases markedly. Financiers have high hopes for this area. More and more entrepreneurs believe in themselves.

How can you spread the information about your business?

​​You began to produce a product or provide a service; you have personnel and premises. What should you do to make Ukrainians know about you? There are many ways to do this, the easiest of which is to help an ordinary person to find you online very quickly, on a Google map. All you need to do – register on “Google My Business” and create your company profile.

It’s easy to announce your services and location on Google My Business!

Narodniy Bankir

How does it work? Suppose you have opened a cafe or mini-bakery in your area. Now, after your registration, every resident of the district, having entered in the search window keywords, for example, “coffee nearby” or “fresh pastry nearby,” will surely know about you. And it will help you to grow your business faster, find more new customers!

And on your page in “Google My Business” service you are able to  distribute the information, publish news, add photos and even communicate with the customers!

As a matter of fact, you will wait for a letter with a verification code for your profile, probably several weeks. However, even this can be avoided ... For example, now, thanks to the cooperation of PUMB and Google, the owner of a small business is a bank customer, has the opportunity to receive a code, confirmation and register his location on the map within 7 minutes. The received code must be entered in the Personal account in the Internet -banking – and that's it!

Digital PUMB virtual service – instead of branches

Small business owners are usually enterprising and make decisions quickly. The bank is obliged to provide such customers with prompt and at the same time comprehensive answers. And its products should save time and allow you to earn quickly. Digital PUMB virtual bank was created with the thought of a modern entrepreneur, and its new “PUMB Online For Entrepreneurs” Internet-banking, is a real remote business assistant. Now, to solve any financial issue, a business problem at your service – round-the-clock full-fledged banking just on a smartphone or other device. Together with the basic functionality that includes access to the balance of your accounts, information about exchange rates, creating and signing payments, creating account statements, in the new Internet-banking, entrepreneurs are able to receive online advice on accounting, currency and legal issues, add your own business on Google Maps in couple of minutes, and even generate and send reports to the tax service online together with the Liga: REPORT service integrated into your personal account.

Choose one of three business subscriptions for services – basic, national or international, including payments in hryvnia without fee, interest on the balance of accounts, online consultations or personal meetings with the bank manager where you are comfortable and when you need and many more useful services. The service is constantly expanding functionality.

Save your time – on you are able to learn more about the services, register, become a Digital PUMB user in a few minutes and receive support from a personal manager 24/7.

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