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Unique booklet about professions and career in the banking sector will be distributed in general secondary education institutions in Ukraine
05 March 2019
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Unique booklet about professions and career in the banking sector will be distributed in general secondary education institutions in Ukraine

CSR Development Center, together with the banks FUIB and UKSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, have developed a unique booklet Your Future in the Banking Sector. The publication was created within the Career Map educational project to help schoolchildren and students to navigate in choosing a future profession, to understand the peculiarities of the banking sector and to see the prospects of career development in this field. The booklet is based on practical advice and materials from leading Ukrainian companies, and what is more interesting, the real stories of professionals who have built a career in the banking sector.

The booklets will be distributed among the general secondary education institutions which are members of the Dream Career community, for use in grades 5-10 in Career Conversations courses, which were developed by the CSR Development Center and were recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science. The expansion of the Career Map educational project on all general secondary education institutions in Ukraine is scheduled for September 2019.

The booklet publicly available on the portal in the section "Career Choice" ( It can already be used by parents and children today.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the number of banks in the Ukrainian market has decreased by more than 50% over the past five years: from 180 banks in 2014 to 77 banks in 2019. In particular, out of 77 banks operating in Ukraine as of January 1, 2019, 37 banks are banks with foreign capital, including 23 banks with 100% foreign capital. After the purification of the banking system, the banks finally returned to profit after the six-year break. Thus, in 2018, solvent banks received 21.7 billion UAH of net profit. The last time the banking system was profitable in 2013, when its profit amounted to 1.4 billion UAH. This indicates that the banking system in Ukraine is improving, and the level of public confidence in the banking sector is increasing gradually.

The banking sector of Ukraine needs qualified specialists for its further development. However, not everyone who wants to work in the banking sector fully understands all the nuances of work in banks. "The banking sector has its own specifics, but children lack practice. Even most students majoring in finance do not understand what working in the bank means until they get employed, and there are a lot of surprises at this stage. Therefore, the preparation of this booklet within the framework of the Career Map educational project is an attempt to open the door for schoolchildren and even students to the banking world," explains Marina Saprykina, Chair of the CSR Development Center.

"The banking sector is promising for the young generation. It employs economists and financiers, analysts and developers, lawyers and marketing experts. Bank is a reliable workplace where talent and ambitions are encouraged. Here, it is possible for people with different abilities to realize their potential. Today, there is an urgent need for talented skilled people on the market; the people who want to constantly evolve and change with the bank. Those people will be happy at the bank who will be engaged in their favorite business activity and will find space for growth," comments Tetyana Kostyuchenko, Director of FUIB's HR Department.


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