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Revolution in the world of debit cards: vseKARTA from FUIB
01 July 2019
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) has issued a single card for any payments – "vseKARTA". It has never been so easy and profitable to use a payment card – the use of services, transfer of funds, cash withdrawal in any ATM – there is a 0% commission on everything.

Now you no longer need to get new cards issued for different needs – "vseKARTA" is suitable for everything: for the receipt of salary, scholarship, retirement benefits, or social benefits; for the receipt of transfers from other users – your friends, acquaintances, and partners. You can also easily transfer money from "vseKARTA" to a card issued by any other bank in PUMB online for free.

"vseKARTA" is a perfect payment tool for settlements. You can use it free of charge to pay for transport services, entertainment, purchases in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafés, online purchases, etc. in the territory of Ukraine.

"Banking products have always been very complex – with a lot of tariffs and complex calculations. Customers who transfer money often were offered one tariff, whereas those who needed to withdraw cash were offered another tariff. The number of needs equaled the number of tariffs, and it was very difficult for clients to puzzle everything out. As a result, they were forced to open several cards at the same time. By offering a single "vseKARTA" card, FUIB deprived clients of the need to deal with complex tariffs and get extra cards issued. We removed commissions for all major transactions and simplified the terms of use as much as possible – this is a really big step towards clients, for whom it will be easy to remember that there is a single "vseKARTA" card with simple terms for all their needs," commented Dmytro Polishchuk, director of FUIB retail products business department. 

"vseKARTA" card will be a pleasant surprise for those who often make P2P transfers (card-to-card transfers). With a new card from FUIB, commission for transfers from PUMB Online mobile application to cards issued by other banks is 0%! You can also pay utility bills and top up your mobile phone account from a "vseKARTA" card via Internet banking without overpayments.

Commission for any replenishment and withdrawal of cash from the card is also 0%. Another pleasant news is that cash withdraw from a "vseKARTA" card is free of charge from any ATM throughout Ukraine. Those who prefer non-cash payments will be able to receive 12% per annum in UAH based on the card account balance. For this, you need to get a "Vilnyi" demand deposit in the PUMB Online mobile application in a few clicks. The peculiarity of the deposit is that you can replenish and withdraw money at any time 24/7 without losing interest.    

Registration of the card and provision of services thereunder is free of charge. You can order the new debit card either at a FUIB branch. 


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