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Pros and cons of Internet banking
14 August 2014
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Volodymyr Guguyev, head of FUIB's department of Internet technologies, commented for the publishing company "Dengi" on how to ensure safety of client's account on the network.

It is obvious, why you need internet banking: to make use of your money without leaving the comfort of an armchair or a sofa. The majority of banks offer such service. If not, you will have to open a card and accounts in some Internet-friendly bank. And, of course, you will need to observe all the necessary safety measures.

Convenient, more convenient

One of the useful services is regular bills write-off. It is suffice to set up templates of payments once, e.g. monthly payment for mobile communication or kindergarten, and to set the desired schedule of these deductions. The bank will regularly perform the required transaction at the date specified by the client according to the given details.

Of course, you can to see the detailed statistics of income and expenses at any time, and to use this information in order to plan family budget.

You can and earn an extra penny with the help of internet banking: at many banks, if a customer opens a deposit online, he is given an extra bonus to the basic rate: usually is is 0.25-0.5%, more rarely - 1-5%.

Except for the replenishment, bankers usually provide an opportunity to terminate the deposit online, provided that the particular deposit program envisages such opportunity. But you can not make use of this in every bank. For example, PrivatBank, Ukrsotsbank, UkrSibbank and FUIB have such service. Other banks respondents of "Dengi" (see Table) do not have such function.


Despite the sea of benefits, Internet banking still has disadvantages. "For example, for clients who are abroad. Sometimes they do not receive a one-time password for payment confirmation on the phone. Alternatively, you can temporarily change the method of confirmation, for this you need to approach bank's contact center," says Iryna Pashketnyk. By the way, problems with the text message notification occur not only abroad. "text messages often come tardily. Once I received it only on the next day," says the reader of "Dengi".

It happens that the Internet banking "quarrels" with various public utilities or service providers, as a result of what their services can not be paid off for weeks. But the worst case scenario is, if the payment does not reach the payee, and the money simply freezes. "If money was not credited to the payee's account, was written off, and at the same time some penalties were imposed, the bank will reimburse for the damage if it was caused due to its fault," marks an attorney, senior lawyer of the law firm "L.A. Group" Viktoriya Chanishchi. – In any case, if any problems with online banking arise, you should immediately contact bank's hotline." "And you have to control the transfer of payments by yourself, if the failure to pay can lead to sanctions.

It is important to remember that according to the law on payment systems, if the bank does not perform a money transfer in time or erroneously transfers money to another account, it is obliged to pay a penalty of 0.1% of the amount for each day of delay. "But not more than 10% of the transfer amount," specifies Ms. Chanishchi.

Security in the price

In order to protect customer accounts, banks use various cryptographic protections, i.e. generators of instant passwords, digital signature, 3D-secure system and so on. "In addition, every bank has allocated and secure lines of information transmission for the protection of these operations. For example, when opening a browser window a green field with a "lock" indicated line's security, confidentiality of information and data transmission security," tells Viktoriya Chanishchi.

Bankers recommend to change the login password once in a couple of months. "And also to make sure that the client is working specifically on the website of Internet banking service, which is protected by a special security certificate," says Volodymyr Guguyev, head of FUIB's department of Internet technologies. And, of course you need to observe the most basic rules: do not leave your phone unattended, do not tell anyone your password, and log out of the Internet banking system after all the operations were performed.

In the event that the bank system is hacked, and all funds are written off from the account of the client, the bank is obliged to reimburse for the loss. However, if the system access code has been lost or stolen, and the client has not informed the bank about this in time, the theft will be investigated by the law enforcers.

How to connect to Internet banking:

· if you already have a bank payment card, then contact a call center and specify the connection details (every bank has its conditions);

· If you do not have a card yet, then contact the bank and get a card issued (sign an agreement, for this you need a passport and a Tax Reference Number).

What services are available in the Internet banking:

· statements of card, credit, deposit accounts;

· payment for landline and the Internet;

· payment for the utilities;

· mobile phone top-up;

· making and replenishing, as well as writing off deposits;

· loan repayments;

· transfers between own accounts, including card accounts;

· order for additional payment cards;

· change of limits for card transactions;

· transfers with a help of money transfer systems;

· payments to the accounts in other banks;

· payment for transport tickets (airplane, train, bus), tickets for spectacles (sport, theater, concert).

Five advantages of the Internet banking:

· time saving;

· economy on bank commissions;

· control of the family budget;

· access to banking transactions 24/7;

· always polite.

Five risks of the Internet banking:

· the bank system can be hacked, then the funds are reimbursed by the bank;

· the access password has been stolen, and the client has not informed the bank about this, then the investigation will be carried out by the law enforcement authorities;

· the bank delays a money transfer; then it will pay a penalty of 0.1% of the amount for each day of the delay. But not more than 10% of the transfer amount(!);

· the bank erroneously makes a transfer fo the wrong recipient; then it transfers money at its own expense, otherwise it pays a penalty of 0.1% of the amount for each day of the delay. But not more than 10% of the transfer amount(!);

· sometimes you don't receive a text message with a confirmation code abroad - this question will be resolved by a call center employee by temporarily changing the confirmation method.

Safety rules:

· check whether the connection is specifically to the bank server, check the presence of https prefix in front of bank's website address;

· use licensed versions of anti-virus protection systems, of systems for protection against unauthorized access, against spyware;

· do not leave your computer unattended;

· log out of the Internet banking system after finishing working, then close a browser window with bank's interface;

· do not store your login and password information on your computer, or on any other accessible storage media;

· do not tell anyone your login and password;

· change the login password to the Internet banking system once in a couple of months;

· avoid working at the public Internet access points as much as possible;

· do not work at unsecured Internet access point;

· regularly track account statements (against fraudulent write-offs of small and larger amounts).

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