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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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FUIB will help you pay 50% less for electricity
12 December 2018
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) will help you quickly switch to two-zone electricity metering and pay for electricity 2 times less.

FUIB was the first to give out loans for the purchase of power-efficient "Clever WATT" sets with a two-zone meter and a quick installation service. With such meters, you can take advantage of the preferential rate on electricity every day, from 23-00 to 07-00. The sets are available to residents of Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk region, and the controlled territories of the Donetsk region.

“16 thousand families are already spending less on electicity with "Clever WATT" sets. In addition to a two-zone counter, the set includes a “smart” socket with a timer, which allows you to automatically switch on/off electrical appliances at a specified time or via the Internet. LED lamps from the set provide better quality light and consume up to 9 times less electricity than ordinary incandescent bulbs. The cost of sets which include a meter starts from 2,399 UAH,” said Yevheniy Bushma, DTEK ESCO director.

“Some people delay making such a useful purchase, although they can be saving money right now. Our bank simplifies the path to energy efficiency by helping you purchase a set with a meter on credit,” said Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's Chairman of the Board.

You can repay a loan while you are already saving money on electricity.  The set will pay for itself in from six months to two years. You can calculate possible savings and approximate payback period for a set using an online calculator at

You may apply for a loan when ordering a "Clever WATT" set on the DTEK ESCO website. A loan agreement will be drawn up when receiving a set at a post office.


Lending terms:

- the maximum loan term is 24 months;

- a one-time fee for issuing a loan is 399 UAH

- there is a discount rate of 0.01% per annum for the use of the loan during up to 10 months;

- a monthly commission of 2.5% starting from the 11-th month;

- effective annual percentage rate is 40%;

- possibility to make an initial payment of up to 90% of the purchase price.

- insurance rate is 1%


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