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Clarification on the repayment of consumer loans of individuals for the period till July 31, 2020
01 July 2020
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Dear Clients,

According to the Law No. 3297 "On Amendments to the Commercial Code of Ukraine (to prevent the imposition of penalties on loans during the quarantine period established to prevent the spread of  COVID-19 coronavirus disease in Ukraine)" First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) will not accrue penalties, and will not apply increased interest rates on loans to individuals for the period of quarantine and for a 30-day period from the date of official completion of quarantine

Currently, the date the quarantine ends is July 31, 2020. This means that FUIB will not charge penalties for late or incomplete payment of loan payments until July 31, 2020, and will not apply increased interest rates for those customers who could not repay loans on time and in full before August 30, 2020. If the quarantine period is extended, the bank will additionally notify on the extension of the grace period.

  • We remind you that the extension of the grace period does not release the client from the obligation to pay loan payments for March-August 2020 (the period during which the bank did not charge penalties from individual clients for late or incomplete repayment of the minimum loan amount).
  • The total of obligations stipulated in the contract (credit body and interest) is not reduced - the client has to pay them in full. If the client has formalized loan repayment holidays, payments on the body of the loan, which are temporarily not accrued, will be spread over the number of payments remaining until the loan is fully repaid.   
  • In case, obligatory payments are not made or partial payments are made between March 1 and August 30, the amount due will be included as late payment.

If the client has the opportunity to pay monthly loan payments in full and on time, it will help to avoid  late payment and maintain a positive credit history. For those clients who have difficulty servicing the loan, from April 1, FUIB automatically introduced loan repayment holidays for all credit cards. Loan repayment holidays for cash loans and commodity loans are issued at the request of the client. To obtain them, it is needed to fill out the form on the website



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