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FUIB cares about customer security
12 August 2013
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) consistently enhances its customer security protection measures. The complex approach to ensuring banking security of its customers enables FUIB to prevent efficiently the fraud.

One of the most widely spread fraud types is a payment card data reading (skimming) while the card is being used at an ATM. For this purpose fraudsters use special camouflaged counterfeit card readers (skimmers) retrofitting the ATM’s true card reader. The Security Service of FUIB jointly with the law enforcement bodies detect promptly the skimmers and the Bank issues new cards for the customers to have suffered from card fraud and reimburse them against the incurred losses.

To ensure customer security while using ATMs FUIB overlays the card reader slots with anti-skimming devices and consistently improves its ATMs’ video surveillance system. Moreover, at each ATM there is the message from the Bank displayed on the ATM’s screen drawing the attention of the customer, who is about to use the ATM, to what the ATM’s true card reader looks like. In case the card reader, which the customer sees, differs from the one displayed on the ATM’s screen, the Bank recommends not to use the ATM and immediately communicate this information to the Call Centre, which toll-free number is 0 800 500 490.

The FUIB’s special-purpose structural unit entrusted with cybercrime counteraction ensures the electronic payments security. The Security Service experts react in 24/7 mode to attempted fraudulent activities involving the use of remote banking service systems and prevent financial losses by customers. FUIB cooperates with the specialised cybercrime combating unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine as regards calling the lawbreakers to account. Where the attempted electronic fraud has been detected, the Bank blocks the customer accounts and returns the money stolen. Thus, throughout December 2012 – July 2013 over UAH 3 million were blocked and thereafter returned to the customer accounts; the attempted fraudulent activities on customer accounts to the total of nearly UAH 1.8 m were prevented.

FUIB recommends its customers to make Internet card transactions only on the web sites they trust and know well. For the purpose of your funds protection from cyber fraudsters the Bank’s experts advise to get issued a special-purpose card for Internet payments only and make sure its balance is enough only to make one transaction at a time, which amount the customer can remit using PUMB Online to the account linked to the card, purposed for Internet transactions only, immediately before the intended Internet transaction is to be made.

Also, FUIB highly recommends that its customers use the SMS banking service informing about transactions on the account. If the customer has received the message informing about the transaction, which the customer did not make, it is necessary to call the Bank at once to arrange the payment card blocking or to block the payment card yourself thorough the Internet or SMS banking service.

“Caring about customer funds safety, FUIB counteracts all signs of fraud. We consistently upgrade and improve our banking equipment and data protection systems, enhance qualification of our staff and customer awareness,” marks Leonid Skalozub, Deputy Chairman of the FUIB’s Management Board in charge of security issues.

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