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Inspiring students and teaching them how to create: overview of the meeting of representatives of the creative industry with teenagers
14 May 2021
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On May 11, Ukrainian students met with specialists from the creative industry. This is the third meeting within the framework of the all-Ukrainian project "My Career in Ukraine", organized by the Center for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in partnership with the Career Hub and FUIB Bank. A designer, architect, art manager, producer, and visualizer took part in the meeting dedicated to career.

"The most important thing about this project is that participants can be open to new experiences and new ideas. That is why we invite teenagers to meetings where they can receive information about different fields. According to the latest trends, future professions are at the intersection of different spheres,” said Taras Derkach, head of the Career Hub platform.

"Creativity is an important competence in today's world. In order to improve the world around you, you need to be able to think outside the box and create something new,” said Tetyana Kolesnyk, FUIB's CSR Manager.

91 participants attended the meeting devoted to career in the creative industry. Representatives of the creative industry shared their knowledge, experience, and mistakes they made on their career paths.

"Don't chase after a bright picture and effects, a video should evoke emotion in the first place. Modern shooting techniques should become a tool for telling interesting stories,” said Bohdan Myanovskyi, CEO of TV CREATIVE. 

"Visualization helps to cope with a large flow of information and stress. And it also helps to learn to identify the most important things and easily convey information to other people in simple language", said Ihor Zabolotnyi, the founder of ARTSCRIBE UNIVERSITY.

"Those who have a unique business and are really passionate about their work will definitely overcome all difficulties and competitors. If your ideas are copied, take it as a compliment and recognition of the fact that you are moving in the right direction,” said Yulia Isai, fashion designer and founder of the 7/11 Seven Eleven clothing brand.

Teenagers learned how to develop their talents based on their own mistakes and successes, and why it is always necessary to be flexible and always defend own ideas.

We would like to remind you that we plan to hold a final conference after the series of meetings devoted to career. Only 30 most active teenagers will be invited to the meeting in Kyiv, will spend one day with their icons – heads of enterprises, international organizations, and government agencies, - and will win useful gifts from the organizers!

Career meetings devoted to the medical industry and service industry have also taken place recently.


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