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KIEF: the reforms, the revival of the banking system, the problem of corruption and dialog between the government and the businesses
28 December 2015
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Yesterday, the second Kyiv International Economic Forum took place in the capital. The Subject of the Forum was "Ukraine: from the third to the first world", which determined the composition of the participants and the ideological direction of their speeches.

According to the organizers, the purpose of the forum was the approval of a unified understanding of the political and economic reforms, which will allow one to start changing the structure of the country's economy. The economists and reformers, representatives of business and government, public figures and scientists, who were the speakers at the event, were discussing throughout the day, how Ukraine has changed over the past year, what was going on with the reforms and with the banking sector. Also those present were talking about how to overcome corruption, and whether the business will eventually be able to build an adequate dialog with the government.

According to participants, KIEF-2015 differs from the last year's forum not only by a larger number of delegates, but by the fact that at the start of each of forum panels moderators asked the delegates sharp questions, to which they had to find answers during their speeches. On the one hand, it made their task more complicated, but on the other hand it has changed the communication between participants to a form of a lively dialog.

Forbes chose the most interesting quotes of the participants.

Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's Chairman of the Board

Today we can say that the banking system is shabby, but we survived. The banking system is alive, and this is most important. We were in the Crimea, in the Donbass, we survived the adoption of populist laws; borrowers who have decided that they do not owe anything.

Now we need to rebuild the basics. We realized that we can not build the business on a foreign currency and we began to work with the hryvnia. The second important lesson: improperly built system, the desire of business to make a lot and quickly led to the losses.

The crisis showed us our problems. We need to rebuild the point of sales and its performance, as well as business processes that are focused on clients, and to re-study the business ethics. It is impossible to build the economy and the lending on insecurity of creditors' rights.

It is already evident in all banks that the population returns deposits. Banks are gradually reducing rates.

Trust to the banking system means trust to the economy, to the government and to the country.

The world is changing very quickly. We did not think that what happened, would happen. But we must adapt, we must build our own future, and not expect something from the government. It can make only the rules of the game.

Source: Forbes


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