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Obtain the ePidtrymka card at FUIB
20 June 2022
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The  ePidtrymka service is again available online! We remind you that all Ukrainians living in the temporarily occupied territories and/or who have lost their homes, and have applied for compensation for the relevant losses through Diia/Center for administrative services/ Department of social protection of the population can receive aid from the state.

Financial aid in the amount of UAH 2,000 per adult and UAH 3,000 per child can be provided both offline (at a Center for administrative services/Department of social protection of the population), and online (with the help of Diia). 

If you choose the option of applying for aid at a Center for administrative services, the funds can be obtained on the ePidtrymka card by FUIB. To do this, in the application for aid, you must specify the IBAN code of the account. 

How to find the IBAN code of the account:

  •         in the PUMB Online mobile application, you need to select a card, click on the "i" sign and go to the menu for receiving details
  •         in the FUIB chat bot, you need to select the section "my products" - "debit card" - "account details"
  •         with the help of a voice assistant on the FUIB hotline at 044 290 7 290. 

Please note that the ePidtrymka card can be obtained at several banks and you can choose which of the cards will be used to transfer financial aid. This means that even having the ePidtrymka card by a different bank, Ukrainians can open another one at FUIB and enjoy all the benefits of the ePidtrymka card by FUIB: free transfers within FUIB and to cards of other banks, withdrawals at any ATM in Ukraine and abroad without commission and more.

You can open a virtual ePidtrymka card at FUIB via the PUMB Online mobile application. Next, go to the Diia application, in the "Services" section, find "Applying for IDP aid" and apply for an IDP certificate and financial aid, choosing the FUIB card to receive transfers. New clients of the bank can also open the ePidtrymka card by remotely identifying and verifying themselves through the Diia application and opening the vseKARTA card using the PUMB Online application. 

Moreover, in addition to the ePidtrymka state program, Ukrainians are entitled to other types of financial aid:

  •          financial aid from UN programs for families with children from UNICEF;
  •          financial aid for residents of-affected regions from UNHCR;
  •          financial aid for registered IDPs from the UN Food Program;
  •          payment program from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC);
  •          financial aid program from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS)*.

Please note that issuing and supporting of the ePidtrymka virtual card are free. Additionally, card payments are unlimited (like regular cards). The card is valid for 3 years.  

* More information on other types of IDP aid can be found following the link


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