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Many Ukrainians believe that a bank is difficult. Make sure that the bank is simple, convenient and affordable to everyone with the “Narodniy Bankir” project from PUMB!

We collect the most relevant financial advices for you and answer common questions. We explain in simple language how to manage the money effectively and navigate the financial market. And also we tell the stories of customers which can help you in making decisions.

Anatoly Anatolich: “A bank must be modern, fast and reliable”
17 January 2020
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The name of Anatoly Anatolich, the presenter of the "Morning with Ukraine" program on the "Ukraine" TV channel, the author and producer of "The Interviewer" project, is known to everyone today. He loves his country and believes that it is cool, that more and more conditions are being created for a convenient and quick payment in Ukraine. After all, it also affects the saving of time, which is better spent on communication with the family and your favorite hobby.

The path to success for Anatolich began back in 2006 when he moved to Kyiv from his native Kryvyi Rih. Today, at 35, the TV presenter understands the value of money well, has certain own financial habits and is ready to share it.

 - The path to success for Anatolich began back in 2006 when he moved to Kyiv from his native Kryvyi Rih. Today, at 35, the TV presenter understands the value of money well, has certain own financial habits and is ready to share it?

- I am an auditor by education, I graduated from the Accounting and Economics Department with a degree in control and audit. I had to choose: either a professional career on television and radio or work in a specialty. In accounting and the financial sector as a whole, I did not work a single day. On the fifth course, I already earned money as a radio host – and this determined my professional activity for life. At 35, I am a professional journalist, and I am extremely proud of it.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №12/2019

- What bank products help you in your business? How do they simplify or speed up processes?

- I often use a card, I try to refuse cash. I also use Google Pay services for smartphones and Garmin Pay for watches – this is very convenient. It is much faster and more pleasant to pay – and so cool that more and more conditions are being created for cashless payments in Ukraine. Kyiv became the fifth city in the world (after London, St. Petersburg, Chicago, and Bucharest), in which payment by credit card is possible directly at the turnstile in the subway.

- Tell us about your family, how big it is. How are you planning your family budget?

- I have a wife Yula and two daughters - Alice and Lolita, they are 8 and 6 years old. We plan the family budget simply: I have a card, my wife’s card is attached to it, and I receive SMS. But seriously, I have five different cards: VISA, Mastercard, in different currencies. I know our fixed costs: school, children's workshop, utilities ... And for other personal expenses, we make a budget that often changes up or down.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №12/2019

- How do you control expenses, for example, when paying by a card?

- I analyze bank statements, but I do not use any special applications and services to account for expenses. By the way, abroad it’s very convenient to use cards, because, firstly, you don’t need to look for exchange offices and compare exchange rates, and all of your expenses immediately appear in statements.

- What secrets of saving and accumulation can you share with readers?

- Just recently, I discussed this topic with friends in the United States. Americans seem to be more responsible for saving: they set aside a percentage of income for unforeseen expenses or a happy old age. And over the years I realized: the more you spend, the more you start earning. The advent of family and children encourages work and earning more.

- You have two daughters, how do you talk about money with them? Do you develop their financial skills?

- The only source of their income is the tooth fairy, who brings money for baby teeth. We are not talking about the value of money, but we will begin soon.

- Do you use mobile banking? What attracts you to it?

- Convenience and speed, above all. It is cool that in Ukraine we can afford that is not available in other, even progressive countries yet. Today, in a mobile application, you can satisfy most of your needs: transfer funds, top-up your mobile or pay.

- Do you often go abroad? Which countries are most comfortable for you in terms of ease of conducting cash transactions? And comparing, what can you say about Ukraine?
- Ukraine shows a high level of implementation of new technologies. We can pay with smartphones using Google Pay and Apple Pay e-wallets, pay by cards using PayPass and PayWave technologies, and the terminal network is becoming wider in Ukraine. I travel a lot, at least three times a year I travel to the United States, and since this is the country of consumers and consumption, the environment there also becomes more suitable for quick payments.

- Do you pay by a debit or credit card abroad? What is the convenience of paying a specific card for you personally?

- I have five cards, there are debit and credit cards. Various accounts, banks, and currencies. Banks offer various conditions that are suitable for individual items of my expenses, so the presence of so many options for me is only a plus.

Журнал «Народний банкір» №12/2019

- Do you use card packages/loyalty programs with various privileges, promos, and bonuses that the bank usually offers?

- Yes, with pleasure, especially when it comes to the waiting room of the business lounge, cashback, and mobile applications are convenient just in time to remind of such pleasant additional benefits of using the services of banks.

- By what criteria do you choose a bank, what is its reliability expressed and felt for you?

- My criteria: modernity, speed, reliability. Reliability, in particular, is measured for me in that I, as an employee of a large holding, receive a salary on a bank card. And if such a complex economic system of the television business trusts the bank, this is a great indicator for me. And I also trust the recommendations of relatives and friends.

- What can you advise to those who are just going to start working with the bank? What should they pay attention to?

- The bank should have its history. If it was able to survive the last few crises, then this is a good bank.

- What is the history of your relationship with PUMB?

- Firstly, I really like the advertising campaign for the bank, and secondly, I get paid on the PUMB card. This is a pleasant relationship, which, I hope, will be lasting. And it is always a pleasure to receive an SMS from the bank.

- Have you ever used credit funds to realize your dreams?

- I have not used credit funds for a long time, although I could take loans for something quite often. Now there are always enough own funds. Perhaps the last purchase for which I took a loan was my first car.

- Have you ever encountered an attempt at a card or online fraud? How did you behave in an unusual situation?

- Once I returned from the United States, and about a month later in Atlanta city, someone tried to use my card, pay the bill of $ 800. The transaction was not approved, I received a message from the bank, blocked the card and re-issue it in Ukraine.

- Would you like to receive any additional services from the bank?

- Yes! It’s cool, for example, when a bank concentrates a lot of services, including outside the banking sector, creating special conditions for payment or making affiliate discounts.

- Share your recipe on how to find a reasonable balance between work and hobby, leisure and privat life. What can be reduced, and what deserves a lot of time and effort?

- All priorities change with age, and if you are over twenty, you think about something other than 35. Now time for me – the most important thing. I really appreciate it and in this regard, I set my life priorities: I decided at some point not to waste time on things that are not interesting to me.

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