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Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

Oleg Hardin: “Bank is a partner 24/7”
30 March 2020
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From a small resale of goods in his student years to the creation of a small business – own production and export of products to the countries of the European Union... The way that Oleg Hardin from Poltava went through, the founder of “Premier Socks”, a talented businessman, is really impressing. He owes the success of his company, in particular, to the financial partner – the bank, and believes that the main thing is that, in cooperation with the bank, entrepreneurs can solve their problems.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №13/2020

- Oleg, tell us how you became an entrepreneur.
I don’t even know how to start and what stage of my life is called the start of entrepreneurial activity. I remember that back in school, in the 7-8th grade, I organized a lottery; I agreed with the editorial board of the “Poltava Vestnik” newspaper, received newspapers for sale and gathered friends to sell everything. Already now I understand that the decisive moment for further steps was a telephone conversation with a stranger who invited me to the editorial office and did not refuse to cooperate. I don’t remember who it was, what his name was, but I remember that time with warmth and gratitude. Then there was admission to the university and a serious conversation with my father. It was probably the key moment. He took upon himself the payment for the first semester, and then... "son, you are already an adult and you must pay for your education by yourself". And there were also invaluable advices from my father, which I still convert into successfully implemented projects. By the way, I graduated from the 5th course in absentia, since I was working for "Soyuz-Viktan" company. I also gained interesting experience while working in senior sales positions at "Bridgetown Foods" company ("3 korochki") in Ukraine and then in Russia.

- What motivates you and inspires you to change?
It is difficult to explain in words and pull out your inner world onto a piece of paper.
I am an entrepreneur – this is my lifestyle. To live my own business, inspire, create, worthily accept the challenges of fate, whatever they may be, and stay the true leader of the team, that’s what makes you move forward. And also, the unceasing desire to be better tomorrow than today, successful, to test yourself, what your capabilities are and what you can.

- What bank products help in your business?
In the activities of the company, we use many banking products: factoring, lending, foreign exchange. Building a company, developing a business without loans is almost impossible. We mainly use them to purchase equipment and raw materials. In particular, thanks to cooperation with PUMB, we were able to increase production capacity by more than 3 times.

Nothing comes easy in my life. The Bank is a partner 24 hours a day, from a cup of coffee for which you can pay by a card, to a loan to update the equipment or real estate.

- What is the history of building your relationship with PUMB?
Since the beginning of our work, we have used the services of a local bank, but this is the same as driving Tavria. The time came when we strove for active development and we're looking for financial partners for this. For me it does not matter what the name of the bank is; the main thing is that in this cooperation we can solve the problems. We monitored, communicated with many financial institutions. I chose the best.

- What changes in the banking system of Ukraine are you waiting for?
I hope that the approach to collateral will change. Today, if you have “nothing”, then banks will give you a loan in the amount of this “nothing” minus the discount. I believe that this approach slows down the development of the economy and new companies or projects.

- Tell about your family how big it is. How are you planning your family budget?
I have a wife and two daughters. The family budget is planned by the wife Oksana. My task: to ensure the timely receipt of the agreed amount in her hands. By the way, I just mentioned that she had not indexed it for a long time. However, we will not tell her about it.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №13/2020

- What secrets of economizing, saving and accumulating funds can you share with readers?
I do not control family expenses. There is a limit. But I can chastise for irrational purchases. It annoys me. But what I can do – girls))). Regarding the company – we constantly monitor offers on price, quality, payment terms. Of course, quality comes first and there can be no compromise. Regarding savings, I am a bad adviser in this matter. My personal supply of funds is for a day of life. The rest is in business. I am fully an entrepreneur.

- Do you talk about money with your children? Do you develop financial skills?
Do you talk about money with your children? Do you develop financial skills? Kristina, the youngest – 2 years old, and it is too early to talk about money, although I see that she loves them. When I ask her why she needs them, she says to buy milk, toys and go to the sea. The eldest daughter is 12 years old. Studying at the Kharkiv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №27, she calculates very well. A few years ago she was studying financial literacy courses. She knows what a deposit is.

- What is your goal, as they say, "here and now"?
I want to change the country, starting with myself and my company.

 Blitz survey

  • - Do you prefer cash or plastic money (card), and why?

I like the card. There is no need to prepare a specific amount or put the change in the wallet.

  • - What online banking functions allow you to organize your work, family leisure?

Manage my business and make payments anywhere..

  • - Do you use mobile banking? What attracts you to it?

Simplicity and time saving.

  • - How often do you go abroad? How do you make payments?

Relatively not often. I pay by a debit card. I refused credit limits. As for me, these are the most expensive funds.

  • - How do you rate Ukraine compared to developed countries in terms of ease and convenience of settlements?

We have a wonderful banking system. However, the level of confidence of foreign partners in Ukrainian banks leaves much to be desired.

  • - What exactly is the reliability of the bank for you?

It is important for me that they listen to me and respond to requests promptly.

  • - What can you advise to those who are just going to start working with the bank? What should they pay attention to when choosing it?

A bank or company is the people who represent it. For me, the team of managers is important, with whom we are constantly in dialogue. As well as the convenience and availability of banking products.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №13/2020


Brief curriculum vitae

Oleg Hardin
37 years old
Ukrainian entrepreneur, deputy, vice president of the "All-Ukrainian Association of Business Executives".
Bright projects: "Premier Socks" company
Hobbies: entrepreneurial activity, chess, traveling
Family: girls team – two daughters, Alina and Kristina, and wife Oksana

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