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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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Money in business should work
29 December 2014
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Today, small and medium-sized businesses are the engines of progress in any economy. The more entrepreneurs are there in the country, the more effective and sustainable its financial system is. In order to give the momentum of development to the economy, representatives of SMEs need to invest in their own development, and this requires reliable partners and financial support. Olena Rudik, FUIB's head of the department of work with small and medium-sized businesses, told readers of the gorod.dp portal how small and medium-sized businesses can use bank deposits as effective as possible and earn additional income.

Olena, how can banks help small and medium-sized businesses to continue the development in the current difficult economic situation?

First of all, the bank is a service organization, the main vocation of which is satisfying clients' needs. It is important for the bank to be able to offer the most comfortable and functional solutions with regard to the scale of business, consumer profile and industry classification of the client. As practice shows, basic needs of this segment include daily servicing (cash and settlement operations), financing and, of course, preservation and increase of funds.

What services for the accumulation and augmentation of funds does FUIB offer the clients?

The formula of a successful business is the ability to multiply funds. One of the ways to increase the income of the enterprise is to put free money on deposit. On the one hand it seems that deposit is the simplest bank product. In fact, it is a powerful instrument for the development of business. For small and medium-sized businesses FUIB offers both classical solutions, that is, "Standard" deposit and a deposit "With the possibility of replenishment", as well as a wide range of deposit programs developed for different situations in the business operation.

Can you describe these programs?

In order to save the funds that are temporarily free, FUIB offers its clients a "Flexible" deposit, which works on the principle of deposit line, i.e. funds can be placed in tranches, with different periods depending on client's needs and his plans for the use of funds. This allows you to earn income at the level of a standard deposit – up to 18.5% per annum. If client's account balance changes frequently, FUIB (NBU License No. 8 as of October 6, 2011) offers the "Accrual to a stable balance" service, which allows the client to earn up to 16% for the stable balance and up to 5% for the funds in the current account that exceed stable balance.

What solutions can you offer the client who wants to perform an early withdrawal of funds from the deposit without losing the yield?

If the client can not clearly foresee his possible expenses, the use of the deposit with replenishment is not effective, since in case of early withdrawal of the part of the amount clients lose interest return. For such enterprises FUIB has an advantageous offer – "Profitable account", which allows you to earn 8-9% per annum depending on the amount of client's account balance. At the same time, the funds can always be freely accessed. Thus, using a wide range of banking instruments, bank clients can effectively manage, accumulate and multiply their funds.

Source: gorod.dp

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