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FUIB customers can purchase exclusive coronavirus insurance to cover treatment at home and telemedicine services
03 November 2020
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On November 3, 2020, First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) initiated the sale of coronavirus insurance policies, which provide payments for each day of treatment at home. The insurance also covers telemedicine consultations. Insurance, which includes telemedicine services, can be purchased only at the FUIB branch or on the bank's website. Currently, this is one of the first insurances that is fully adapted to the realities of coronavirus treatment in Ukraine: it provides insurance payments for both inpatient treatment and treatment at home treatment, as well as covers remote consultations.

The maximum amount of coverage under the insurance is 10,000 UAH. The insurance covers the first COVID-19 disease that led to inpatient or outpatient treatment or treatment under supervision of a family physician. The amount of the insurance payment is 3% from the insurance coverage for each day of treatment. In the case of a fatal outcome, the insurance company pays an additional payment of 10,000 UAH.

"We understand that with overcrowded hospitals, many Ukrainians are forced to be treated for COVID-19  coronavirus infection at home under the supervision of a family doctor. However, treatment at home brings the same expenses as inpatient treatment. That is why FUIB, together with its partners - ASKA-LIFE Insurance Company and ARX - has revised the terms of insurance policies so that policyholders can receive a monetary compensation regardless of where they receive treatment - at home or in a hospital.  FUIB also provides exclusive conditions - insurance, which includes coverage of telemedicine services, is available only with us. The policy can be purchased both for yourself and for relatives. All you have to do is go to the bank's website and fill out a short form", commented Dmytro Dudnyk, director of FUIB department of retail business products.

The insurance package also covers telemedicine services from Likar Online. Under the terms of the insurance policy, the number of online visits to the doctor is unlimited. The insured will be able to receive a full-fledged consultation online (if it does not require a personal examination), transcript of tests, including transcript of CT of the lungs.

Insurance program "StopCoronavirus" from ASKA-Life is available for 3 and 6 months. The cost of insurance is 450 and 900 UAH, respectively.

Insurance can be purchased by anyone who at the time of insurance does not have a confirmed coronavirus disease, as well as is not older than 69 years. 

Insurance is not provided if the insurer is already under the supervision of a doctor or in the treatment of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection at the time of the insuring; was diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack, acute kidney failure and COVID-19 at the time of his insuring.

You can buy insurance at FUIB branches or remotely by filling in the form on the bank's website





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