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Alexander Morderer: "I give preference to cards – it's safer and more convenient"
04 February 2021
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“You can save money at the expense of unnecessary things, it is important to invest in your professional development,” – says one of the most successful and famous photographers of Ukraine, winner of many industry awards, Alexander Morderer. Founded by him in 2006, Mordererstudio is one of the largest photo production studios in our country today. Alexander and his team have hundreds of projects. Where does he usually get energy for work? What banking products does he prefer, what card capabilities does he want to get acquainted with within the near future? We asked Alexander about it.   

 – Please, tell us about your professional career. What did you dream about and what did you achieve?

I think I am very lucky. Already at the age of 14, I announced to my family that I would be a photographer and nothing else interests me. It all started with the Smena 8M camera, which my parents gave me for my twelfth birthday. Before that, I was engaged in dozens of various sections and sports sections. I gave up everything. But I didn’t give up photography.

The first years my hobby was sponsored by parents: a few more cameras, an enlarger, chemistry, camera roll. But my appetites were growing; I burned with more complex and more progressive equipment. I went to playgrounds, negotiated with mothers-grandmothers and took pictures of children playing there. In the evening I developed the photographic film and printed, and the next day I brought photos. I did not take prepayments, the agreement was as follows: if you like it, you buy it. They always bought. I remember that the first pictures cost 20 kopecks. Then word of mouth kicked in and there were more customers. I was educated at a technical school with a degree in photography, and then at a theater institute with a degree in film and television operator.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №15/2021

Subsequently, playgrounds, weddings, and private photo-shoots were changed to magazines and advertising projects. I have a wonderful team: art director, producer, assistants. Together we made hundreds of projects that I could not even dream of in my youth – then there was no photo business in the country at all.

–  What motivates you to move and change? Where do you find inspiration and strength?

In life, I am not a very energetic person. Sometimes I joke that I'm in “stand by” mode between projects. I am charged with work because energy generates energy. One of my favorite feelings is being slightly tired after a good shot.

Travels fill me with energy. Since my childhood I love tourism – since I was five I went with my parents on canoe trips. Thanks to my work, I also traveled a lot: Argentina, Brazil, the USA, South Africa, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, and almost all European countries. For the past 10 years, my favorite pastime has been traveling by camper (motorhome). I use it for both leisure and work. When shooting calendars for DTEK and SCM companies, they traveled around the country twice along the perimeter. Traveling by camper is a fantastic experience. You are at home: in a familiar interior with your favorite things, where everything is familiar, plus your favorite coffee cup in its place. But you wake up all the time with a new view from the window.

Traveling in Europe now, of course, is difficult. But it turned out that there are a considerable number of exiting places in Ukraine, which I have always passed by reserves, canyons, rapids, beaches. In December, I plan to drive a route through Transcarpathia with friends who have started organizing camper tours.

– What is the story of your relationship with PUMB bank?

In 2012, I thought about a deposit. I remember that at that time "Free" deposit approached me – favorable conditions for foreign currency deposits attracted me. The money worked, but it could be withdrawn at any time if necessary. A little later, in addition to my personal one, I opened an account of a business entity in the same bank.

– For many years you have been creating a New Year mood with the bank – a corporate calendar. This year it received the Grand Prix at the corporate media competition. What are the features of the project? How do you manage to create something new every year?

Журнал «Народний банкір» №15/2021

Yes, we have been shooting the calendar for PUMB for 7 years now – and we are glad of this opportunity. I am very impressed by the approach of the bank's marketing department to this project. Ideas have been discussed since spring. I am surprised and glad how the bank's products and services can be played up in completely different ways: in different styles, with new solutions. This is exactly what we love to do.

We shot the first calendar based on the development of the Tabasco advertising agency. The next four are based on the ideas of Tatiana Rubleva, art director of Mordererstudio. The last two are with the MullenLowe advertising agency.

– How hard is it to work with non-professional models – with bank employees?

The fact that bank employees are shot on the calendar is actually a huge plus. They are very responsible for the shooting process, give all the best. For all the years, no one has ever failed. They get used to roles that are new to themselves.

– What bank products help you in your business?

I use cards and PUMB Online Internet-banking. These are quick and easy calculations, instant transfers of funds, convenient by creating payment templates for services. Saves time and effort. I took out a small loan a few years ago to understand how it works and start a successful credit history.

– Do you think our country is comfortable in terms of the ease of conducting financial transactions?

According to my observations, banking systems in Ukraine are much more mobile than in many European countries. In our country, you can open a deposit online, solve almost any issue with the help of technical support remotely and pay for purchases by any card – both debit and credit. This is familiar to us, but a rarity in Western countries.

– You are the father of grown children. How did you talk to them about money as a child? What financial skills did you develop?

Yes, the children are already adults: a daughter is 24 years old, a son is 19. I can already see that they have an adequate attitude to finance. Since childhood, they had pocket money to understand what their own budget is.

There are phrases about financial behavior that I love, and I often repeated to my children: “You need to spend no less, but earn more”, “You take someone else's – you give yours”, “A rich person is the one who has money left after all necessary expenses, and a poor one – who lacks them.” And it doesn't matter what amounts and wealth we are talking about. It is useless for children to just tell how to behave; they need an example to follow, in particular, with regard to finances. Now I am learning more about new products in banking services from my daughter. In the near future, I plan to deal with cashback and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Окремий блок Quick survey About finance

– What do you think, what can you save on in life, and on what you can’t save under any circumstances?

I have never saved on my photographic equipment because the quality of my work depends on it – now I can even make a small museum J You can save on unnecessary things. You need to review your list of needs consciously from time to time.

– Do you prefer cash or plastic cards? Why?

Of course, I mostly use a card – it's safer, more convenient, and more practical.

– Do you use mobile banking? What attracts you to it?

I use it with pleasure. It is amazing how easy payments and transfers are made.

– What advice can you give to those who are just choosing a bank for cooperation?

In my opinion, you need to look at the reputation and stability of the bank for many years, and not chase after a little higher interest. And watch how good the bank's calendar is 

Журнал «Народний банкір» №15/2021

Photography is my life: most of my acquaintances, communication, travel, joy, and anxiety were associated with shooting..

Brief biographical note

Alexander Morderer is a well-known Ukrainian photographer, founder of Mordererstudio, a popular photo studio in Ukraine and beyond, winner of the “Photographer of the Year 2007” awards by "EGO" magazine and “Person of the Year 2008” in the nomination “Creator of Illusions” by DFoto magazine.

Bright photo projects: for DTEK, SCM, Kyivstar, PUMB, Bose, Mazda, Lexus, Olvis, Viva, Playboy, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Maxim magazines.

Hobbies: photography, travel

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