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Credit card from FUIB for emotional and rational buyers
06 November 2013
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Credit card from First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) is a convenient and universal instrument for making planned and impulse purchases. With the credit card, customers of FUIB can pay for goods and services all over the globe and in the Internet, and withdraw cash.

When developing its credit card, FUIB applied the segmented approach based on the buyer behavioural types, namely, rational and emotional motives for making purchases. This is why FUIB offers two types of the credit card: Emotio and Ratio.

Emotio card

This card is good for those who prefers shopping benefits, gifts, bonuses and discounts. With this card, customers of FUIB will always be ready for unexpected expenses. Among its main advantages are the monthly interest rate from 2.33%, grace period of up to 56 days for purchases, discounts and bonuses from MasterCard international payment system, Star Club discounts system, privileged FX rate applied to payments made outside Ukraine.

Ratio card

This card is for those who want to have a convenient instrument for planning one’s own finances. Its main advantages include the grace period of up to 46 days for all transactions, ATM cash withdrawal inclusive, low fee for cash withdrawals from ATMs of FUIB, minimum monthly payment of no less than 3%, Star Club discount system.

One can get the credit card from FUIB with the credit limit of up to UAH 50 000 absolutely for free, following submission of the minimum package of documents. All credit cards from FUIB are chip-based, which enhances payments security. Moreover, transactions security is ensured by means of 24/7 control over all card transactions through SMS and PUMB Online Internet banking.

At present, the credit card from FUIB is the most competitive product in the consumer lending market. One of its main benefits is the possibility not to pay the interest for using the loan, provided the payable debt is repaid timely. Thus, if the customer repays the loaned money before the end of the grace period of up to 56 days, no interest on the loan is charged.

Moreover, the holder of the credit card from FUIB can arrange the instalment purchase worth from UAH 500 to 50 000 at privileged interest rate. By activating the unique Instalment Payment service, the customer can pay for the purchase in minimal equal instalments throughout duration of the service validity, which is chosen at the sole discretion of the customer and can range from 3 to 18 months.

“Emotio and Ratio credit cards have been created with regard to the needs, life style and habits of the majority of individuals. I am confident that our customers, among them both those who fancy shopping and those who thoroughly plan their expenses, now have the easy and convenient instrument for paying for goods and services,” comments Stephan Guglieri, Executive Director of FUIB.

One can get the details of the credit card advantages and apply for the credit card at 0 800 500 490 (toll-free landline and mobile calls within Ukraine), the web site www.pumb.ua or any of the outlets of FUIB.

You can also watch new commercial on FUIB's official YouTube channel.

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