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Staff changes within the Banking Group “FUIB”: Sebastian Rubaj is appointed to the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the FUIB in charge of Retail Business
30 September 2014
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Staff changes took place within the Banking Group “FUIB” that includes the banks FUIB and “Renaissance Capital”. The Supervisory Board of the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) made a decision to appoint Mr. Sebastian Rubaj to the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the FUIB and make him the Member of the Management Board of the Bank from 29 September 2014. The area of responsibility of Mr. Rubaj will cover the retail business line.

Prior to that Sebastian Rubaj held the post of the Chairman of the Board of “Renaissance Capital” bank, a part of the Banking Group “FUIB”. Oleg Strinzha, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Renaissance Capital” bank on financial issues, is appointed as an Acting Chairman of the Board of the “Renaissance Capital” bank.

This staff transfer was made inside the single Banking Group “FUIB” to enable closer cooperation of the two banks in the area of strategic decision making.

Mister Rubaj has a vast experience in banking. He managed to build one of the most successful retail lending business models in our country on the basis of “Renaissance Capital” bank. And therefore, when the question arose as to who would lead the retail business line in the FUIB, we decided to invite Mr. Rubaj to this position. I am sure that his experience and professionalism will help the FUIB retain its leading positions on the retail banking product market despite of the difficult situation in the country in general and in financial sector in particular”, stated Sergey Chernenko, the Chairman of the Board of the FUIB.

I am happy to join the team of one of the largest and the most successful Ukrainian banks as the FUIB. I realize that retail business area I am leading is crucial in terms of the strategy of the banking group’s presence on Ukrainian market. Of course, complicated political and economic situation of the country is a serious challenge for the whole team. But I believe in our success and in the fact that big challenges mean big opportunities”, noted Sebastian Rubaj, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the FUIB.


Sebastian Rubaj has 14 years of international experience in banking and financial sector.

From June 2009 till 26 September 2014 he chaired the bank “Renaissance Capital”. Before 2007, when he joined the “Renaissance Capital” bank, he occupied various positions in Sygma Bank (Poland) and Polish Branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In 2000 he graduated from the Cracow University of Economics.

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