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Welcome to the Press-center of FUIB! In this section, You can read the latest news of the bank and analytical materials about the financial market.

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FUIB 1Q 2015 operating profit before provisions amounted to UAH 1.2 billion according to IFRS
27 May 2015
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Performance results of First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) as of 31 March 2015 (comparing to 31 December 2014):

  • Net assets increased by 9.4% to UAH 40.9 bn;
  • Gross loan portfolio is 9.9% up to UAH 31.2 bn;
  • Customer accounts increased by 10.2% to UAH 28.9 bn;
  • Equity amounted to UAH 5.2 bn;
  • Operating income before provisions is 47.1% up to UAH 1.5 bn comparing to 1Q 2014;
  • Profit before provisions and taxes increased by 74.0% to UAH 1.2 bn
  • Provisions for impairment of assets are 273.4% up.

Efficiency ratios:

  • Return on assets (ROA) before provisions and taxes equal to 12.1%;
  • Return on equity (ROE) before provisions and taxes at 88.4%;
  • Net interest margin equal to 6.7%.

Structural ratios (average balance sheet):

  • Average net loan portfolio/Deposits at 107.8%;
  • Average customer accounts/Liabilities is up to 81.6%.

Asset quality ratios:

  • Provisions/ Loans to customers equal to 20.2%.

Capital adequacy ratios:

  • CAR (Basel) at high level of 14.2%;
  • CAR (NBU) of 12.7%.

FUIB finished 1Q 2015 with profit before provision and tax of UAH 1.2 billion, which is by 74% higher than the result of the same period of the past year. The growth of operating profitability is connected with the increase of net fee income by 20.2% (UAH 240.1 million) and trade income by 166% to UAH 731.6 million. Net interest income was almost unchanged and amounted to UAH 564.1 million.

Since the beginning of 2015 net assets of the bank have increased by 9.4% to UAH 41 billion. Gross loan portfolio increased by 9.9% and reached UAH 31.2 billion.

Customer accounts amounted to UAH 29 billion having increased by 10.2% YtD. The increase of corporate customer accounts made 6.5% (to UAH 14.5 billion), while the increase of private customer accounts was 14.1% (to UAH 14.4 billion).

Because of dramatic devaluation of national currency and active military campaign at the beginning of the year FUIB made significant allowance for loan impairment. Comparing to the 1Q 2014 allowance for loan impairment increased almost 4 times and amounted to UAH 1.6 billion. As a result, the financial result of 1Q 2015 was negative (-348.7 MUAH).

“In the first quarter, the bank improved its operating profitability by increasing the proportion of commission and trading income in the total income of the bank. Because of the dramatic devaluation of the hryvnia in February, we, like all banks in Ukraine, faced with a new wave of panic and outflows of clients that we have passed without stopping payments even for a minute. In addition, we managed to maintain the level of capitalization of the bank at a high level, as well as complete the merger of FUIB and Renaissance Credit”, noted Sergey Chernenko, the Chairman of the Management Board of FUIB.

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