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FUIB was the first to launch the service which enables one to get an insurance of vehicle owner's civil liability (CIVOCL) through Viber messenger
05 November 2018
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First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) provides a unique opportunity – to get a CIVOCL insurance policy through Viber messenger from 5 leading Ukrainian insurance companies with online payment and instant receipt of the policy to an e-mail address. The option is also available to clients of other banks.

In order to get the policy, you need to go to “Vehicle Liability Insurance (CIVOCL)” section in the FUIB banking menu in Viber. Then you need to enter your passport data, Tax Reference Number, and vehicle information. The entire registration process takes about 5 minutes. If it is a current FUIB client who is getting the CIVOCL policy, there is no need to enter passport data and Tax Reference Number, since they are automatically copied from FUIB's unified customer database.

“We continue to add new functionality to FUIB banking in Viber. Both FUIB customers and customers of other banks may take advantage of the new service and get CIVOCL insurance policy. The value of our service also lies in the fact that clients do not need to visit five different websites of insurance companies – we collected all the necessary information in our banking in Viber, so that clients can quickly and easily choose the best offer," commented Dmytro Polishchuk, FUIB's director of the department of retail business.

With the help of FUIB banking in Viber, you can get CIVOCL by choosing the best offer from one of the leading Ukrainian insurance companies: AXA Insurance, ASKA, VUSO, Arsenal Insurance, INGO. According to Ukrainian legislation, CIVOCL insurance policy may be drawn up both in paper and in electronic form. If you get the insurance through FUIB banking in Viber, this presupposes both options: if you get a policy in a paper form, it will be delivered to the client free of charge to the specified address within 3-5 business days. Having registered an electronic policy, the client will receive it by e-mail immediately after they make an insurance payment. Payment will be made online through PayHub service – you will receive a short link to your Viber account, and after you click on it, you will have to enter card details and pay for the policy.

In addition, for convenience, you can use a service which will remind you about CIVOCL policy expiration. All you need to do is to choose the month of CIVOCL expiration. A week before the beginning of the month, you will receive to your Viber account a reminder about CIVOCL expiration and the suggestion to renew the policy.

The technology which allows one to receive CIVOCL policy through FUIB banking in Viber is based on Corezoid cloud technology and Nextstep Solutions (EWA) platform.

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