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Holders of "Mandrivnyk" insurance from FUIB received more than 700 thousand UAH of compensations
24 May 2017
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Ukrainians who go abroad can get insurance programs "Mandrivnyk" from the insurance company "ASKA" issued in the branches of FUIB bank. This insurance offer is notable for the fact that in the last two years, "ASKA" insurance company did not refuse to pay out on insurance claim to any client with the insurance "Mandrivnyk", and more than 720 thousand UAH were paid out during 2015 and 2016.

The insurance offer "Mandrivnyk" was developed jointly by the bank FUIB and the IC "ASKA". In FUIB branches you can get the following insurance programs "Mandrivnyk" issued: "Tourism", "Tourism + Sport", "Tourism + Sport + Skiing". The cost is $ 10, $ 20 or $ 30, respectively, according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine as at the day of getting the insurance issued. Insurance protection "Mandryvnik" is valid for 30 calendar days of staying abroad – either during one trip, or during several different trips during the validity period of the agreement.

The insurance agreement for traveling abroad сan be a requirement to entry some countries, and is a medical protection during a stay abroad. If necessary, insurance ensures the obtainment of medical care on site, organization and payment for medical services.

The agreement may be concluded both by a resident and a non-resident of Ukraine in the age from 1 year (as at the date of concluding the insurance agreement) to 70 years (as at the end date of the insurance agreement) for a period of one year, during which it is possible  to travel abroad at any time. The insurance product can be purchased both for yourself personally and for the family, children, friends and acquaintances. The territory of insurance coverage under the agreement is the whole world, except for Ukraine, war zones and countries in respect of which the UN imposed sanctions. The franchise under this program is not envisaged.


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