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Number of Ukrainians Who Use Internet Banking Grew by 46%
04 December 2012
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The Head of the Card and Transactional Business Development Department Valeriy Patsuy tells Maanimo.com of the situation in the Internet banking market:

— Valeriy, how has the attitude of Ukrainians to the remote banking changed over the current year?

— The number of users of PUMB Online service grows dynamically. Only over the last 12 months their number increased by 46%, and on 1 October 2012 exceeded 220 ths. people.

— What was the growth in the transactions number?

— They doubled over the year. We do not analyse the statistics on the transactions volume, as it is incorrect to compare the volume of deposit management transactions in all currencies with the payment for services in hryvnias.

— What changes did the geographical structure of the Internet banking use undergo?

— The leaders in new users are, as before, the cities with population exceeding one million, where the broadband Internet access is more developed and where there are more users of mobile 3G Internet.

— What new services did the banks introduce into the remote banking systems?

— Throughout the current year we put much effort in extension of the range of the services, which can be paid for through PUMB Online, in order to enhance the user friendliness of the service.

Also, the bank consistently invests in development of the mobile banking – iPUMB mobile applications, as 25% of the users of PUMB Online use it fr om phones or tablet PCs, and on non-business days the number of such users goes up to 40%. This year we have enhanced iPumb application for users of smartphones operating on the basis of iOS and developed the application for owners of smartphones operating on the basis of Windows Phone 7. Moreover, we updated the mobile version of PUMB Online that can be used from a mobile phone of any type.

— What novelties does the bank plan to introduce in the short run?

— Later this year we are to present the special application for users of iPad tablet PCs, which aim is to enhance the user friendliness of the service for such customers. As planned, in 2013 we are to strengthen further the functionality of PUMB Online service and to extend the range of the services which can be paid for in order to build up the share of active users of this service.

— What services are currently popular among Internet banking users?

— The most popular transactions in PUMB Online are the account balance check, mobile phone top up and payment for services: utility, television, Internet, balance recharge in social networks and online games. Also, our customers actively make transactions on arrangement and increase of deposits, payments and transfers.

— How has the bank changed its fees for Internet banking services over the current year?

— The fees for some services were increased, but the use of these service within the scope of card packages is far more cheaper or even fee-free for the customers. Early in the year FUIB launched a number of card packages. Within the package the customer receives more services for a lower fee: 24/7 access to money all over the world, the customer can manage his account and card through Internet banking and SMS banking. Also, it is possible to withdraw cash for free at 4000 ATMs throughout Ukraine. For customers who actively pay by cards for goods and services the packages can be fee-free. For instance, within “Basic” package the customer is paid back the monthly package fee of UAH 4.99 if the amount of his card transactions exceeds UAH 750 over the month. It is to the benefit of the bank to have customers who use actively their payment cards to pay for goods and services. Card payments are fee-free for customers, as the transactions fee is charged from the retail outlet the transaction is made at.

— What trends dominated in Internet banking market in 2012?

— In Ukraine the number of users of Internet banking grows year by year, this is why in the years to come this service will become a “must have” for each bank operating in the retail segment. Each year more and more banks will approach their customers with full-functional, not lim ited to some operations, Internet banking services and the volume of transactions made though Internet banking will be growing.

Source: Maanimo.com


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