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Running is life
17 January 2020
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You cannot argue with the expression “movement is life”. Moreover, the more we move, the healthier we become. Someone prefers to walk to work, someone instead of an elevator goes upstairs to his floor, someone likes walking in the park. But Anatoly Anatolich has been fond of running for more than seven years and knows firsthand about its benefits. He believes that in addition to maintaining health, jogging is also an opportunity to be alone with yourself, like meditation: "Someone is attending a yoga studio, and I am running."The benefits of running are not only physical but also emotional. And this sport is very unpretentious by age – it's never too late to start. All you need is the desire and free time ... But first things first.

What is the use of running?

Unfortunately, the great love of a modern person for a car seat, a sofa in front of a TV, an armchair in front of a computer does not always lead to something good. More and more often we hear the word “physical inactivity” from doctors, the dangerous consequences of which are not encouraging – obesity, osteochondrosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc. are possible. To reduce the risk of their development, among the advice of specialists is to lead an active lifestyle, in particular, to run, and do not forget about the benefits of positive emotions.

“There is an interesting statement that can be ambiguous: “The more you run, the less your problems,” Anatoly Anatolich shares his thoughts. - This is not about running away from problems – otherwise, the quote would have nothing to do with reality. During jogging, unique ideas often come to mind that can help in solving various problems. You just think and do yours”.

What else can you expect from running? Solid advantages: increases overall vitality, helps to normalize weight and stay in a good shape, strengthens the nervous system, restores muscle tone.

Besides, running allows you to get to know new places and people. Yes, do not be surprised! The TV presenter, for example, strongly advises trying cross-country tourism: “When will there still be the opportunity to go over the blocked city and enjoy its beauty?” There are already two New York marathons on the account of Anatoly Anatolich, the plans are to run London, Tokyo. Running tourism is like a super-excursion, which otherwise you will not get. By the way, an interesting kind of running, which Anatolich met in Paris: for him they found a guide girl who conducted ... cross-country tours – telling about interesting places just on the run.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №12/2019

How can you start practicing?

It is very simple. To get started, wear sneakers and stretch your legs. And here you should not save on shoes. You do not want to face injuries, clogged, sore knees and the like. Special sports running shoes will protect your legs. So, running shoes should be:

  • soft and flexible in front;
  • with good ventilation, especially in summer; for the autumn-winter period, shoes made of waterproof materials are suitable, they retain heat well;
  • light (not heavier than 400 g).

Take into consideration:

  • Running coverage. For hard surfaces (for example, asphalt), choose shoes with a smooth, soft sole, and for soft soils – with harder ones. The tread, protective layers for the fingers and sides of the foot or iron spikes will make running in the forest, mountains or bad weather (for example, in case of snow or ice) comfortable.
  • Own weight. The need for additional cushioning depends on it. If you have a few extra pounds, choose shoes with high cushioning capabilities and maximum foot support.
  • Insole. It is better if it can be easily removed in order to be able to replace it if necessary, for example, with orthopedic.
  • Training mode. Run less than an hour, from time to time, simple "remote" sneakers will fit. The so-called “trainers” provide safe running over frequent long distances. A daily run requires lightweight (devoid of most stabilization and support technologies) cushioning sneakers.
  • The structure of the feet. It is better to ask your trainer or a specialist who understands this.

As an experienced runner, Anatoly Anatolich advises joining the running clubs at the very beginning of the jogging classes. Professional trainers will teach you the correct running technique, without injuries and excessive fatigue.

“And you can also download the running application on your smartphone, which would generate an individual training program for you – now there are many of them”, adds the TV presenter.

If you are a beginner in jogging, then pay attention to jogging (also called futinґ, jogging). This is one of the forms of running at a slow leisurely pace (not more than 9.7 km/h). You can adjust the speed yourself – it all depends on the level of your training.

When to run, you decide. Please note that running in the morning helps to awaken the body and sets it to a working rhythm, in the evening it relieves physical and mental fatigue. But only after the evening race you should not eat a lot.

Insert: “I am often asked how to run a marathon. The answer is simple: you have to go out and run 42 kilometers. Left and right foot, in turn. And so 42 kilometers. So it is with the start of training: you just need to go out into the yard and start at least 500 meters around the house. And after some time of systematic training, you will be ready for the marathon”.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №12/2019

How can you keep the interest?

In order not to lose interest in training, you need to give priority not to the short-term desire to miss the training, but to the long-term goal that you set yourself, starting to train. And self-discipline plays an important role in this. Another good lifehack from Anatoly Anatolich on this issue: “You need to buy a new uniform that you want to wear. You will feel slimmer, stronger and more motivated”.

Running has many positive psychological aspects. Run if you lack perseverance, patience, endurance in your character, as well as if you need to learn how to overcome your weaknesses, increase self-esteem.

Besides, those who began to run regularly, mostly without any hesitation, give up bad habits – smoking, excessive drinking, and also begin to be more attentive to their diet. 

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