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FUIB has joined the information campaign of the National Bank to combat payment fraud
07 July 2020
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From July 7, 2020, the National Bank of Ukraine launches an All-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud. The aim of the campaign is to teach Ukrainians the basic rules of security of cashless and online payments. FUIB has become a partner of the information campaign and will disseminate information among its clients on the protection of personal data and counteraction to possible fraudulent schemes.

In Ukraine, same as in the whole world, the most popular method of payment card fraud is social engineering – it is when people themselves transfer money to fraudsters or disclose their card details to them. The challenge for the central banks of all countries in the period of quarantine and mass transition to online payments is to protect people from such cases.

"If we used to fight against ATM overlays, using which, fraudsters stole card data, now we are fighting for public awareness, because in most cases people fall victim to fraud due to non-compliance with basic rules of payment security," says Oleksiy Shaban, Director of the Payment Systems and Innovation Development Department of the National Bank. According to him, last year in Ukraine, there were almost 72,000 cases of illegal actions with payment cards. 58% of them happened on the Internet. And the fraud with ATM overlays is almost a thing of the past.

In 2020, due to quarantine measures, Ukrainians increasingly began to choose non-cash online payments, settlements and purchases. New scenarios were also developed by fraudsters who under the guise of government agencies, promise financial assistance because of the quarantine and thus retrieve payment card data.    

"For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the National Bank is organizing such a large-scale information campaign to combat payment fraud, which is supported by a wide range of like-minded people. More than 50 partners representing socially responsible business in various industries have expressed their desire to join the campaign. With the joint efforts of the National Bank, the Cyberpolice, banks, payment systems, mobile operators, online stores, we will conduct an unprecedented information campaign, repel the fraudsters," says Natalia Bondarenko, Director of Communications Department of the National Bank and adds: "We will tell about payment security rules on the radio, in newspapers and on information portals, in messengers and via SMS, in the subway, at railway stations and even in electricity bills. We try to use all possible channels of communication to reach the audience and protect citizens from criminal actions of fraudsters, and we are very grateful to the partners who support the project and work with us to develop financial awareness." 

Taras Bazir, Head of the Financial and Economic Security Department of FUIB, emphasized: "We have been talking to our customers about payment security rules for a long time and regularly: in messages on the bank's website, in online banking, in Viber and on Facebook, in the client magazine. With the help of special projects in the media with all Ukrainians, we consider popular fraudulent schemes. We have even set up a special unit to combat this type of fraud. But, unfortunately, the number of people who fall into the trap of fraudsters does not reduce significantly. Ukrainians themselves disclose personal card data, follow fraudulent links, go to fake sites. FUIB was pleased to support the NBU's initiative. Our common goal is to protect Ukrainians from fraudsters, to increase the level of financial literacy of the population."

The information campaign will take place in July-August 2020 in all regions of Ukraine. To learn more about the campaign you can visit here.


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