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The guidebook "Ukraine for you" will help collect 16 thousand euros for Braille printer for the blind
16 May 2017
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Sales of the guidebook "Ukraine For You: the Best Routes According to Insiders" have started. All the money from sales will be used to buy a printer that prints books for blind people, as well as to print a run of "Harry Potter" book using Braille. "Ukraine For You" has been created by the bank FUIB and the periodical L’Officiel. On the Internet, the guidebook can only be purchased on

In order to buy a modern printer, you need to sell 2,500 books at a price of 250 UAH.

This book is pleasant to buy. In the guidebook "Ukraine For You", there are 170 tourist attractions, and there is no Lviv or Odessa among the routes. Instead, there is a White Lake with glycerin for staying young, mysterious swamps of Mizhrichynskyi Park and the best fishing in Mezynskyi Park. Dishes of the Drevlians in the Zhytomyr region. A donkey farm in the Vinnytsia region or a stable yard among the luxurious meadows on the banks of the river Snov.

Places which are difficult to find on the Internet. It is better to buy a book.

We can raise money for the printer together – buy "Ukraine For You: the Best Routes According to Insiders"!

Why do volunteers need a printer?

In Ukraine, about 80 thousand people have significant visual impairment. It is like the population of two cities the size of Boryspil.

They can read Braille. Over 25 years in Ukraine, only about 300 publications in Braille were printed for children and adults. The majority of them are educational literature and books for children.

The average circulation of each publication is 20-30 pieces. Books are passed from hand to hand. Sponsors can be found for the publication of individual books. In order to print more and to do this more diversely, volunteers need a modern professional printer – BrailleBox – the cost of which is about 16 thousand euros. 

The new printer will be used by Braille Studio, a social volunteer initiative which distributes 100% of the printed books to blind people throughout Ukraine free of charge.

How to support?

- Buy a guidebook – summer travel will become brighter. Take a look inside the book – there was no such publication before.

- You liked the book? Leave feedback on its page on Yakaboo.

- Please, tell your friends or on social networks about the guidebook #2,500guidebooks #UkraineForYou #forBraillePrinter

P.S. How did we come up with the idea?

The book has been created by the bank FUIB and the periodical L’Officiel. At first, it was a limited edition for a marketing project. But after a series of questions "And where can my acquaintances buy this book?" we came up with the idea to start a new print run and to support those who print books in Braille with the money raised from sales. And in order to make the book available all over Ukraine, online store took on the organization of sales.  Support the project too!



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