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FUIB is switching to IBAN international bank account number format
30 July 2019
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According to the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 162 of December 28, 2018 (as amended), starting from August 5 at the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), all new accounts for individuals and legal entities will be opened according to IBAN international standard only. The innovation applies to all types of accounts (current, card, credit, deposit) in national and foreign currencies.

Current account numbers opened until August 5, 2019, will be automatically changed. New account details will be available starting on August 5 in the personal user account in PUMB Online. You will also be able to get your updated account number starting on August 5 at Viber Banking, or by contacting the call center or the bank branch.  

To facilitate the transition to the new account format, from August 5 to October 31, 2019, FUIB customers will be able to use both a valid account number with a bank code and an IBAN standard account number in the billing information. From November 1, 2019, for clients of all Ukrainian banks, all transfers mandatory will be made using IBAN only. 

According to the IBAN international standard, FUIB customer account numbers will consist of 29 characters.

An example of an IBAN account number is - UA353348510000026009001234567, where:

UA stands for code of Ukraine

35 are check figures (calculated for each account according to the appropriate formula)

334851 - Bank code (in our example it is FUIB's bank code)

Positions 11 to 29 in IBAN are the numbers of the analytical account. The length of the analytical account until November 1, 2019 may be from 5 to 14 characters, and from November 1, 2019 from 5 to 19 characters. Therefore, if the length of the analytical account number is less than 19 characters, starting from position 11, leading zeros will be added in such quantity that the analytical account is completely filled to the right edge. In our example, the length of the analytical account number is 14 characters (26009001234567), so the difference between 19 and 14 characters is filled with zeros (five zeros from positions 11 to 15), and from positions 16 to 29, the IBAN account number is 26009001234567.

The account numbers opened before August 5, 2019 will be replaced automatically for FUIB clients with the new IBAN format number. In PUMB Online payment templates, individual clients need to change their payee details on their own if the payee's account is opened at another bank. When making a payment, you must enter an IBAN account number in the "Payer Account" field. You do not need to fill in the bank code (MFO) field. In printed form, the bank code (MFO) field will be displayed as "0". 

Please note that card numbers remain unchanged. This means that clients making card-to-card transfers (including with the use of templates) do not need to make any adjustments or changes to the card number. The changes apply only to clients who:

  • Pay for utilities or other services online (transfers are made from a client's account to an organization's account)
  • Transfer funds using the account number

For more information about the transition to IBAN account numbers, please visit the link


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