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A new promotional deposit from FUIB for Mastercard card holders
10 December 2018
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) offers MasterCard card holders to open a fixed-term promotional deposit "PUMB More". You can open this deposit until December 31 inclusive.

PUMB More deposit is a perfect solution for those who want to maximize their profits. You can place the deposit for a period from 1 to 18 months* with the maximum yield of up to 18% per annum in UAH. PUMB More is the most profitable deposit among all bank products. In order to place this deposit, you need to:

  • Register your card on the "Mastercard More" Loyalty Program website (if necessary, you can get a Mastercard card issued at a bank branch) 
  • Purchase a Gift Certificate** for the PUMB More deposit on the website. The certificate costs 10 points
  • Print a certificate out for presentation at a bank branch  
  • Visit a bank branch. You need to take your passport, tax reference number, the certificate, and the amount you plan to deposit

The minimum amount of the initial contribution under PUMB More deposit is 10 thousand UAH. Please, note that you can only open PUMB More deposit when increasing the total amount of client's funds kept on deposit accounts in FUIB with respect to funds that were placed on all deposit accounts (both fixed-term and demand deposits) in UAH as at 23:59 December 09. For example, if as at December 9, a client already has a fixed-term deposit in the bank for the total amount of 60 thousand UAH and a demand deposit for 30 thousand UAH (that is, the total amount of deposits is 90 thousand UAH), and on December 10,2018, the client withdrew 20 thousand UAH from the demand deposit (the total amount of deposits became 70 thousand UAH), in order to open a PUMB Moredeposit, the client needs:

  • to first open either a third regular deposit for the amount of 20 thousand UAH, or place another 20 thousand UAH on the current demand deposit account. (that is, the total amount of deposits must once again reach 90 thousand UAH or more);
  • to then open a promotional PUMB More deposit for the amount of 10 thousand UAH.

You can only open the deposit in bank branches. Under the terms of the deposit, you can choose to receive interest payments on a monthly basis. Spend your "interest," and most importantly, do not forget to pay by a card. "Mastercard More" loyalty program participants receive points for every transaction. You can exchange the points for nice gifts – discounts on fuel, tickets to cinemas, etc.

You can find more detailed information about the deposit on the bank's website.

* under the term of 1 month, is meant the placement of the Deposit for 30 days, of 3 months - 91 day, of 6 months - 184 days, of 9 months - 274 days, of 12 months - 367 days; of 18 months - 548 days.

** for one Gift Certificate you can open only one "FUIB More" deposit.



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