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Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

Loans to improve living standards
30 March 2020
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Demand for loans among Ukrainians is constantly growing. According to the NBU, the reduction in interest rates contributes most to this. Plus, wholesome competition between banks, which has already led to better conditions for borrowers. As well as the availability of services and a simple draw up. How do loans improve our lives?

MORTGAGE LOAN. The desire to have own housing, the strengthening of the national currency, high rates of housing construction... All this should bring mortgage loans to the first place, however, such loans still remain small compared to other types of loans.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №13/2020

What happens? Mortgages today remain very expensive, so Ukrainians are in no hurry to take out mortgage loans in large quantities. At the same time, property developers offer more acceptable conditions for installments, repayments of borrowed funds in equal parts over a certain period.

CAR LOAN. Car lovers have been much more fortunate. Both new cars and those that were in use are in great demand. Most popular loans for up to 5-7 years. The experts explain the attractiveness of car loans by affiliate programs. Thanks to them, you are able to buy a car on favorable terms, subject to a loan for a short term or with minimal interest rates.

How do auto importers and domestic manufacturers help to develop the car loan market? First of all, they offer customers various installment programs. Affiliate programs are at the peak of popularity now, all car dealers-leaders in sales have special loan products with the support of importers, banks and insurance companies.

CONSUMER LOANS. The favorites of the lending market last year were consumer loans – lending to the personal needs of Ukrainians. According to forecasts of the NBU, they will continue to lead in 2020.

Five of the most demanded consumer loans::

  • Payment of daily expenses: purchase of food, payment of utilities, purchase of medicines, goods for children.
  • Acquisition of household appliances or electronics.
  • Loans for the repair of apartments and summer cottages.
  • Loans for medical services: payment for treatment, expensive operations, and dental services.
  • Purchase of energy-saving materials, equipment and window replacement.

How to get a loan?

To get a loan, you need to contact the bank branch or its representative in the store. You should have a passport and TIN with you.

Mandatory loan conditions – a permanent job and a stable income for the last 6 months (sometimes 3 months) or receiving a pension. Good credit history and the presence of a bank card only increases the chances of a positive response to your request. Banks seek to deal with customers who already receive a salary/pension through them or keep a deposit. Convenient to both parties of the loan agreement. By the way, the decision to issue small loans is made by a special program based on an analysis of a number of factors, such as credit history, age, income, social status, etc.

Tips from the bank:

  • The monthly loan payment should not exceed 50% of your family’s income, then repayment of the debt will not be burdensome.
  • When drawing up a loan agreement, pay attention to loan conditions, debt repayment schedule, monthly payment.
  • When drawing up a loan agreement, pay attention to loan conditions, debt repayment schedule, monthly payment.
  • When drawing up a loan agreement, pay attention to loan conditions, debt repayment schedule, monthly payment.

Credit cards for daily needs

If you need funds in reserve, for unforeseen expenses or small purchases, and you do not want to contact the bank each time, pay attention to a credit card. Even 5 years ago, there was a distrust of this tool, since there were many pitfalls in the contracts, first of all, it concerned incomprehensibly prescribed conditions of use. Today, most banks explain their terms more transparently.

For example, "vseMOZHU" credit card from PUMB bank is a prize-winner of FinAwards 2019 and a leader of online orders. This "plastic" can be used in calculations around the world and on the Internet. It is advantageous that, during the grace period of up to 62 days, the use of funds spent on card purchases does not entail additional costs. If the customer repays the funds by the end of the grace period, he does not overpay at all. It is also convenient to withdraw funds without a commission from ATMs of any banks in any country in local currency. Opening and servicing a card is free of charge, without mandatory commissions and insurance.

Among the pleasant bonuses: card users can top up their mobile phone, pay utility bills and a number of other services using PUMB Online, the terms of the grace period will be applied to such payments.

This is convenient for unplanned purchases.

In addition, paying by "vseMOZHU" credit card, customers can use the “Splachui chastynamy” service and pay for the purchase in parts. The maximum period is up to 24 months, of which 3 months is a grace period. It is beneficial for buying household appliances and electronics.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №13/2020

For whom cash is better

Those who have the need to have cash, large amounts of money and for a long period – for vacation, repairs, education, purchase of equipment and goods, banks are willingly given such a loan. One has only to ensure that the conditions of the loan are transparent, understandable. For example, “vseYASNO” is a simple and convenient cash loan – FinAwards 2019 Winner. The loan limit – up to 300 000 UAH. It does not have hidden commissions or payments, insurance, one-time commission, extra documents. It is possible to pay off the loan ahead of schedule without a commission. You can draw up the loan in one hour.

By the way, paying monthly loan payments is very convenient now:

  • in a mobile application and Internet banking: repayment by a card of another bank without commission, the ability to create a template and control the loan;
  • in payment terminals: including partner PrivatBank and Ibox, without commission;
  • in payment terminals: including partner PrivatBank and Ibox, without commission;

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