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FUIB reimburses part of coronavirus insurance cost to Ukrainian medics
27 April 2020
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On April 23, First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) initiated the sale of coronavirus insurance policies. The StopCoronavirus insurance program from ASKA-Life is primarily aimed at doctors who work in high-risk areas and for whom there are no health insurance programs.

The cost of the insurance policy for 3 months is 450 UAH, and the bank will pay 40% of the cost at own expense. Thus, COVID-19 insurance will cost doctors 270 UAH. "We know that there are no health insurance programs available to doctors, especially ones against coronavirus. FUIB has already insured 1,500 of our clients who are doctors, having paid on our own expense the entire cost of the insurance. But not only our bank's clients but all doctors need protection. Therefore, as a socially responsible business, FUIB is ready to cover part of the cost of insurance for all medical workers, regardless of whether they are serviced by the bank or not, as the next stage" commented  Vyacheslav Melikhov, Head of FUIB's retail insurance business.

The maximum amount of coverage under the insurance is 10,000 UAH. The insurance covers the first COVID-19 disease that led to inpatient or outpatient treatment. The amount of the insurance payment is 300 UAH for each day of treatment. In the case of a fatal outcome, the insurance company pays an additional payment of 10,000 UAH.

"There is still no specialized state program for medical personnel insurance against coronavirus in Ukraine. Therefore, most doctors will have to be treated at their own expense in the event of coronavirus infection. In partnership with FUIB, ASKA-Life initiated the StopCoronavirus program, which is aimed primarily at doctors, as infectious disease cases due to their professional activity are not considered as insurance cases by ordinary medical insurance and, accordingly, the expenses for treatment are not eligible for compensation. Such insurance projects for doctors are now very much needed. And they can only be done in partnership with a responsible business," commented Olena Pantova, Director General of ASKA-Life.

Insurance can be obtained by all health care facility workers of all forms of ownership not older than 70 years with a 40%-discount. Insurance is not provided if the insurer has been in other countries where quarantine has been declared due to COVID-19 infection during the last 30 days, is already under the supervision of a doctor or in the treatment of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection at the time of the insuring; was diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack, acute kidney failure and COVID-19 at the time of insuring.

You can buy the insurance at FUIB branches or remotely by filling in the form on the bank's website. For non-doctors, coronavirus insurance is available at full cost. For insurers who are not in the higher risk zone, the amount of insurance payments ranges from 10,000 UAH to 250,000 UAH. Insurance policies are available from IC ASKA-Life and ARX

We would like to remind that FUIB has already provided 1,500 medical workers with health insurance against the COVID-19 (coronavirus) disease at own expense. Nine reference hospitals, which accept COVID-19 patients and where appropriate, healthcare providers are at high risk of infection, and Mariupol emergency care hospital medical workers received the insurance.

Starting on April 17, the StopCoronavirus insurance program from ASKA-Life insurance company is available for medical workers of Dnipropetrovsk Regional I.I. Mechnikov Clinical Hospital, Pershotravenske Central City Hospital, Kramatorsk City Hospital No. 3, Mariupol I.K. Matsuk City Hospital No. 4, Mariupol City Hospital No. 9, Mariupol emergency care hospital, Podilsk City Hospital (Odesa Region), "Specialized Medical Unit" of Enerhodar City Council of Zaporizhzhia Region, Transcarpathian Regional A. Novak Clinical Hospital and Berdiansk territorial medical association for three months.

Prior to this, FUIB joined the global initiative of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation to help Ukrainian hospitals in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, and has supported clinics in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Several thousand oximeters, pulse oximeters, sanitizers, and over 20,000 of personal protective equipment (glasses, respirators, overalls, surgical gowns, gloves, long shoe covers) will be transferred to hospitals in different regions of Ukraine by the end of April for the purpose of providing medical assistance to patients with COVID-19. In addition, lung ventilators will be transferred to hospitals in western regions.


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