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You have to work quickly and competently with troubled borrowers
25 May 2015
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Unreliable borrowers - this problem is more relevant than ever for the banking sector today. Scandalous corporate conflicts get from economic disputes into the sphere of the Criminal Code. The attempt of the bank FUIB to protect collateral from agricultural holding TAKO ended with the murder of a bank guard. Konstantin Shkolyarenko, the FUIB's Deputy Chairman of the Board, told about the methods of work with unreliable borrowers in the conditions of political instability.

The country has been living in a very difficult situation over the last year. Have the cases when unreliable borrowers use the situation and do not pay for their obligations become more frequent?

Such cases are now really common, common as never before. I will dare and say that today unreliable borrowers is a headache of the whole banking sector. But when we talk about such borrowers, one need to understand that there are clients who really have a difficult situation, and there are simply charlatans that do not disdain to take advantage of the unstable situation in the country. For example, we have a client in Makiyevka, a plant which was captured by the battalion "Vostok". Now the plant is standing idle. The client is completely adequate and does not pay not because they do not want to, but because they cannot. Of course, we showed our understanding and signed a prolongation for a year at 0%. We hope that next year something will change. But recently, banks increasingly have to deal with customers who are trying to evade the fulfillment of their obligations.

Can you name the industries with the greatest number of such "deviationists"?

Unfortunately, there are many among agricultural companies. I can name three of the most striking examples of our practice. Perhaps the most spectacular case is the company "Mriya", which has "flashed" in August last year. The total amount of the company's debt is enormous, it is $1.3 billion. Almost the entire banking system of Ukraine, plus a lot of foreign banks have participated in lending to "Mriya" . The use of these funds was absolutely improper. And the last tranches, which came from international lenders, were immediately transferred by the company "Mriya" into the offshore, and then it adopted a very aggressive position against the creditors. The second company of that kind is "Amaranth" (Poltava region). Also the company TAKO was among the dodgers. Moreover, the latter deliberately tried to "stiff" everyone. Although TAKO in their sophistication overcame "Mriya." Even in a nightmare we could not have assumed that the management of TAKO in their quest not to return the debts will come to such outright criminality and murder.

Please read full text of the interview at Ukrainian News


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