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Vehicle liability insurance and voluntary vehicle liability insurance can now be purchased at all FUIB branches
02 August 2017
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Starting with 1 August 2017, FUIB began selling vehicle liability insurance policies or CIVOCL (compulsory insurance of vehicle owner's civil liability) and voluntary vehicle liability insurance policies (voluntary legal liability insurance - VLLI) in its branches throughout the entire territory of Ukraine. 

Benefits of purchasing CIVOCL policies in FUIB:
• Possibility of getting a policy issued by an insurance company that is a participant of the direct loss settlement system. In this case, in the event of a traffic accident, the policyholder may receive a payment directly from his insurer, and not from the insurer of the guilty party.
• Possibility of getting a policy issued with a delayed entry of the policy into force for 90 days. This allows you to plan expenses and not to worry about the expiry of the current policy. Also, in the event of the increase of the cost of the CIVOCL policy in the future, this will allow you to pay for the policy at current rates and to save up.
• Discount on the policy – up to 20%. If a client has not been in a traffic accident for more than a year as a driver of any vehicle, a 5% discount is applied. If the period is more than 2 years – a 10% discount is applied. If it is more than 3 years – a discount of 15% is applied, and in case of 4 years or more – a discount is equal to 20%. 
• Mandatory discount of 50% for welfare beneficiaries.
• Delivery of the original of the policy to the address specified by the client.

When purchasing the CIVOCL policy together with the VLLI policy (voluntary vehicle liability insurance), the client receives:
• 0 UAH franchise under the CIVOCL policy;
• increase of the liability limit under the CIVOCL policy by 100/300/500 thousand UAH.

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